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Restolex Mattress Review – Best In Market

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Restolex has become one of the best companies for choosing the mattress. With over an experience of 35 years, the company has launched different products to cater to different needs. This is why their mattresses are popular and made from high-quality materials. 

So, are you interested in learning more about what Restolex has to offer?

If yes, then you won’t have to worry a lot. In this forthcoming Restolex mattress review, you will get all the information you need to know for buying the best product that will meet your requirement list.

1. Pros And Cons Of Restolex Mattresses


  • Special Greensleep mattress collection present for eco-friendliness 
  • Coirs are rubberized, which increases the bounciness of the products 
  • Spine Care collection is ideal for those suffering from different spine problems


  • Restolex doesn’t offer any trial period
  • It also lacks products having a memory foam layer

2. Restolex Mattress Types

2.1 Greensleep 

  • Pocket spring: In the pocket spring Greensleep mattress, you will have the spring coils wrapped around individual springs. This prevents the flow of motion and will cause zero disturbance due to your partner’s movements.
  • Bonnell spring: The Greensleep Bonnel spring mattress is made from a spring layer connected. You can feel the bounciness of the product, which is why you can get this mattress for sleeping comfortably. 
  • Latex coir: Like the latex foam mattress, in this product, you will find the latex layer coupled with coir- both the materials are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. 
  • Latex foam: You will have a PU hard foam layer in the latex foam mattress that acts as the base in the latex foam mattress. On top of it is the latex layer derived from natural sources. 
  • Orthopedic coir: This Greensleep mattress has been introduced to prevent backaches, alleviate chronic spine diseases, and reduce tension from the back muscles.

2.2 Coir mattress

Restolex Mattress Review - Best In Market 1

Coir mattresses are made from rubberized coir where the curls are tightly packed, increasing the density of the layer. This makes the products bouncier and firmer at the same time. 

2.3 Foam mattress

Restolex Mattress Review - Best In Market 2

Foam mattresses are softer than any other collection from Restolex. These products are best for those wanting to cuddle with the bed at the time of sleep. However, if you suffer from any back pain, foam mattresses won’t be the ideal choice. 

2.4 Bonnell spring

Restolex Mattress Review - Best In Market 3

The Bonnel spring mattresses are another type of spring mattress you will find within Restolex’s collection. These mattresses have hard felt inside with a hard PU foam at the base to prevent the springs from coming in contact with the outer covers. 

2.5 Pocket spring

Restolex Mattress Review - Best In Market 4

Pocket spring mattresses from Restolex are made from high-quality steel coils with a greater elasticity coefficient. Pockets surround these coils in individual forms. As a result, only those springs are compressed on which the pressure is incident. 

2.6 Spine smart

Restolex Mattress Review - Best In Market 5

These mattresses are available in three thickness options. They are specially made for providing the optimum level of back support and reduce pain and aches. These products also help maintain the body posture, especially the S-shaped curve of the spine and the hip bones. 

3. Firmness And Feel

To give you proper clarification regarding the firmness of the Restolex mattresses, here we have categorized them according to the major core material. 

  1. The Greensleep mattresses are more comfortable as their firmness ranges from soft to medium-firm. 
  2. Rubberized coir mattresses are medium-firm to firm, with a rating of 5 to 7. 
  3. Orthopedic and Spine Smart mattresses are extra firm, with a firmness value of more than 7.
  4. Foam and latex mattresses are on the softer side, which makes them cozier. You can mark their firmness level between 3 to 6. 

4. Mattress Construction

  • Cover: Knitted fabric is present as the top cover in most products of Restolex. However, in the Greensleep collection, the mattresses are covered with special herbal technology, soothing and hypoallergenic. 
  • Comfort layers: Restolex has included memory foam, soft PU foam, the latex layer, and spring coils in the mattresses to induce more comfort in the products. These materials are known for their high level of comfort and plushness, which is why the mattresses are ideal for sleeping without any complaint. 
  • Support layers: The support layers are made of rigid base foam, felt layers, and rubberized coir. These materials are included to make the mattresses stable and hard from underneath. This will help in preventing early sagging of the products from Restolex. 
  • Mattress height and weight: The spring and coir mattresses are heavyweight as the inbuilt core materials are quite thick and have high densities. On the other hand, the foam, Greensleep, and latex mattresses are lightweight.
    Different thickness options are available in terms of different products from Restolex. For example, Spine Smart is present in three sizes- 5”, 6”, and 8”. Foam mattresses are available in 5” and 6” options while the rubberized coir mattresses have only one option for thickness- 5”. 

5. Restolex Mattress Performances

Temperature regulation Present in all mattresses, especially Greensleep
Motion transferPresent in all products
Edge supportAbsent
Durability Highly durable, thanks to the use of premium materials
Noise & odorNo noise or bad smell when the mattress is in perfect condition
  • Temperature regulation: Temperature regulation is maintained in all mattresses. The airy construction allows the convection currents to circulate in between the layers and through the mattress. However, the Greensleep mattress collection comes with a special herbal technology that will keep the surface cool throughout the day.
  • Motion transfer: Fortunately enough, all the products from Restolex come with no partner disturbance technology. This means once you apply pressure on the surface, it will radiate vertically till the end of the base layer. However, no transfer of the force will happen in the surrounding areas radially. That’s why you won’t get disturbed even if your partner is moving a lot and you are a light sleeper. 
  • Edge support: Unfortunately, the mattresses from Restolex do not come with edge support. Be it the spring mattresses or the premium foam mattresses, and you won’t find edge support. That’s one of the reasons why it should handle the products with care. Excess force application on the mattresses will flatten them out sooner than later. Hence, make sure you are choosing the perfect thickness which can handle the weight coming from above. 
  • Durability: One of the Restolex’s best features is the high durability that comes with all mattresses. There is no doubt that the mattresses will last for longer times without showing any sign of damage. Some of the reasons for which the Restolex mattresses are considered to be highly durable are:
    • Stainless steel spring coils are present in the spring mattresses with high elasticity coefficient.
    • The coir used is rubberized, which means that the curls are tightly packed, which won’t sag anytime sooner.
    • As for the foam, layers are made from high-quality polymer combinations that match the sleeper’s weight with the exact amount of reactive force.
  • Noise and Odour: Foam, coir, and latex mattresses from Restolex will never make any noise, no matter how much you move during your sleep. If you are concerned with the spring mattresses, do not worry. The spring mattresses are covered with shock-absorbing thick felt on both sides. It reduces the noise and completely prevents the sound from becoming audible.
    If we consider the odor, then no, the Restolex mattresses do not give off any bad smell, regardless of how old it is. However, there are certain cases where you can get a bad smell. These conditions are:
    1. Growing of mold in between the layers
    2. Drenched mattress left as it is without drying
    3. Bacterial growth in between the mattress layers
    4. Not cleaning the top cover frequently

6. Restolex Mattress Policies 

  • Shipping: When you make the purchase, you have to enter the pin code. This will verify whether the Restolex outlet nearest to you has the mattress in stock or not. Shipping will be done freely without any extra charges levied on the final bill. The delivery time will vary as per the distance of the warehouse and the delivery address. 
  • Trial period: Restolex does not offer any trial period. Hence, once you buy the product, it will be completely yours, and if you want to return it, warranty policies will be considered, no matter what kind of mattress you are buying. Hence, always get the right product so that you can avoid these hassles of returning and waiting for getting the request approved. 
  • Returns: Returns can be made if the mattress product you are receiving is not up to the mark or has any manufacturing defect. Before you raise a return request, make sure you go through the warranty and refund policies. It will let you know whether or not it can replace the product without any extra money input. 
  • Warranty: Warranty policies from Restolex are well-defined and clear. According to the terms and conditions, if the mattress has any manufacturing defect, it can be returned, and replacement will be completely free within the 1st year of purchase. After that, the warranty terms will be applicable as per the manufacturer’s chart.
    Also, Restolex’s warranty doesn’t cover any defect arising from regular usage like tears in the fabric, no stitching, breaks in the foam due to folding, depression/sagging more than 1.5% of the original thickness, and others. 

7. Who Should Buy A Restolex Mattress, And Is That Worth It? 

Buying the Restolex mattresses is worth every penny you will spend. The question is, why? Well, first of all, they have a special Greensleep collection made for those having sensitive skin and can easily feel uncomfortable as soon as the surface gets hotter. The brand has also introduced other mattresses for different kinds of sleepers to cater to their requirements. Following are some of the examples of how Restolex mattresses can meet different requirements: 

  1. For people suffering from back pain, Restolex comes with a special collection of orthopedic mattresses. These are firmer and provide the best support, like the Greensleep Natural orthopedic coir mattress or the Spine Smart mattresses. 
  2. Rubberized coir mattresses are present, which are bouncier as compared to other mattress materials. Also, they have medium firmness, which will suit general sleepers. 
  3. Suppose you are looking for mattresses that will put pressure on particular trigger points. In that case, you can get the Resto pocket, the Resto Passion, or the Resto Majesty mattresses. 

8. FAQs

  1. How long does a Restolex mattress last?

    Restolex guarantees that their mattresses are highly durable and will last for a minimum of three years. After that, the longevity will depend on the usage. With correct handling and proper follow of the manufacturer’s manual, the mattress can last for a long time, even up to seven to ten years. 

  2. What is the difference between Restolex Greensleep and other types?

    Restolex has a special collection of mattresses under the banner head of Greensleep. These mattresses are made of herbal formula, which is soothing and soft against the skin. All the products are wrapped up in a hypoallergenic fabric which will prevent any allergies on your skin. In addition, the mattresses remain cool throughout the day, all thanks to the airy construction. 

  3. Do Restolex mattresses offer custom sizes?

    No Restolex doesn’t offer an option for ordering a mattress having a custom size. Well, this can be a problem for some people who have custom bed sizes. But Restolex does offer multiple options in terms of size. It will help you to get a mattress that will fit your bed. Also, you need to ensure that you get the dimensions correct so that you won’t have to encounter returning the products. 

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