10 Reasons Why Good Night Sleep Is Important?

Even though we don’t accept the fact, sleep is essential for every individual, regardless of age, physical structure, gender, health issues, work-life, and others. Just like a baby needs to sleep for at least fifteen hours without any disturbance, we adults need to sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours, if not more. 

Unfortunately, our lifestyle prevents us from doing so. According to the research, more than 70% of people do not get enough sleep due to their busy schedules and monotonous lifestyles. However, since we cannot change this routine, we can try to get uninterrupted sleep for as many hours as possible. That will give the body enough time to rejuvenate and refresh itself for the next day. 

But unfortunately, having the best sleep is not quite easy. Firstly, most people don’t know why sleeping properly during the night is important. Secondly, even if some people are familiar with the reasons, they don’t know how to get one. On this account, we have presented a complete guide about why a good night’s sleep is important and how to get one.

Why having proper sleep during the night is important?

In this section, we have explained the top ten reasons you need to have the best sleep at night. This will help you understand why you feel cranky and irritated and make you familiar with the health problems that might arise due to improper sleep. 

1. Helps in maintaining the bodyweight 

One of the main reasons experts and professionals suggest having proper sleep during the night is to keep the body weight within normal levels. Hence, you won’t get overweight or become underweight. As a result of this, you will be able to keep your BMI levels within the normal range, according to your height. 

2. Maintains the proper appetite and hunger 

If you are sleeping properly, your mood will be in good hands. As a result, you won’t have to worry about feeling hungry almost after every one to two hours and having the urge to eat almost everything you can find. Since it will control your hunger, you will consume fewer calories which will further help maintain the proper body weight without suffering from obesity. 

3. Helps in reducing depression and anxieties

The major benefit of having a proper sleep at night has reduced depression levels. People who do not get proper and undisturbed sleep suffer from mild to chronic depression, which adversely affects their health. Furthermore, if you are sleeping properly, it will relax your mind, and as a result, the neurons won’t be active to keep the anxiousness alive.  

4. It Will help in lessening the chances of having insomnia. 

Study the reports and research papers from different psychologists and psychiatrists. You will understand that being sleep deprived or unable to have a deep slumber ultimately leads to insomnia. When you are not sleeping properly, your neurons will become active, which will, in turn, keep your body alive. With such a routine prolonging for days and weeks, you will soon have insomnia- one of the biggest causes of depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.  

5. Reduces the stress by improving hormonal balance 

With proper sleep, your hormonal system will secrete the proper amount of the serotonin hormone. Serotonin is a stress-relieving hormone whose levels need to be high in the blood so that your neurons are not over-worked and your brain is not stressed out. So, to restore the proper homeostasis, you need to have a good sleep without a single disturbance or interruption. 

6. Enhances the productivity and performance of your body 

With proper sleep, you can easily feel the change in yourself the next morning. When you are in a deep slumber, your brain will get enough time to rejuvenate the neurons and refresh the entire body so that you can become more productive in terms of activities and performance. 

7. Keeps you focused and concentrated on your work.

After sleeping properly without any obstacle for an entire night, you will be feeling quite energetic and enthusiastic. Hence, you won’t have any problem concentrating on your work, including studies, office work, house chores, etc. 

8. Reduces irritation, crankiness, and emotional turbulence

One of the major benefits of having a good sleep during the night time will help reduce the emotional turbulences so that you can keep your behaviour and feelings within control. Furthermore, it will also reduce crankiness and irritability in you, which will make your day good and be able to mingle and communicate with others. 

9. Proper sleep keeps the heart healthy. 

With proper sleep, you won’t have to rely on medicines or drugs that are detrimental to your heart. Furthermore, you won’t have cravings for junkies and other harmful foods that can increase cholesterol and LDL levels. As a result, your heart will be much healthier. 

10. Helps in keeping your energy at higher levels 

Lastly, you will feel energetic throughout the day if you get a good sleep on the previous night. Your aura won’t be depressive and diminishing, which will further keep your body prepared for anything.

How to get the best sleep without any disturbance and interruption? 

Since now you are aware of how important the night’s sleep is, you need to implement the best ways to help you have a deep slumber without an ounce of disturbance. 

  • Your sleep will greatly depend on the mattress you are sleeping on. So, make sure to get a product that will lull you to sleep and provide comfort to your sore body. 
  • You need to maintain a proper posture during sleep to regulate blood circulation and prevent any soreness in the body parts. 
  • Finally, you need to avoid sleeping at odd hours or take multiple naps throughout the day because an irregular sleep routine will cause problems during the night sleep. 


 In this article, we have talked about how a good night sleep can help you improve both your physiological and psychological health. So, now you wouldn’t question the role of sleep in your life or ignore the warning signs that will tell you whether you are sleep deprived or not. 

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