5 Best Mattress In Chennai Climate

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Are you confused about choosing the best mattress for your home in Chennai? 

If yes, do not worry any further because here, in this forthcoming article, we will present the top five mattresses which have become popular in the Chennai market. Moreover, each mattress has different materials with a unique feature set. So, based on your requirement, you can choose the best mattress in Chennai without any hassle. 

Things to consider before buying an online mattress Chennai 

  1. Material: The first thing you need to consider is the material with which the mattress is made. For example, memory foam and PU foam are meant for comfort, but the HR foam is ideal for supporting your body weight. 
  2. Thickness: You need to choose an appropriate thickness based on the bed design and the total weight of the sleepers. 
  3. Breathability: The top layer of the mattress should be quilted or knitted with a high breathability rate so that the surface temperature can stay cold. 
  4. Durability: You need to make sure that the mattress you choose has high durability so that it doesn’t suffer from early sagging. 

Benefits of buying mattress online Chennai 

  1. The huge number of mattress options made with different materials 
  2. No roaming here and there in search of the best mattress 
  3. You can avail yourself discounts and promo codes for online purchases 

Top 3 Best Mattress In Chennai And Coimbatore Brands To Consider Buy Online

1. Sunidra® CR200 Orthopedic Coir Mattress


  1. 4” thickness
  2. Made from natural coir 
  3. Has a queen size 

If you are looking for an orthopaedic mattress but are not ready to sleep on a foam mattress, the Sunidra CR200 is the ideal choice. It will support your back muscles and the spine for better sleep. Moreover, as it will maintain the backbone’s posture, you won’t have to worry about soreness or stiffness in the bones.

With this product, you will be able to sleep comfortably at night, no matter what kind of sleeper you are. That’s one of the reasons why the product has become so popular in the market. Coming to the product’s construction, at the top, there is a Belgian knitted fabric that has a high breathability rate.

Hence it will maintain the surface temperature with ease. You won’t have to fret over having a hotbed surface which is a problem. Under this cover, there is a PU soft foam. It is made from polyurethane polymer and has a higher bounce as compared to other foam types. You can easily cuddle on the bed with no difficulty. 

The third layer is the core material made from natural coir. This material is obtained from the husk of the coconut fruit, and then the long fibres are coiled to enhance the density.

In this mattress, the coir used has high density and will support your body weight and the spine’s curvature with ease. Finally, the edge lining is covered with thick seam stitching for better longevity. 


  • Equipped with a highly breathable top and lower fabric 
  • Has proper edge support to increase the durability
  • Provides both comfort and support to the sleepers


  • It is not suitable for those having allergies from coir

2. Repose Eyelidz Pocketed Spring Mattress


  1. Has 8” thickness 
  2. Comes with an 8-year warranty 
  3. Has a spring construction 

When you are living with someone else and sleeping on the same bed, you would expect that your partner doesn’t become the cause of your irregular sleep pattern. But that is hardly possible for a normal mattress.

That’s the reason you need to have this pocket spring mattress product from Repose. The Eyelidz has become one of the best mattresses for couples who want to sleep without any disturbance due to each other’s movements. 

In this mattress, the top layer is formed with a ring-spun knitted fabric. Due to the knitting style, the pores between the material fibres are large enough to allow proper circulation of air through the outer layer.

Also, it maintains your skin’s health as the air circulation prevents the growth of mildew or mould in between the internal mattress layers. A soft PU foam is present, which provides the optimal level of comfort to the sleepers.

Since its thickness is low, the sagging rate has been decreased efficiently. Next to the PU foam is a cotton felt made from high GSM fabric. The cotton felt will absorb all the above shocks and impacts, thereby ensuring no harm comes to the spring coils. 

The final layer is made from pocket springs. Here, each high tension, stainless-steel coil is wrapped in individual pockets to distribute the pressure evenly once the sleeper lies on the bed. Also, as the spring coils aren’t connected, you won’t have to worry about motion flow due to your partner’s movement.


  • Has a highly breathable fabric 
  • Keeps the top surface cool and hygienic 
  • High-density cotton felt for absorbing the impacts


  • A very thin layer of the PU mattress 

3. MM FOAM Dual Harmony Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress


  1. Has a thickness of 6”
  2. Comes with 7-year warranty policies 
  3. Made from natural pin core latex 

If you want to buy a foam mattress with natural material as an add-on, the MM foam dual comfort mattress is ideal. From the name, you can understand that the mattress is made from two primary materials- latex and rebonded foam- both of which have different firmness levels.

Hence, based on your body requirement, you change the surface of the mattress and then sleep on it. For example, latex has medium firmness between 5 to 6. Therefore, it will provide better comfort for snuggling on the bed.

But suppose you consider the rebonded foam material. In that case, it is much firmer than the latex layer, and hence, it will help provide the proper support to the spine and maintain its posture.

Coming to the construction of the mattress, the top layer is made from a TENCEL fabric quilt, a patented material from the manufacturer. It is a bit thicker as compared to normal cotton but is highly breathable and also quite soft. So, you won’t have to deal with any discomfort while sleeping on this mattress. 

The second layer is made from Pincore latex, a natural material that won’t cause you any harm, especially to those slippers with sensitive skin. The PU foam layer acts as a transition layer between the medium-firm and firm layers present inside the mattress. Next to the PU foam layer is a thick rebonded foam covered with the same TENCEL fabric quilt. 


  • You can reverse it by using both sides 
  • Has a highly durable top cover with breathable edges
  • Has a lower sagging rate


  • Heavyweight latex mattress

Other Top 2 Best Mattresses To Consider Buy Online

4. SleepX Rebonded Foam Dual Comfort Mattress


  1. 5” thickness 
  2. Has a 3-year warranty 
  3. Comes with rebonded foam

If you want to have a mattress with which you can cuddle and use for getting rid of the back pain and tensed knots, this is the best product you can get in the market. With dual usable surfaces, you can use the mattress at your convenience so that you can have the most peaceful and cosy sleep.

At the top, you have the Softech quilt fabric, which is soft, breathable, and mild on your skin. So, even if you have sensitive skin, you won’t have to get concerned about allergies and rashes after sleeping on the mattress. 

In the second layer, you have an HR soft foam layer known for its quick response time, high bounce and softness. So, you can easily cuddle on the bed and sleep comfortably with the bounciness of the HR foam layer.

To support the HR foam layer, high-density hard foam includes more thickness than the two top layers. Due to high density, the fibres are packed tightly, and no air circulation will happen through this layer. It is also due to the HD foam that the opposite side of the mattress has a higher firmness level of above 7. 

It will support your spine and relieve the tensed knots from the trigger points in the back muscles. The edges are covered with the quilted fabric in a box-styled design to ensure that the inner layers are not sagging earlier than expected.


  • Comes with edge support 
  • Has a highly breathable top fabric 
  • You can use it in both ways


  • Difficult to manoeuvre due to heavyweight 

5. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress


  1. Has a 5” thickness 
  2. Made from memory foam 
  3. It is orthopedic in nature 

Suppose you want a mattress solely to reduce pressure on your backbone and alleviate the muscles’ aches. In that case, you should go with the Sleepyhead 3-layered mattress. Even though it has a complete foam construction, the internal layers have high firmness, ranging between 5 to 7.5, which is why the product is ideal for sleepers suffering from back problems, especially those related to the spine.

In addition, the top layer is made from a breathable fabric which will maintain the airflow through the mattress and keep it cool. Hence, you won’t have to deal with a hot surface, no matter the room temperature. 

The second layer is that of a comfort foam made from normal polyurethane material. It will help in making the mattress feel soft and soothing against your skin. Next to the comfort foam, you have a responsive memory foam that will help relieve pressure from all the trigger points in your back.

It has a slow response time which will help in eliminating soreness from your body completely. Finally, as a support layer, a high-density HR foam is present, ensuring that the mattress has a stable structure and there is no disturbance in the bedding material. 

For sleepers who usually sleep on their back or side, this is the ideal mattress you can buy in Chennai. Just make sure to get the right size according to your bed’s design. Also, handle the mattress with care if you don’t want to buy another one anytime soon. 


  • Has a hypoallergenic, breathable top layer 
  • Comes with edge support for better stability
  • Is highly durable 


  • It cannot use it on both sides 


In the above article, we have discussed the top five mattresses that you can buy from the Chennai market. All these mattresses have unique features which can make a choice more difficult.

That’s why we would recommend the Repose Eyelidz pocketed spring mattress. It will help in supporting your body in a better way and prevent motion flow.

Our second choice will be the MM foam dual harmony hybrid natural latex mattress which came with a latex and rebonded foam layer that it can use on both sides. 


  1. Which is the best mattress for Chennai climate? 

    Since Chennai has a humid climate, it’s best to buy a mattress with a high ventilation rate like the Repose Eyelidz pocketed spring mattress or the Sleepyhead 3-layered orthopaedic memory foam mattress. 

  2. Is it safe to buy a mattress online in Chennai?

    Yes, it is completely safe to buy a mattress online in Chennai. Just make sure you are aware of the return policies in case you receive a damaged product.

  3. Which mattress is an affordable price online, Chennai?

    There are several mattresses available within an affordable budget in Chennai. But if you buy foam mattresses, they are much cheaper as compared to other mattresses.

  4. Why is online shopping the best way to buy a mattress in Chennai?

    With online shopping, you won’t have to visit the store in person. Also, the purchase process is quite easy, and you will have many options to choose from. 

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