Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India
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Getting a good night’s sleep is not a choice. It is a necessity for all pregnant ladies. The best mattress for pregnant women can offer the utmost comfort and relaxation. Not all mattresses can offer a solution to the sore body pain, distress muscles, and troubled back.

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Hence, it is a must to look for the best mattress for pregnant ladies in India. Here are some of the best mattresses in India which are good and safe during pregnancy.

Top 7 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021

1. SleepyCat Latex Latex Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 17 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 2

The Sleepycat latex mattress helps enhance your sleep quality as it has plenty of features. For the quality of sleep and a good mattress, quality is required.

The Sleepycat mattresses fulfill these requirements. It has a medium comfort that satisfies the expectations of both types of sleepers. The use of 100% latex enhances the mattress elasticity and gives more bounce to the mattress. 

The mattress’s various layers are a smart zipped cover,2″ latex foam which is 100% organic,5″ high-density foam, breezy inner cover, an anti-skid base for proper positioning of the mattress.

These layers help to regulate the temperature, as these are manufactured without using any harmful chemicals. The removable smart zipper cover can be easily removable for any spot cleaning.

These are vacuum packed that provide maximum hygiene for customers, and also these are stored in a sanitized warehouse for a safer delivery.

The seven zones latex mattress is divided into head and neck support zone, shoulder and upper back support, lumbar support zone, hip support zone, thigh and knee support zone, lower leg support zone, and foot and ankle support.

Each of the divided seven zones focuses on several body joints so that you can have a restful sleep experience. These seven zones, latex mattresses help reduce the various sleep problems and improve the quality of sleep.


1. Natural mattress

These mattresses are manufactured with 100% latex so that the latex’s natural properties can help you have a restful sleep after a whole day hectic schedule. The use of organic materials also helps regulate your body temperature during the night sleep; these mattresses are better for the Indian weather conditions. This option is the safest bed for pregnant ladies. 

2. Mattress cover

The smart zipper cover allows the sleepers to remove the mattress cover for any spot cleaning easily, and this will enhance the hygiene quality of your mattress because of the frequent washing of the cover. These mattresses are made with a soft, breathable mattress so that it gives a quality of sleep. The sleepycat mattress has unzipped in two parts of the mattress.

3. Suitable for all

Anyone can install these mattresses without any difficulty. The anti-skid feature helps to prevent the shifting of the mattress. It also resolves the problem of zero partner disturbance because the mattress has an anti-skid feature. It is also the top mattress choice for expecting mothers. 


  • Organic material
  • Comfortable sleep and quick installation
  • Breathable mattress fabric
  • Regulate temperature


  • Too firm mattress

2. Dreamzee Latex Certified Organic Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 37 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 4

Dreamzee mattress, as the name says it allows us to have a night dream with quality of sleeping experience. This mattress is also manufactured using 100% natural latex, which is a healthy choice.

It is naturally resistant to dust mites, viruses, and bacteria because it is highly hygienic and composed without using harmful chemicals to enhance your sleep quality.

The firmness of the mattress is medium soft. It has temperature control technology for peaceful sleep during any climatic conditions. The fabric used in these is an organic modal fabric with a layer of organic cotton so that its natural benefits can be fully absorbed.

The dreamzee mattress’s cross-section includes organic modal fabric,100% organic cotton for maximum benefits, followed by a layer of 100% natural certified latex. This all gives your mattress a good elasticity and softness to have a quality of sleep.


1. Suitable for everyone

As these mattresses have medium firmness mattresses, it satisfies the need for both types of sleepers. It helps to provide good support to your spine and joints while sleeping and improves your sleep posture to reduce the risk of having backache and any other body pain because of poor mattress firmness.

2. Organic material

Dreamzee mattresses are manufactured with 100% organic material. It helps to give you a quality of sleep using natural material that prevents the entering of any dust mites and bacteria.

3. Temperature control

These mattresses control body temperature while sleeping. These are manufactured with natural material that helps control your body temperature.


  • No chemical used
  • Good support to your back
  • Highly durable and reversible
  • Temperature control


  • No visible limitations

3. Sunday 100% Latex Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 57 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 6

Sunday mattress helps to provide you a luxurious comfort to experience the quality of sleep and reduce stress after a whole day’s hectic schedule. These mattresses are manufactured with 100% latex, giving your mattress more bounciness and increasing their working life. 

It is made up without using any harmful chemicals. The Sunday mattress has a 100% organic cotton zipper cover to be removed for any spot cleaning easily.

This helps to increase mattress hygiene. The Sunday mattress’s working life is more than 12-14 years and can handle a bodyweight of up to 140 kg. It has a good balance throughout the mattress, and it avoids the bulking of one side and adds comfort to your sleep.

This mattress reduces the back and neck pain as the softer foam under your shoulders provides good support and thus increases your sleep comfort. It also improves your sleep posture because of the firmer mattress under your hips for good support.


1. Zero partner disturbance

The Sunday mattress helps to have a comfortable sleep by resolving partner disturbance as these mattresses have a good balance to your body.

2. Mattress cover

The use of organic cotton zipper covers allows you to remove the cover for any spot cleaning easily. And the use of natural material reduces the risk of allergies that are caused by the unwashed mattress.

3. Breathable latex

The breathable latex mattress provides comfortable sleep with a temperature control that you can have a quality of sleep in any climatic conditions.


  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Good balance
  • Chemical-free
  • Breathable latex


  • Not for heavier individuals

4. Repose eyelids Latex Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 77 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 8

Repose eyelids multi-layer latex mattress provides you luxurious comfort and gives you restful sleep. The mattress installation is so easy it doesn’t need any assembly; it comes in the preassembled state to save your time.

Premium materials used in this mattress are multi-layer latex and ring-spun knitted quilt cover. These mattresses have breathable material so that you can have a good sleep. The natural material makes this product highly durable and prevents it from mattress wear and tear. 

The mattress layers are: knitted fabric quilt,85 density firm latex mattress for good support to your spine and joints,85 density hard latex best for the hard-firm preferred sleepers, and followed by the layer of 85 density firm latex.


1. Natural

These mattresses are manufactured with 100% natural materials so that you can have a peaceful sleep. And provide great support to your back.

2. Cooling effect

The repose eyelids mattress gives you a cooling effect throughout the night’s sleep.

3. Breathable mattress

These are breathable mattresses that give extra comfort, and it has a medium firmness that makes it suitable for everyone.


  • Cool property
  • Antibacterial and natural


  • Non-removable covers.

5. FoamsIndia® 100% Natural Latex Foam® Pearl Mattress

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Pearl mattress is made from 100% natural latex foam using the pin core technology to give a restful sleep and keeps you cool throughout the night’s sleep. The synthetic material was used for the manufacturing of the mattress. The use of natural latex prevents the entering of dust mites and bacteria. 

It is highly hygienic and safer to use. As we all know, latex’s resilience nature is very good; this feature helps your mattress retain its shape and avoids sagging on one side. This also helps to provide good support to your sensitive area and improves sleep posture.

These mattresses are so easy to install and can be folded after its usage. This mattress comes with one free pillow, a latex mattress covered by one cotton gada fabric that gives your mattress a smooth feel, and the outer layer zip-type bamboo fabric that can be easily removed for any spot cleaning, thus increasing its hygiene.


1. Eco friendly

Pearl mattresses are made up of 100% natural latex foam using the latest Pin core technology that keeps you cool throughout the night. These mattresses are manufactured with synthetic chemicals and help to keep our environment safe.

2. Resilence

The natural latex has high resilience properties. This feature helps your mattress from sagging and retains its shape to provide good support to your spine and joints. It helps to get relief from the back pain and helps prevent any further health problems because of the use of the poor mattress.

3. Mattress cover

The pearl mattress is covered by one cotton gada fabric that gives your mattress a smooth feel and gives a premium look to your mattress. And the outer Zipp type bamboo fabric is easily removable for any spot cleaning.


  • Breathable mattress
  • Eco-friendly and foldable mattress


  • Expensive

6. Boston Basics Natural Latex & Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 117 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 12

Boston basic 6-inch orthopedic mattress helps you to have a painless sleep as the orthopedic feature will provide good support to your spinal joints and helps to improve your body posture throughout the night. This gives you luxurious comfort.

 A closer view of the product includes: organic TENCEL fabric cover that is extracted from that helps you to have a restful sleep and keeps you cool, the fabric cover is soft and a good absorbent also, natural latex that has an automatic temperature control feature that keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. 

It comes with responsive 1″ memory foam this provides good support to your body; super-soft foam it is an ultra-plush foam for extra cushioning; it is best for the soft foam preferred sleepers, then followed by a layer of body mold foam that automatically mold according to your body by providing additional support.


1. Natural Tencel fabric

The fabric is extracted from wood, which has a higher absorbing property than cotton and softer than silk and keeps you cool.

2. Natural latex

Natural latex mattress doesn’t contain any synthetic latex or fillers. The mattress’s open structure allows the easy circulation of air that keeps you cool in summers and warmer in winters.

3. Hygienic

These mattresses are highly hygienic; it has antifungal properties and prevents the entering of dust mites. The self ventilation features make your mattress breathable.


  • Natural and eco friendly 
  • orthopedic mattress
  • no harmful chemicals
  • high resilience foam


  • Expensive

7. MORNING OWL Latex Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 137 Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India 2021 14

Morning owl is manufacture mattresses using natural latex to have luxurious comfort. It gives you excellent back support and resolves the problem of any backache. It is highly durable and hygienic as these mattresses are naturally dust mites and bacteria resistant. 

These mattresses mould according to your body shape and provide good support to your body, ultimately helping to relieve the pressure with good support to the body.

It helps to have a good sleep experience by maintaining your body temperature. It doesn’t have any flashes or heat in memory foam. This has medium firmness that satisfies the expectations of both hard or soft firm preferred sleepers.


1. Zero partner disturbance

The frequent tossing and turning by the partner to have disturbed sleep. But the morning owl mattress is made to absorb the kinetic energy generated by your partner’s movement so that it does not disturb your sleep.

2. Good support

It provides good support to your body joints and helps to improve the sleep posture. This all helps to resolve the backache problem that is generally caused by poor mattress quality.

3. Breathable mattress

The increased air circulation throughout the mattress allows you to have a deep sleep.


  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Natural latex & breathable mattress
  • Neck and back pain relief
  • Antibacterial


  • It is quite heavy.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Mattress For Pregnant Ladies In India

Why is Sleep Important for Pregnancy? 

The expecting mommies need to relax for at least a good 8-10 hours a day. Sleep is the best way to relax the body and mind when the expecting mother sleeps well; it positively affects fetal growth. 

An expecting mother has to go through a lot for nine months, including nausea, backache, night sweats, frequent pee brank, and a lot. It is difficult for them to get peaceful sleep; hence, it is best to invest in India’s best mattress. 

Sleep Help and Tips for Pregnant Women

Throughout the pregnancy phase, a woman’s body goes through a lot. Both physical and emotional changes make the individual vulnerable person.

Hormonal changes also take a toll on her body and affect regular activities like eating, sitting, and even sleeping. It is extremely difficult for an expecting mother to feel a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips for pregnant women for a peaceful sleep.

  1. Drink one glass of warm milk with a ping of cardamom powder. 
  2. Listen to soothing music
  3. Keep yourself away from gadgets at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  4. Read positive books and mythological stories to induce sleep.
  5. Have a hearty conversation with your partner before bedtime. 

What to Look for in a Mattress for Pregnancy 

Choosing the best mattress is not a piece of cake; it is the most complicated task if you plan to invest in a pregnant woman’s quality mattress. But before making the final choice, you must look into two major factors: adequate spinal support and the best pressure relief.

Apart from that, keep a tab on factors like temperature regulation, zero partner disturbance, etc. Here are the factors to explore if you want to invest in a mattress during pregnancy.

  • Price: The mattress is a big investment, and it is practically not possible to change the mattress frequently. Invest in a mattress that provides quality sleep and is also available for a pocket-friendly price. The mattress should last at least seven years.
  • Sleeping Position: During the last two trimesters, pregnant ladies are advised to sleep on their left side for proper fetal growth. Invest in a mattress that provides comfort to the side sleepers, and there is no extra pressure on the hips, neck, shoulders, and back from the mattress.
  • Body Weight Support: A woman tends to weigh and have issues like backache, swollen feet, and joint pain during pregnancy. Hence, it is important to invest in a mattress that provides the right support to the body and relaxes the back. The medium-firm mattresses are ideal for pregnant women to get good body weight support.
  • Motion Isolation: The mattress should control the amount of movement when a person changes position during sleep or stepping out of bed. Motion transfer is a serious issue if the partner flips and turns during the night; it may disturb another person’s sleep. Mattress with coil offers motion isolation and is suitable during pregnancy.
  • Mattress Type: There are four types of mattress, latex, doom, hybrid, and coil. Each has its pros and cons. Memory foam mattresses are soft and ideal for pregnant ladies because they sleep on the side. The coil mattresses are suitable for back sleepers, and it offers support to the neck, legs, and shoulders.
    The hybrid is the best combination of foam and innerspring. You can get the best of both worlds. Simultaneously, natural latex mattresses are the eco-friendly choice because it is derived from rubber trees.
  • Safety: Invest in the mattress, which follows the right safety protocols and practices. Make sure it is made with eco-friendly products, and the effect of harmful chemicals should be lesser.
  • Contouring: When the mattress hugs your body, it means the weight is distributed eventually, and the pressure point gets relaxed. Invest in a good memory foam mattress because it relaxes the body while you sleep on the side during the pregnancy. Latex also offers comfort to great experts.
  • Quality Materials: The average lifespan of a quality mattress should be at least 7 to 10 years. Buy quality material so that the chances of wear and tear are minimal.
  • Delivery: While ordering the mattress, make sure there is no delay in the delivery process, installation is on time, and in case of competition, it should be rectified quickly.
  • Firmness Level: Pregnant women prefer to rest on a firmer mattress to relax them during sleep. Avoid investing in too firm a mattress because, during sleep, the sagging mattress can pull your body down.
  • Pressure Relief: Quality above average mattress will provide the much-needed pressure relief, making sure the mattress should not sink much.
  • Edge Support: A bed with a durable and supportive edge provides better comfort while moving in and out of the bed. It is a crucial partner because as your belly grows, you might need to get up frequently for a pee break and need a supportive solution.
  • Temperature Regulation: Night sweat is common during pregnancy, and it is significant to invest in breathable material to cover the chances of heating the body. Look for a temperature-neutral material that controls heat retention.
  • Noise: Getting sleep disturbed with a noisy mattress is the last thing you want to experience during your pregnancy. Choose a soft mattress that does not annoy you with a squeak and creak sound every time a person changes sides or moves out of the bed.

Which Mattress Firmness is Best for Pregnancy?

The mattress’s firmness is usually calculated on a scale of 1 to 10; the 10th option is extremely firm. For side sleepers with medium weight, it is best to invest in a firmer surface. This will align their spine, and the pressure on the spine and should also be lesser.

For back sleepers, a firm mattress is the best choice. An extremely plush mattress can sag and more pressure on your spinal cord, which can affect your baby’s growth.

It is best for pregnant women to look for a zoned mattress that is firm and provide relief to pressure points and support to the back. Memory foam mattress with right comfort later is an ideal choice to rest the body and sleep unpreferred sleep position.

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Pregnancy?

The market is flooded with many mattresses, and the mattresses are broken into five major categories.

  • Hybrid
    The hybrid mattress guarantees motion isolation and improves airflow. It comes with a significant comfortable layer and is made of a combination of latex, memory foam, micro-coils, cotton, fiber, etc.
  • Innerspring
    The innerspring mattress is made using coils, and it comes with a thin layer of cotton for added comfort and reduces heat-trapping. The edge support is also good, but the pressure relief is a major disappointment.
  • Latex
    Latex has a comfortable upper layer and a supportive core. The natural latex is breathable, foam, and durable. Ideal for relieving pressure and maintaining the temperature.
  • Foam
    The all-foam mattress comes with comfortable memory foam, which contours your body and provides much-needed relaxation to the pressure points. Ideal for pregnant women who prefer to sleep on the sides.
  • Airbed
    The firmness level of airbeds varies a lot, and you have the option to adjust as per your preference. Each partner can select their preferred firmness level.


Pregnancy is a tiring phase in every woman’s life, mixed emotions, juggling with raging hormones, random symptoms, and painful body aches. All take a toll on the sleep quality; hence it is crucial to invest in the best mattress for pregnant women in India. The pointers mentioned above will help you to make the best choice.  

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