Mattress Durability Guide – Everything You Need to Know

What does breathability mean in a mattress?

Does it count to consider the breathability feature in a mattress?

If these are your question, let us first start with what breathability means. It is the feature that determines how well the air is circulated through the fabric. Therefore, if the mattress is breathable, it will remain cool and satisfying even when sleeping for long hours during hot sunny days. In short, breathability directly impacts your experience regarding health, comfort, and performance as a whole. 

In addition, it also controls how many years the mattress will be able to serve you by mitigating wear and tear due to moisture and heat. As a result, enhancing the product’s durability and reducing the mattresses vulnerability to an environmental factor.

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How Long Does a Mattress Last in generally?

If the breathability property is top-notch, nothing can hold it back to serve you for at least 7-10 years. However, speaking health and hygiene wise one should replace their mattress every 6 to 8 years. 

The life of your mattress will also depend on other factors like how much weight it is carrying, how often you nap on it, the type of mattress you have chosen to install, etc.  

Factors Influencing Mattress Lifespan  

Like we have discussed, numerous factors determine the lifespan of your mattress. However, to follow a general thumb rule, watch out for the following factors:

1. Materials

The material of which the mattress is made has a substantial impact on how long a mattress last. For example, high-density polyfoam material last longer compared to low-density polyfoam. 

2. Mattress Type

  • How Long Does A Spring Mattress Last? 
    The average lifespan of the innerspring mattress is 5 to 6 years. As you shop for the particular mattress, you will find most of them contains pocketed coil allowing all the other coil to work independently. However, mattresses containing traditional coil system works together and counteracts each other’s motion. Thus, to determine the durability, there are few points to consider:
    • Coil gauge: Mattress containing coil gauge of fourteen or higher are firm while those below are soft. You will be tempted to buy the softer ones, but since they are thin, they have less durability. 
    • Pillow top: Also, look for pillow top features when determining durability. They add softness to the higher coil gauge. 
    • Mattress topper: If you purchase a quality mattress topper, it reduces the direct compression, increasing the mattress’s lifespan.
  • How Long Does A Foam Mattress Last?
    A foam mattress usually lasts longer than eight years. However, it may vary depending on the foam it is made of:
    • Polyurethane: It is the least expensive mattress you will find; however often compromises on durability. So, before buying, check the density it offers. The higher will be the density, the longer it will last.
    • Reflex foam: Their durability is generally higher than the standard foam but is careful of their specification and sagging period.
    • Convoluted: Convoluted foam is not well in durability. Though they provide the best kind of support, they are generally short-lived. 
  • How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last?

The durability of memory foam mattresses is considerably high (6-7 years). However, the body weight you intend to apply and the product’s density must be in accordance. If thinking of putting heavy pressure, the density should not be less than five lbs/ft3. 

  • How Long Does A Latex Mattress Last?
    When considering a latex mattress, it lasts for 7 to 8 years. However, it will mainly depend on the blend the product has used in its mattress:
    • Natural or synthetic: The product is made from two material types natural and synthetic. Generally, natural are more durable and give higher performance than synthetic ones.
    • Replaceable layers: The comfortable layer is added to the mattress to install features like heat transfer, motion isolation, and bounciness. However, it slightly impacts the durability of the product by degrading its quality. 
  • How Long Does A Coir Mattress Last?

You can expect a coir mattress to last up to 3 to 5 years, after which they tend to sag and disorient. The main reason for this is that it is made from 100% natural coconut fibre, which often becomes vulnerable to environmental factors.

  • How Long Does A Hybrid Mattress Last?
    Since hybrid mattress is the combination of two or more mattresses, you will have to access the following points to access its durability:
    • Density: As said earlier, it is a significant factor determining the product’s durability, so it should be enough to carry an average person’s weight and higher.
    • Warranty: Another way to understand the product’s durability is by looking at its warranty period. It should not be less than ten years. 

3. Sagging Potential

It is general for the mattress to sag up, especially in areas where you place the heaviest part of your body, like hips and shoulders. This further leads to body pain and dis-alignment if the mattress is not replaced.

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4. Body Impressions Potential

Body impressions are a common factor influencing mattress durability. Because of this factor, you can see a semi-permanent print of your body on the mattress generally caused by sleeping in one position. 

5. Premature softening potential

Every mattress softens after few regular uses. It is not a problem until it is normal softening. However, when it turns excessively soft, it sags up and affects the comfort and pressure-releasing ability of the bed. 

6. Mechanical malfunction potential

This issue is mainly seen in smart beds, airbeds and other mattresses. When this factor gets affected, it impacts manual and remote control, air pumps and outlet connectivity. 

7. Mattress Care

Like anything, when you take care of the mattress, it is expected to last longer. One way of increasing longevity is flipping the mattress every six months, given it is two-sided. 

8. Mattress Warranty

Warranty offered by companies protect your mattress from early deterioration and saves you from incurring heavy maintenance charges. A standard warranty period extends to 10 years but always try to look for more for better durability. 

When to replace a mattress?

Few signs that show it is time to replace your beloved mattress are:

  • Other’s bed whether at a hotel or a friend’s home, seem more comfortable to you
  • There is a sense of irritability or achiness when sleeping on your mattress
  • Your mattress has gone some sagging and indentations
  • The mattress has served you longer than 6-8 years


After gaining the above knowledge, it will be easy to determine the best mattress for yourself. Also, it will save you from developing any pain or disease from sleeping on a bad mattress. However, remember to change it after every six years for best performance. 

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