Guide To “Breathable” or “Air Circulation” in Mattress

Do you usually wake up in the middle of the night due to excessive sweating? 

Does your mattress surface always remain hot? 

If yes, then it means you have chosen the wrong mattress that doesn’t have any proper air circulation mechanism. The main reason for such a mistake is a lack of knowledge about air circulation or breathability in a mattress.

These two factors define how it will regulate the temperature and whether you will need an extra accessory for more comfort or not.

Bearing this in mind, we have developed a well-explained guide on mattress air circulation and breathability. To read more on the best mattress for summer.

What is Breathable or Air Flow in Mattress?

A mattress is made from several materials, from a thin outer cover to the thickest support layer. Each material comes with several air pockets in between the threads or fibres. These are also known as open cells, which allow the air to pass through with ease.

This is what we refer to as breathable. Suppose the air can flow properly within the mattress materials and in between different layers. In that case, the ventilation will be optimum, and it will also regulate the temperature. 

The base layer is made from heavily dense materials like rebonded foam, HD hard foam, and more in some mattresses. These materials cannot allow air to pass through because they have negligible to almost no air pockets. That’s why such mattresses are reinforced with 3D aeroflow technology at the sides, allowing fresh, cool air to circulate between the mattress layers. 

Why is Air Ventilation in a Mattress Important?

Often we forget that mattresses have three layers or more, where each layer is different from one mattress to another. However, air ventilation is one factor that we need to consider when buying a mattress, whether it is a simple coir mattress or a luxury Bonnell spring bedding. In the following section, we will introduce you to why air ventilation is important to consider.

  1. If proper air ventilation is not maintained within the mattress, there will be a high chance of mould formation. 
  2. It will trap heat inside the mattress layers, and with moisture, microbes will start to breed in between the materials. 
  3. Also, air breathability/ventilation will determine the temperature regulation ability of the mattress.
  4. Air ventilation is important for making the mattress hypoallergenic so that you don’t have to suffer from allergies. 
  5. No odour will reach your nose if the mattress has a high breathability rate. 

Types of Breathable Mattress

  1. Memory foam mattress: The memory foam in these mattresses comes with an open cell structure that will improve the breathability of the overall product. 
  2. Mattresses with 3D airflow technology: A 3D mesh fabric is used along the mattress’s edges to control the ventilation. 
  3. Spring mattresses: All the spring mattresses have high air breathability since the spring coils are open and allow air to pass through.
  4. Coir or latex mattresses: Both materials are natural, so they have abundant air pockets that control the ventilation. 

Benefits Of Choosing Breathable Mattress

  • A breathable mattress will reduce allergies, skin rashes, and redness. 
  • It will also help you sleep comfortably without worrying about the mouldy growth in between the materials. 
  • Proper air ventilation won’t let the heat get trapped inside and make the bed’s surface hot. 
  • With proper breathability, the mattress can offer you free sleep.

Reasons to choose Breathable Mattress

  1. With the help of a breathable mattress, it can prevent microbe growth or mould formation. Since air circulation will be at its peak, no heat will be trapped between the layers, so there will be no infestation. 
  2. One of the major reasons to choose the breathable mattress is that it will regulate the temperature easily. As fresh air passes through the mattress layers, the heat will be dispersed, further reducing the surface temperature. Hence, you won’t have to wake up at night. 
  3. A breathable mattress will also help you to sleep comfortably without any odour or other forms of discomfort. 

What to look at before Buying Breathable Mattress?

  1. You have to check the types of materials present in the mattress to understand the level of breathability. 
  2. Price is one of the most important factors that you have to consider while choosing a breathable mattress. 
  3. You should also check whether the top fabric layer has enough air pockets to control air circulation. 


The above article has discussed all the facts you need to know about breathability or air circulation. Since now it is clear why you need a breathable mattress, we hope you won’t end up with the wrong product. 


Yes, the memory foam mattresses are breathable only if they have an open-cell structure.

Everyone should choose a breathable mattress. 

The availability of air pockets is what makes a mattress breathable. 

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