Best Mattress for Heavy People India 2021

Best Mattress For Heavy People India
(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

The body type contributes a lot when you are planning to invest in the best mattress. The body type of heavy people is different, and so it is the need for a mattress. People with heavy builds should be careful while investing in the best mattress. A random or regular mattress can do more harm to their body than good. 

A big person should look for the best Indian mattress, which is comfortable and supports their big body. Mattress, for heavy people, should have all the needful support and the right blend of materials to provide much-needed support.

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Best Mattress for Heavy People

If you are big and tall, you must invest in a high-quality mattress that can accommodate you. A quality mattress is a must for sleep and a peaceful mind. The mattress need varies a bit; hence check for the mattress, which caters to your body size, weight, and durable. 

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Factors That Are Important for A Heavy Person 

The need for heavy people is different; hence you must check the below-mentioned factors before finalizing the best mattress for heavy people. 

Construction and Durability

The size of the mattress for heavy people plays a significant role in providing adequate comfort. If you are an alone sleeper or sleep with your partner, it must invest in a well-built mattress.

Make sure the full mattress provides you enough room to sleep and turn. The dimension and thickness also should not be ignored. A poor- and low-quality mattress can lead to body ache and muscular ache. 


A well supportive mattress is the key to get peaceful sleep and get much-needed comfort from aches. Invest in a highly supportive mattress if you are big; it helps to align the spine during sleep properly.

The material with resilience is the best choice. A good quality foam layer is an added benefit if you are heavy. The body will sink less, and the mattress will provide more firmness. 


Do not buy a too thick or too thin mattress. The thicker mattress may not contour your body well. Whereas the situation is the same with a thin mattress, it may lead to improper spine alignment. Opt for a medium-thick mattress to offer much-needed comfort. 


Go for a medium or medium-firm mattress to provide rest to your body. A medium-firm mattress suffers support to the hips, shoulders, necks, backs, and spine while you rest. It does not completely skin with your body and reduces muscle ache.


The mattress should be well layered to offer comfort and breathability while you sleep and relax your body. A layered mattress is a must for heavy breathability. The mattress is ideal for a plus-sized initial. The layers like memory foam gel, coir ensures the airflow is adequate, and your spine is aligned while you sleep. 

Cooling Properties

The heavy people sweat a lot and invest in a mattress that ensures breathability and airflow; a coil mattress, the memory foam mattress is the best option if you are looking to invest in a mattress with good cooling properties. 

Edge Support

Big people need additional support, and the mattress edge should be sturdy. Heavy people take up more space in the best, and if the edge is not strong, they may feel like falling from the edge. 

Weight Limit

Look for the mattress, which can hold the upper weight limit. Invest in the only mattress designed for the heavy sleeper. The limit can go high up to 1000 pounds.

Sleeping position

Based on the sleep position, look for a medium-firm or a thicker mattress. It is a must if you prefer to sleep on the stomach. The sleep position affects the quality of the mattress.

Delivery and Mattress Setup

It is best to pick a readily assembled mattress for quick usage. The delivery should be on time, and the after-sales services also should be best. 

Temperature Regulation

There is a different mattress option for warm and cool sleepers. Based on your body type, temperature, climatic condition, invests in a mattress for heavy people, which regulates temperature. There should be proper airflow and heat resistance.

Additional Factors for Big and Tall Sleepers 

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the additional pointers should be considered while investing in a mattress if you are big. 

Bed in a Box Mattress Options

The bed in a box mattress is a sturdy choice; it gives durability about the mattress life better. With a box mattress, you get much-needed support and comfort while you rest your body on the mattress. The box ensures the entire weight is not sinks inside the mattress; the mattress’s sagging chances are pretty less. 

Policies for Online Beds

While purchasing the mattress for heavy people online, always double-check the warranty period. You must take especially care about the return policies too. If you are not happy with the mattress or the quality, you should check for the trial period. 

Rotating the Mattress

The mattress should not be too heavy; if you are tall and heavy, you can consider rotating the matters for comfortable sleep. The body is well-aligned when you invest in a firm mattress. 

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are the best investment that protects the mattress from sagging and gives additional support to the mattress. Invest in a mattress topper, which is breathable and sturdy.

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What we won’t Recommend for Overweight People  

A mattress which is too firm and thin is generally not suitable for overweight people. Investing in just a thin layer of mattress from a local brand can do more harm to your body. 

What Type of Mattress is Best for a Heavy Sleeper? 

A mattress with quail foam is suitable for proper body alignment and to relieve the spinal cord. The mattress should wear couture to your body well and also should provide breathability while you sleep. Here are the most common mattress types for big people.


The innerspring mattress uses coils at the bottom, which provides support at night and is also responsible for proper spine alignment. 


A latex mattress is one of the ideal choices for the heavy sleeper; the mattress with latex material is bouncy and supportive. The best part is, a latex mattress is eco-friendly and gives a cushiony feeler. 

Memory Foam

The memory foam mattress is a soft but firm choice. Based on body weight, you can opt for the best form of density. Memory foam trap body heat, but the fabric is breathable and offers balance and comfort. 


A hybrid mattress works as a combining of 2 or more mattresses to provide support and comfort to your body. The firm coil ensures perfect contouring of the body and is ideal for heavy sleepers.    

10 Best Mattress for Heavy People India 2021

1. Springtek Dreamer Bonell Spring 6-Inch Single Bed Spring Mattress

Springtek Dreamer Bonnel is the cheapest and best mattress for heavy people in the Indian market.


Bonell springs

Springtek mattress has been designed using 2.4mm wire, sourced by one of India’s best steel wire manufacturers. To provide a higher life cycle period and extra comfort to your night, the mattress has been made of Bonell spring supported with foam.

Firm comfort

This mattress offers maximum spine support; the rigid yet flexible core offers the right support for your back.

Foam encasement

This mattress will let you sleep to the edge of the mattress without sagging or the rolling off feeling.

Premium materials

Springtek does not use any second-grade material on their mattress; to ensure durability, premium quality materials have been used to design his mattress.

Bed for the whole family

Springtek offers the mattresses in a different range, which will face every individual’s requirement in your family.




Not a sturdy choice

2. Furny Reversible Hybrid Mattress

Furny Reversible Hybrid Mattress provides the best sleep, and the moisture wicking technology prevents odor and increases breathability.



The top layer of the mattress has been designed with premium and high-density foam; it will easily adapt to your body shape and size to provide pressure relief.

Zero interaction

Furny mattress offers you a delightful sleep by greatly reducing the partner’s disturbance.

Smooth surface

A piece of soft, breathable fabric gives you a plush and comfortable sleeping surface.

Strengthen support

This mattress has been designed by keeping the support and comfort in the mind, and it provides sufficient support for your spine. This mattress is also ideal for stomach sleepers.

Compatible with all frames

Whether it is a box spring, platform, adjustable, floor, or traditional frame, whatever it is, the Furny mattresses are compatible with all the frames and bases.

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Breathable fabric
Zero partner disturbance
Super comfortable


Quality is average

3. Peps Springkoil Bonnell 6-inch Single Size Spring Mattress

Peps Springkoil is one of the best mattresses for heavy people in India. The price is affordable, and the quality is nice.


Reversible Mattress

To ensure the maximum comfort with the long-lasting duration, the mattress has been designed to be used on both sides, and it gives comfort as new.

Moderately Soft

This mattress has been designed with the Bonell springs, which offer the perfect support for your back, and the moderately soft feel will give you a peaceful sleep..

Rejuvenating PU Foam

The rejuvenating PU foam layer will provide you the sufficient comfort to the body contours while relieving the pressure points. 


The way that the mattress has been designed will give you the maximum comfort and help you have the best sleep experience.

Flexible and Stable

The premium design and build quality of this mattress made this mattress as stable yet flexible.

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Flexi-firm support
Great feel


Spring is not durable

4. Amore International Medico Eurotop 8 inch Bonelll Spring Mattress

Amore International Medico mattress provides real relief to the pressure points, and the density is softer.


Euro top design mattress

This mattress tends to have a cleaner look and more supportive than the regular mattresses. It comes with no flip technology, which gives more comfort for you.

Superior HR foam

This mattress uses the best in class premium foam; these foam are highly breathable with anti-sag technology, giving support and comfort year after year.

Premium knitted fabric

This mattress has a high quality of quilting fabric, and it is less prone to shrinkage.

Bonell springs

The Amore mattress has been designed with the high-quality heat-treated Bonelll innerspring, which is durable and supportive for a longer time.

Variety of layers

The Amore mattress has nearly nine layers; each layer has its benefit, and overall, it results in a delightful sleep.


High-quality fabric
Extra comfort
Nine layers


Low-quality stitching

5. Boston Basics 6 Inch Bonelll Spring Double Size Mattress

Boston Basics 6 Inch Bonelll is a double-sized spring mattress which is available for an affordable cost. The breathable fabric makes sleep peaceful.


Multiple layers

The Boston basics have been designed with multiple layers which will give you a unique sleep experience.

Knitted quilted fabric

This mattress is covered with a unique quilted cover, which includes an inch of cushion foam to offer exceptional comfort and coziness.

Air ventilation

The foam in this mattress breathes because of the air between the open cell structure for better cooling and ventilation.

Body support and ergonomics

The mattress has been designed to offer excellent support for your body when you are sleeping. It helps in relieving stress from the spine, hips, neck, and shoulder.


The premium materials have been used in this mattress to ensure the durability of the mattress.


Easy maintenance
Premium material
Maximum comfort


Spring is not durable. 

6. Wake-Up 8 Inch Medium Firm King Size Pocket Spring Mattress

Wake-Up 8-inch Medium Firm King is a spring mattress suitable for big people and needs to provide much-needed rest to the back.


Dual Comfort

To match everyone’s preferences, the mattress has been designed in a way that can be used on a dual side: one side will be firm, and another side will be soft.


This mattress is designed to give a solution for chronic back pain and joint pain.

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Air ventilation technology

The mattress’s air ventilation technology will help the mattress be hygiene and clean from dust mites, fungus, etc.

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The mattress has been made with the air mesh fabric and other advanced technology to ensure breathability.

Even support

The premium foam encasement of the mattress will give you even support on all the mattress places.


Multiple layers
Zero partner disturbance
Ideal for all


Firmness is high

7. Corfit 6 Inch Ortho Bonelll Spring Queen Size Mattress

The Coirfit is an ideal choice if you want to invest in the best mattress; it comes with a seven-year warranty and aligns the spinal cords and neck.



The Doctors recommended the Corfit mattress for chronic backache, joint pain, neck pain, etc.


This mattress comes with a breathable fabric, which will result in a great sleeping experience, and it regulates your body temperature.

Durable and Comfort

The core values of the Cofrit mattress are durability and comfort, and it never missed to provide those. The premium design and material will give you maximum comfort and extra durable.

Unrivaled luxury

The mattress comes with the maximum luxury, and you will get the best and luxurious sleep with the Corfit mattress.

Versatile style

It comes with various styles and variations, making it easy for you to choose the best mattress for you and your family.


Extra support and comfort
Advanced sleep technology
Ergonomic design


The back alignment is not perfect.

8. Kurl-on Dream Sleep 6 Inch King Size Spring Mattress

The Kingsize mattress from Kurl-on Dream is a perfect choice if you are tall and heavy. You can experience comfortable sleep in all positions.


Kurlopedic technology

The advanced technologies added in the Kurl-on mattress will help you get rid of dust mites, microbes, fungus, the bed bug, etc.

Dream sleep

The thick, PU foam layer of the mattress will maximize the sleeping surface for you, especially if it offers you the dream sleep you wanted.

Bonelll spring

The high tensile Bonelll spring in the mattress will give you everything in extra, like extra comfort, extra support, and especially extra durability.


The mattress’s breathable fabric will extract the extra heat from your body, and it gives you the ultra-fresh sleep.

Highly durable

The springs encased with the Thermo bond will prevent the rupturing of the layers in the mattress.

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Advanced technologies
Keeps you fresh
Extra comfort


Not suitable for back pain 

9. Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Plus Memory Foam Certified Hybrid Mattress

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex mattress offers dual comfort and is also an ideal choice if you are looking for a supportive mattress with nice cushioning.



The natural latex at the top of the mattress provides a cushion feel and ideal for back and joint pain.

No disturbance

The motion isolation feature of the mattress will keep you free from partner disturbances.


The 100% natural latex on the mattress will keep you healthy, and it is ideal to sleep on.


To ensure the durability, the mattress has been designed by combining latex and memory foam.


Pain relief
No sagging on the edges
Firm support


Tough to maintain

10. Durfi Mattress

Durfi Mattress Memory Foam is the best mattress pick for all the big people who don’t want the body to sink inside the mattress. It is crafted with perfection for heavy people.


Orthopedic mattress

It helps in curing with the back pain, and it provides spine support.

Antimicrobial technology

The antimicrobial technology will control the micro-organisms and give maximum hygiene & freshness.

Anti-bacterial knitted fabric

It is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, prevents dust mites, bed bugs, etc. It especially provides a soft touch to the skin.

Cotton candy memory foam

It is advanced than regular foam, which helps to divert the extra heat from your body.


Remains fresh and clean even after long use
Pressure relief
No tossing and turning


The portability is less


As mentioned above, the mattress is ideal for heavy people; you are assured of getting the best sleep without losing your comfort level. Make sure to take care of the mentioned pointers before making a final choice and invest in one of the Best Mattresses. 

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