Centuary Vs Kurlon Mattress

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Two of the most popular Indian mattress brands that have always been in the limelight are Centuary and Kurlon.

These two brands have introduced several mattresses over the years, starting from rubberized coir mattresses to orthopaedic ones.

Therefore, one can consider the competition between these two brands to be suffocating, albeit in a good way. 

So, are you conflicted in choosing which brand’s mattress will be the ideal choice for you? 

If yes, then do not worry any further!

In the coming discussion, we will shed light on several factors that will help you conclude the Centuary VS Kurlon competition results.

As a result, you will gain more clarity and be able to know more about their mattresses and the types of technologies they use. 

1. Similarities And Differences: Centuary Vs Kurlon?


  • Both the brands have mattresses with varying firmness levels, ideal for different types of sleepers. 
  • The knitted fabric cover is present in the products of both Kurlon and Centuary. 
  • Special orthopedic mattresses with HR foam and increased firmness are present for those who want relief from back pain. 


  • In the Kurlon, no special cooling technology is present, whereas the Centuary Sleepables are made from a special green gel memory foam layer for temperature regulation. 
  • Centuary offers a 10-years warranty on most of the products, but Kurlon offers 4 years to 7 years warranty on average. 
  • In Kurlon, you will find a pure coir mattress with no other material which is not present in the Centuary mattress collection. 

2. Firmness And Feel Differences 

The first point of difference we will discuss is based on the firmness and feel of the mattress. Firmness defines how comfortable the mattress is, or in better words, how soft or hard the product is. Usually, the firmness is marked on a scale of ten, which we will discuss further.

In the Centuary mattress collection, you will find firmness ranging from soft to extra firm, depending on the specific mattress you are choosing.

For example. Centuary Enigma is soft, but the Centuary Bubble is an extra firm mattress. Considering the Kurlon mattresses, their firmness level ranges from soft to medium-firm. Kalamkari Kurlon mattress is known for its extra softness, while Spinekare Kurlon mattress is quite firm.

As far as the feel is concerned, both the mattress brands have ensured that their products can offer maximum comfort and snugness to the sleepers. Irrespective of the inner material construction, the jacket material is made from soft cotton or knitted fabric. This further makes the mattresses breathable, which is why you can sleep comfortably without feeling any discomfort.

3. Material Construction Differences 

Let’s consider the material construction of both the Centuary and Kurlon brand. They use different materials in ensuring that each product can live up to the expectations of the users.

Centuary Mattress Material Collection

  1. In the coir mattresses, the rubberized coir forms the main support layer of the product. To provide comfort, a PU foam quilt or ortho foam is added. The outer jacket usually is made from polyester or cotton fabric.
  2. In the foam mattresses, different foam layers are present. At the lowermost part, you will have the hard foam, which acts as the base. Next to it, you will have the memory foam or the rebonded foam or the HR foam layer, which forms the core material. The second layer is sometimes absent from some foam mattresses but is made from memory or PU quilted foam. These mattresses are covered with cotton or knitted fabric.
  3. Considering the spring mattress collection, you will have both the Bonnell springs and the Pocketed Spring mattresses. These springs act as the main or the core layer, and Centuary has added foam or rubberized layer for adding comfort.

Kurlon mattress material collection

Centuary Vs Kurlon Mattress 1
Centuary Vs Kurlon Mattress 2
Centuary Vs Kurlon Mattress 3
  1. Looking at the coir mattress collection, you will have two options- pure coir and hybrid constructions. In the pure coir mattress, rubberized coir is the only layer present in the mattress with a quilted fabric that forms the outer jacket. But in the hybrid coir mattresses, you can see coir layers and foam present in between and act as comfort layers. 
  2. In the foam mattress collection, you will get five different mattresses. However, each one of them has a similar type of material construction. Memory foam forms the upper layer, followed by a High Resilience or bonded foam layer. In the lowermost portion, you will have a hard PU foam acting as the base. 
  3. Kurlon has added three mattresses with pocket spring technology having the MSI technology and two products made from the Bonnell spring layers. Since it can be quite uncomfortable to sleep only on a spring layered bedding, you will have options to choose from memory foam or a PU-quilted foam comfort layer. The top jacket is formed with a breathable knitted fabric. 

4. Centuary Vs Kurlon: Performance Differences

Temperature regulation Natural ventilation through air pocketsGreen gel memory foam 
Motion Transfer Can prevent motion transfer Is able to prevent motion transfer
Edge supportAverage edge supportWell-defined edge support
DurabilityHighly durable Highly durable
Noise No No
  • Temperature Regulation: Centuary has introduced a special mattress collection named Sleepables. These mattresses are normal, just like others, having a coir layer or foam construction. However, there’s a difference that comes in the form of GreenGel foam technology. It’s a cooling foam layer that always keeps the mattresses surface cool, although the room temperature is high. So, besides having several ventilation pockets, the Sleepables are ideal temperature regulating mattresses that you can find in the market.

    On the other hand, Kurlon hasn’t introduced any such special technology yet. However, all their mattresses, be it the Magnum coir mattress or the Convenio foam mattress, have several ventilation pockets. These allow increased airflow through various mattress layers, thereby ensuring that you sleep comfortably on a cool bedding surface. 
  • Motion transfer: Irrespective of the brand we are talking about, not all mattresses can prevent motion transfer from one point to the other. When pressure is applied on the surface, the below foam, coir, or spring layers relays that incident pressure to the surrounding areas. However, if we consider the pocketed spring mattresses, motion transfer is out of the picture.

    Here, the single springs are enclosed in individual pockets. Hence, even if you put pressure on one point, it wouldn’t be relayed to the surrounding areas. That’s why if you sleep on the pocketed spring mattress like the Angelica Box Top from Kurlon or the Hexa from Centuary, you won’t get disturbed by someone moving beside you.
  • Edge support: Edge support is essential for the mattresses as it forms a protective cover around the inner layers and prevents them from sagging. In the Kurlon mattresses, the edge supports are present, but they aren’t well defined, well not unless you are buying the pure coir mattresses. If you trace the support lines, you can find them being very slender in dimensions.

    On the other hand, in most of the Centuary mattresses, the edge supports are well-defined, with the lining being quite thick. This helps in preventing the inner foam or coir layers from getting compressed over time. 
  • Durability: If we consider the durability, both the Kurlon and Centuary mattresses are durable and have a long life which is why they have been recognized as the best mattress brands in India.
  • Noise: No product from the Centuary brand will make noise on twisting and turning after lying down on the mattresses. This is because almost all their products have foam as the comfort layer, absorbing the squeaking noises. However, considering the product range of Kurlon, they have pure rubberized coir mattresses which come without any foam layer. Hence, these mattresses can make a little noise.
  • Warranty info: Both Kurlon and Centuary provide a warranty of 10 years maximum on their products. However, they don’t provide a flat 10-years of warranty on all the products as you can find Kurlon Magnum having 5 years warranty and the Relish Pillow Top mattress having 7 years of warranty. Similarly, if we consider Centuary mattresses, the Endurance Pro has a warranty period of 7 years while Centuary Dr.Sleep orthopaedic mattress having only 3 years of warranty. 

5. Mattress Policies 

  • Shipping: Both the brands provide free shipping of the mattresses to any part of India, provided your city has a dealer. In addition, no charge will be levied on the total purchase bill for shipping. 
  • Trial Period: Centuary mattresses have a trial period of 30 days. But you must register the complaint within the next 48 hours of product delivery. Any complaint lodged beyond this time limit will be considered and acted upon as per the warranty rules.

    As for Kurlon, you have 365 days as the trial period where the first 110 days of usage will be free. But after the 110th day, you will be charged a fee of INR 5 for single mattresses ad INR 20 for the double sizes per day till you return the product within the trial period. 
  • Returns: You can return the mattresses within 30 days from the date of delivery of the product for both Centuary and Kurlon. 
  • Warranty: While returning the mattresses, the products must be within the warranty period. Also, after a complaint is raised against any defect in the mattress from both Kurlon and Centuary, you will do an investigation to check whether the defect is covered within the warranty period or not. 

6. Centuary VS Kurlon – Which Is Better?

If we play by the book, both Kurlon and Centuary are ideal brands for high-quality mattresses. But, it would be best to consider the feature sets and the pros and cons to decide whether you want to choose Centuary or Kurlon.

For example, let’s consider foam mattresses. Kurlon will be the better option since the firmness is high, and all five mattresses come with HR or bonded foam that enhances the bounciness. But, on the other hand, if you are looking for ortho mattresses, Centuary will be the best choice. 

7. Who should buy Centuary and Kurlon?

No hard and fast rule will decide who can buy the Centuary mattress or buy the Kurlon. Instead, based on your set of requirements, you need to choose the brand that will cater to your needs the most.  


  1. Which mattress is more affordable, the Centuary or Kurlon?

    Centuary mattress is more affordable than Kurlon since it comes with several options to choose from while the latter lacks.  

  2. How long does a mattress last, the Centuary or Kurlon? 

    The longevity of the mattress will depend on the usage of the product. But yes, Kurlon mattresses are more long-lasting in comparison to the Centuary mattresses. 

  3. Which is the best for back pain, the Centuary or Kurlon?

    Centuary mattresses will be better for reducing back pain because most of them have less bounciness and more firmness. 

  4. Which mattress sleeps cooler, the Centuary or Kurlon?

    Centuary Sleepables are ideal for those who want to sleep on cold surfaces and don’t want to sweat due to the increased temperature of the mattress. 

  5. Which is better for hot sleepers, the Centuary or Kurlon? 

    For hot sleepers, Kurlon is the ideal choice as the temperature regulation is dependent on the ventilation. So, if you block the air passage, the surface will get warmer for the time being. 

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