Wake Up Ortho Memory Foam Mattress Review

After working for long hours, each person would require some comfortable sleep at night. This won’t be possible without having a good mattress at your home. However, what does one mean by a good mattress? Well, it is the one that can provide you with sound sleep and give proper rest to your body, which you would require.

As per various researches, a minimum of eight hours of sleep is required for any adult in having a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it provides a great recovery time for your muscles and cells, leading to improving body functions.

Healthy sleep can help your body regulate blood sugar levels, and it will help keep your immune system functioning properly. Plus, it will improve your heart healthy by reducing stress.

Frankly, there are various things you would have to look at in a bed mattress, like thickness, size, mattress type, and the benefits. After knowing these facts, one would be able to decide what kind of mattress is suitable for them. In this article, we will check out one of the best orthopedic mattresses like the Wake-Up Ortho memory foam mattress. 

1. What Is In The Wake-Up Ortho Memory Foam Mattress?

Wake-Up has been known for providing satisfying mattresses that have orthopedic support for the body structure of individuals. It simply helps maintain the natural S shape of your spine rather than forcing you to sleep in a straight line, just like an old coir mattress.

Not only that, it comes in many kinds of sizes along with the many ranges of thickness. These range from 5 inches to 8 inches. Here anyone can select the Wake-Up mattress as per their requirement or needs. Now, if you are not sure about the size, check the Wake-Up mattress guide’s purchasing guide.

The best part of using the Wake-Up mattress is that it distributes the body weight uniformly across it and makes sure that no blood clots or restlessness are felt. Unlike other mattresses, this one is created from high-quality memory foam, having the latest technological innovations that provide the best back support, making you enjoy a night of deep and restful sleep.

Here the cover would be created from the highly breathable fibers which release the air in and out from the mattress. This will make your breath properly and allow you to have a deep sleep. Also, the mattress comes with a differential pressure zone layer, and it will align your spine in a straight line, thereby improving your sleeping posture.

In this mattress, certain smart spaces are present in the various pressure zone layers that help in air circulation, making you sleep cool. The Wake-Up mattress is filled with the highest quality memory foam and contains orthopaedic foam, making it stay cushy and soft. 

Also, the thickness is due to the foams that help retain the shape of the mattress and increase the durability for many years.

This is the ideal choice for individuals suffering from all kinds of back pain as people won’t change their posture while sleeping on it. Also, it would allow you to sleep in the preferred position that assists in relieving your backache.

Now the mattress got huge flexibility right in terms of temperature that would make it retain the mattress’s coolness. This is done by flowing air in and out from the mattress. Also, it will secure your forming from any odour.

Besides that, it is easily portable as it weighs very little. The cover is created from cotton, and you can easily remove and wash it. 

Key Features

  • This is a soft mattress that is created of high-density support foam.
  • The memory foam is available with a ten years warranty period, and this will safeguard your investment.
  • It will support and maintain the natural ‘S’ shape of your spine.
  • The mattress is available with an anti-skid fabric layer right at the foot of the mattress. This provides good stability on the floor or the bed.
  • Neem Infused Fabric– The mattress comes with the highly advanced Neem Fresche technology. This provides a fresher sleeping experience and avoids all kinds of germs.
  • Knitted Fabric– The Wake-Up Ortho mattress has soft knitting, which helps to pass the air in and out of the mattress. The premium knitting is similar to the knitting present at the top; however, it is less soft to make the top soft and bottom a little hard. 
  • High Resilience Foam – Additionally, the foam provides a more responsive kind of memory foam. Even though it is less popular than memory foam, it still has a high density and resilience foam.
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam – The memory foam present in the mattress is used for maintaining the basic posture and provides good sleep. The soft foam can be used to relieve the pressure point.

2. The Wake-Up Ortho Memory Foam Mattress Features

  • High-Density Foam – The best part of using a high-density foam mattress is that it will increase the mattress’s lifetime. Also, the high-density foams are added right in the middle of the mattress, which provides tight support to the memory foam.
  • Durability – Most people don’t know that durability is considered as the lifespan of the mattress. Most memory foam mattresses durability is based on the warranty, which is 5-10 years. With the Wake-Up Ortho memory foam mattress, you get a ten-year warranty.
  • Temperature Control – This mattress is temperature-friendly. It contains a bigger cell size and allows the air to pass through the mattress and maintain the basic temperature. The breathable fabric is used for maintaining the temperature in and out of the mattress.
  • Comfort – The Wake-Up Ortho mattress is so comfortable, and you won’t feel hot when you are lying on it. The mattress contains both memory foam and comfort foam. Both of these are the middle layers of the foam, useful for providing a good density sleep. The product has a medium comfort level, which supports areas like the shoulder, neck, and hip areas. So, it is useful for people with spine, neck, and lower back pain issues.

3. Wake-Up Ortho Memory Foam Mattress Size And Dimensions

Diwan [72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″][84″x48″] [5″][6″][8″]
King[72″x72″][75″x72″][78″x72″][84″x72″] [5″][6″][8″]
CustomAvailable Available

4. Pressure Relief And Motion Transfer

Being great memory foam, the Wake Up Ortho memory foam can sense and shape itself to the individual body counters. It would be able to relive all kinds of pressure points. Furthermore, it will alleviate the stress throughout the whole body. 

The pressure-relieving memory foam mattress leads to an even bodyweight distribution. This is also a good quality and high-density gel memory foam mattress that is best suitable for back pain support. This mattress is the best one that is ultra-soft, comfortable, and provides great therapeutic benefits. 

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It is also quite a famous mattress and provides various kinds of health benefits and sound sleep. Also, the mattress contains various layers of foam that allow the mattress to retain pressure. Now when you are shifting while sleeping or making changes to the sleeping position or getting down from the bed, it will develop a motion transfer that no other person sleeping beside you can feel. This is the perfect mattress that shows less motion transfer.

5. Build Quality And Design

The Wake-Up Ortho memory foam mattress is created of high-quality memory foam. And that too, along with the latest technology. Frankly, this provides proper back support and allows you to enjoy deep and restful sleep easily.

The Wake-Up Ortho memory foam contains high foam density, leading to a high amount of durability and a longer lifetime. The firmer base would easily support your spine. The foam’s huge cell size is the best and provides excellent airflow and even helps you sleep cool.

6. Wake-Up Ortho Memory Foam Mattress Pricing Table

SizePrice On Wakeup StorePrice On Amazon
Double ₹7,849(72″x48″x5″)₹7,789(72″x42″x5″)
Queen 9,628(72″x60″x5″)₹13,480(72″x60″x5″)
King 11,407(72″x72″x5″)₹12,483(72″x70″x5″)
CustomAvailable Not Available

7. Comfort

Comfort is based on how much less the mattress gets pushed when you lie down. Here the better comfort you get is necessary. The Wake-Up mattress is breathable, and this makes it one of the most comfortable ones, and the open coil structure of the memory foam helps the free flow of air. This will make sure that you feel refreshed even during the warmest summer nights.

8. The Trial, Warranty, And Shipping Policies

The mattress has a trial period where you get 100 nights for checking and returning. The warranty is for ten years. Also, the shipping will be done right to your doorstep, which is free.

  • Price– The price range of the Ortho Memory foam is between Rs 6,249 and 14,800. 
  • Reliability – The mattress is well-built and quite comfortable. Also, it is available at a competitive price and contains a ten-year warranty.
  • Packaging – The mattress is packed in good and high-quality packaging material. You would have no issue in opening and getting the mattress in the firm and best quality.
  • Support – The Wake-Up Ortho method contains high-quality memory foam along with the latest technological innovation. This provides excellent back support and even engulfs one in its cocoon and brings you restful and deep sleep.
  • Certification – There is no certification available for the Wake-Up Ortho memory.
  • Suitable For – The mattress is suitable for people suffering from joint, back, and neck pain.
  • Customer Reviews – Amazon, Google, Wakefit – The customer review is 4 out of 5.

9. Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● It is one of the lightest mattresses.

● It is quite suitable for people suffering from back pain.

● The memory foam adjusts with your spinal cord.

The cons are – 

● The cover is not removable, so you can’t wash it if there is any stain.

● It is usable right on both sides; the memory foam is available only on one side.

10. Wrapping Up

Wake Up Ortho mattress is the best foam mattress that you might want to try out. It works great for older people and ones suffering from severe back pains. 

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