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Duroflex Vs Wakefit Mattress Comparison

Similarities And Differences – Duroflex Vs Wakefit


  • Both Wakefit and Duroflex come with a high level of edge support which provides enough resistance to the compression forces on the inner layers. This prevents sagging and depression of the products.
  • The zero motion disturbance property of both the mattress brands will enhance the peacefulness of your slumber, making sure you are not woken up by your partner’s constant turning and twisting.
  • Foam is the main material used for the construction of the mattresses from Duroflex and Wakefit.


  • Wakefit does not have any pocket spring mattress. But, under the categories of Duroflex, you will find some mattresses having the pocket spring construction like the Velocity Plus pocket spring Euro Top mattress or the Posture Perfect Pocket Spring orthopedic mattress. 
  • Latex and coir mattresses are not available in the Wakefit collection. On the other hand, Duroflex has a considerable collection of mattresses made from these two materials. 
  • Lastly, the Duroflex mattresses come with knitted fabric covers having seamless stitching at the edges. Considering the Wakefit Ergo and Ortho mattresses, you will have a removable zipper as the only outer cover layer. 

Firmness And Feel Differences

When we say how firm a mattress is, we usually define whether it’s soft or hard and by how much, measured on a scale of 1 to 10. It is very important to consider the firmness scale when buying a mattress since you wouldn’t want to get a product that isn’t suitable for your body problems. 


Wakefit has four different mattresses- Ortho, Dual Comfort, latex, and foam spring- each having different firmness levels. 

  1. Wakefit Ortho mattress needs to provide body support, so it has a firmness ranging between 7 to 8.5 approx.
  2. In the Dual Comfort mattress, one side has a firmness of around 7 and is a bit harder. The other side has around 5.5 levels of firmness which makes it quite soft for the sleepers. 
  3. The Latex Wakefit mattress is soft, with the firmness ranging between 3 to 4. 
  4. As for the foam spring mattress, its firmness level can be marked between 4.5 to 6, thanks to the foam layer, which acts as a spring. 

As for the feel, all four mattresses have smooth upper lining covers, which feel amazing against your skin. If you are worried about the surface becoming hot faster, do not take tension as the mattresses have enough air pockets for regulating the ventilation. 


As for Duroflex, you will get the mattresses based on different firmness levels- soft, medium, and firm. 

  1. Duroflex Back Magic Orthopedic coir mattress and Tatva Natural latex and coir mattresses are firm, having a firmness range between 7 to 9. 
  2. With an average firmness of 4.5 to 7, Pulse memory foam mattress, Balance orthopedic memory foam mattress, Edge dual-sided foam mattress, Endure spring mattress, and others have medium softness. 
  3. If you are looking for soft mattresses, Kaya Chemical Free natural latex mattress and Rise Spring soft mattress are the ideal choices with a range of 3 to 5. 

All the mattresses from Duroflex are quite suitable for any sleeper. Moreover, as the top cover is made from breathable knitted fabric, you won’t have to tolerate an ounce of discomfort, no matter how much time you spend on the bed. 

Construction Differences


Wakefit mattresses are made from foam mainly. Two different kinds of foams are used in mattress construction.

  • The top layer is made from memory foam infused with micro white gel molecules. 
  • As a support layer, the mattresses have either latex or HR foam layer, which adds firmness to the products. 


Duroflex mattress has four different material construction options for the mattress. 

  • Memory foam, latex, rubberized coir, Bonnel spring, and pocket spring act as the comfort layer for the mattresses, which are the prime materials. 
  • High Resilience and hard foam are present to add support to the products, which also play an important role in increasing the products’ durability.

Duroflex Vs Wakefit – Performance Differences

Temperature Regulation Has HAT technologyNormal ventilation system
Motion Transfer Can prevent with pocket springsUnable to prevent
DurabilityHighly durableMedium durable
Edge SupportPresentPresent
NoiseSpring mattress can make small noisesNo
  • Temperature Regulation
    It is very important to consider how a mattress is regulating the top surface temperature. After all, you would never want to wake up, all drenched in sweat during the middle of the night. That is why the Wakefit mattresses are made with enough air pockets that allow the air to circulate through the mattress layers with ease. As ventilation is maintained in the products, the surface temperature will remain cold even after you sleep in the same position for a long time.

    As for the Duroflex mattresses, a special Heat Absorption Technology has been included in their products. With the help of the HAT, your body heat will get absorbed by the mattress layer, thereby ensuring your skin is cold throughout the night, and you can sleep comfortably.
  • Motion transfer
    Since neither a pocket spring layer is present in the Wakefit mattresses nor the foam layers have zero partner disturbance technology, you will be able to feel your partner’s movements with every turn and twist.

    As for the Duroflex mattresses, you have the pocket spring mattresses. In these products, each spring has a separate, individual component. Hence, when pressure is applied from the top, only those springs are compressed where the force is applied. Therefore, it is not relayed to the surrounding areas, which is why you won’t be able to feel your partner’s motion, even if you are a light sleeper.
  • Edge support
    Both the mattresses have a high level of edge support which prevents sagging or depression of the mattress layers under heavy pressure. This is why the products usually last longer than other brands.
  • Durability
    Considering the durability factor of the mattresses, Wakefit has a medium range of durability as the products are mainly made from foam layers. However, in the case of the Duroflex mattresses, the durability is enhanced by numerous support layers like the rubberized coir, hard foam, High Resilience foam, and others.
  • Noise
    As no spring is present in the Wakefit mattress, no noise will be made, even if you constantly twist and turn till you find the perfect position to sleep in. The Duroflex mattress, on the other hand, has a spring layer in some products, which is why it will generate a small level of noise.

Mattress Policies

  • Shipping
    Both the Duroflex and Wakefit mattresses offer free shipping to all the pin codes in India. No matter how much distance is present between the warehouse and your house, no surcharges will be added to the final bill when purchasing the mattress.
  • Trial period
    A 100-day trial period is offered for both the Duroflex and Wakefit mattresses which will help you to use the product for days and judge whether it is ideal to meet your requirements or not.
  • Returns
    If you return the products within the first 100-days of the trial period, you will be given a 100% refund. However, suppose you return the mattress from either Duroflex or Wakefit after the trial period. In that case, refunds will be made based on the warranty policies.
  • Warranty
    Wakefit offers a warranty of 10 years on all of its four mattresses- Ortho, Dual Comfort, latex, and foam spring. On the other hand, the Duroflex mattresses have a varying warranty, ranging from 5 years to 10 years maximum based on the product you are choosing. 

Duroflex Vs Wakefit – Which One Is Better?

To judge which particular brand is better, you need to consider several aspects. In the below section, we have given you certain recommendations based on real-life observations. 

  1. If you want to buy soft mattresses where you can cuddle with the bed, the Wakefit brand is ideal because their mattresses have high levels of softness. 
  2. For providing more back support to your spine and the surrounding muscles, choosing the Duroflex brand is ideal as they have numerous products with firmness ranging between 5 to 9. 
  3. Wakefit mattresses have lesser durability, and hence buying the Duroflex products will be ideal if durability is your main judging factor. 
  4. If you are looking for mattresses with long warranty periods, go with the Wakefit mattresses as they come with 10 years of warranty. 

Who should buy Duroflex? And who should buy Wakefit?

People looking for soft mattresses should go with the Wakefit brand as their mattresses have all-foam construction and are extremely soft.

On the other hand, if your main aim is to correct your sleeping postures and have the maximum level of body support, choose the Duroflex mattresses. 


  1. Can we use a Wakefit mattress on both sides?

    Yes, the Dual Comfort and the latex mattresses come with a reversibility feature. Hence, you can reverse the mattress to enjoy the added level of firmness on the opposite side. This will not only allow the mattress to last longer but also help in the prevention of sagging of the internal layers.

  2. How long does a Wakefit mattress last?

    There is no fixed time for which the Wakefit mattresses will last. It completely depends on the way you are using it. For example, suppose you are bending the mattress or rolling it. In that case, the foam layers will develop cracks and splits, which will reduce the longevity of the products. Similarly, if you are not cleaning the top cover of the bedding products, a bad smell will start to come out of the mattresses.

  3. Is a Wakefit mattress good for back pain?

    To reduce your chronic back pain or the one caused due to an injury, you can get the Wakefit Ortho mattress as it will help provide proper body support. In addition, the mattress also provides proper body posture, which will reduce soreness and stiffness in your joints the next day.

  4. What are the various firmness levels of Duroflex mattresses?

    The Duroflex mattresses vary a lot in terms of firmness levels. You have soft mattresses with a firmness level varying between 3 to 5. The medium-hard mattresses have 4.5 to 7 firmness levels. As for the hard mattresses, the firmness ranges between 7 to 9. 

  5. Is a Duroflex mattress good for back pain?

    Yes, for reducing back pain, you can get the Duroflex orthopedic mattress. They are firm and come with an HR foam layer which provides the ideal body support your spine needs to maintain its shape and functioning. 

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