Peps Vs Duroflex Mattress

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No doubt, a good quality mattress is just like your backbone. It provides a good amount of sleep. Keep in mind that the right mattress choice will help relax one’s muscles and improve posture and sleep. This will contour your body shape.

However, the wrong choice will make you end with back pain and disturbed sleep. In terms of the mattress for a good sleep, you have various choices. Some of the major ones are memory foam, latex, and spring.

Now the memory foam mattress like the ones provided by Duroflex and Peps is suitable for people looking for body shaping, pressure relief, a great hug, and back support. The latex mattress also provides a great sleep for sleepers that like bounce, cooling, and responsiveness. In terms of an innerspring mattress, this is quite suitable for people wanting a bouncy feeling.

Introduction To Peps

Want to upgrade to a fresh and new morning with a world-class spring mattress? Peps mattress can be a great choice. Also, the mattress is of decent cost and is easy on your wallet and back.

The mattress has a flexible and rigid core. It provides the best support for your back without losing any shape after prolonged usage. We utilize border wires in the core construction of the mattress. This helps hold the springs alignments and secures them from the de-shape in terms of length and width.

Also, Peps Industry is the only manufacturer in India having a sleep system that matches the technology and quality benchmarked by the Restonic Corporation of the USA. The Peps have unique insights and expertise based on Indian consumers’ requirements, thereby strengthening the already formidable partnership.

The sleep solutions of the Peps Industry are developed in various facilities located all over 11 acres in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. They are filled with cutting-edge machinery from Germany, Sweden, and the USA.

Introduction To Duroflex Mattress

Duroflex mattress is considered the best sleep solution company. It is strengthened by five decades of expertise and best-in-class innovation. This provides iconic and research-backed mattresses and tech for providing great sleep accessories.

Duroflex is India’s only certified orthopaedic mattress. They are recommended and tested by the National Health Academy for providing eco-friendly and naturally cool latex mattresses. Also, they provide 100% memory foam pillow to anti-microbial roll pack mattresses along with mattress protectors.

As per the company, all the offerings of Duroflex are created for providing healthy, deep, and enriching sleep. Also, the Duroflex mattress provides and leads to healthy sleep that leads to proper posture alignment and makes you feel refreshed.

Peps vs Duroflex Mattress – The Detailed Comparison

Pricing Range● Spring Koil: Rs. 9,802
● Restonic: Rs. 9,159
● Spine Guard: Rs. 16,870
● Organica:  Rs 24,539
● Crystal:  Rs 26,003
● Grand Palais:  Rs 35,175
● Vivah:  RS. 93,754
● Double Decker: Rs 1,39,560 
● Zenimo: Rs 17,769
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● Duroflex Back Magic:  Rs 7,866
● Duroflex Endure: Rs 17,587
● Duroflex Balance: Rs 11,442
● Duroflex Evoke: Rs 13,706
● Duroflex Icon: Rs 10,137
● Duroflex Pulse: Rs 7,088
● Duroflex Kaya: Rs Rs 35,794
● Duroflex NRG 20: Rs 30,413
● Duroflex NRG 40:Rs 37,488
Check Price On Amazon Duroflex Mattress Store
Warranty Period10 Years10 Years
Trial policyNone100 Nights Trial
Mattress Construction● Spring Koil 
● Restonic 
● Spine Guard 
● Organica  
● Crystal  
● Grand Palais  
● Vivah 
● Double-decker  
● Zenimo
● Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopedic Coir Mattress
● Duroflex Endure – Bonnell Spring Pillow Top Mattress
● Duroflex Balance – Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
● Duroflex Evoke – Bonnell Spring Minimal Bounce Mattress
● Duroflex Icon – Pocket Spring High-Density Coir Mattress
● Duroflex Pulse – Pressure Relieving Memory Foam Mattress
● Duroflex Kaya – Chemical Free Natural Latex Mattress
● Duroflex NRG 20 – Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress
● Duroflex NRG 40 – Qube Cell Memory Foam Mattress
Firmness OptionsSoft, Medium Soft, Medium Firm and FirmFour levels of firmness such as medium soft, soft, firm and medium-firm
Size & DimensionRegarding the dimensions and sizes, the Peps mattresses have a huge amount of size-related variants. It ranges from 35 variants in terms of mattress size and even provides 16 inches of thicknessDuroflex size and dimension range from the Single 36 cms which is 72, 75, 78 inches with 3 widths. The Double 48 cms are 72, 75, 78 inches with 4 widths. The Queen one is 60 cms and King is 72 cms. 
Features● High PU foam layer and memory foam for comfort
● High tensile innerspring technology for both comfort, firmness, and bounciness
● Uses top quality imported raw materials 
● Zero sagging and more durable over the long run
● Anti-dust and anti-microbial protection
● Five zoned certified orthopaedic support.
● Signature quilted fabric.
● Pressure-relieving memory foam layer.
● Durable construction
CertificationsThe Peps mattress is certified by Entomology Center Cambridge, under AATCC 147/30/1424 standardsThe Duroflex is a certified orthopaedic mattress range. It is tested and recommended by the National Health Academy
Customer ratings55
Industry Since19771963
Manufactured inIndiaIndia
Suitable ForBeing extremely soft and visually appealing, this is the most popular mattress good for curing spinal issuesThis is a great mattress for people suffering from constant back pains

Mattress Construction Material

The Peps mattress is a first of its kind made from chemical-free bio cotton and good eco-latex. It is also dust mite resistant, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic for providing great comfort.

Peps Vs Duroflex Mattress 1

About Duroflex, it is a great mattress made from strong material. It is not only good for the human body but even for the planet too. It is made from natural latex along with organic cotton fabric.

Mattress Comfort

Now the Peps mattress has a great comfort layer. It is filled with the best PU foam and contains luxurious jacquard fabric. This is reinforced with four times the usual latex. 

The Duroflex is a high resilience foam mattress providing dual comfort. You can use the firm side as well as the soft side for sleeping.

Mattress Support

Peps mattress is extensively soft and quite visually appealing. It is made from the latest technology and provides extensive support for people suffering from spinal issues.

The Duroflex mattress is durable and quite comfortable. It is made from the supreme material providing great support, and the quality is commendable. 

Mattress Strength

The Peps mattress is a bit heavy, but it is still simple looking. However, the Duroflex contains a unique Durapedic support layer that provides different five zones of comfort. This provides good support to your body.



● Knitted Fabric: They are made from the best knitted fabric with the best moisture-absorbing ability made from plant-based materials. 

● Memory Foam: They provide great relief from painful pressure points as they have a contouring effect on the memory foam mattress. 

● Polyurethane Foam: The polyurethane foam provides comfort, durability, and support. It is extensively used for providing good comfort. 


● Comfort: It provides medium comfort leading to a soft and springy feeling. 

● Strength: Being six inches thick, the mattress is arranged in three zones and provides good body weight support. 


No doubt, both Peps and Duroflex are great mattresses that are available in India. The best part is that both are created, keeping in mind the Indian consumers and the best for curing bad back pain and good sleep.

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