SleepX Vs Wakefit Mattress

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1. Similarities and Differences: SleepX Vs Wakefit?

SleepX and Wakefit are the top mattress manufacturing companies and provide the best mattress to enjoy, but both are not similar. 

Some of the Similarities are:


  • Both have air circulation technology and does not allow the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • Both mattresses provide great comfortable sleep and capture the body temperature. 
  • You can avail yourself of dual comfort mattresses from both these brands. 


  • SleepX mattress provides two Gel Foam mattress layers, whereas Wakefit provides only one memory foam layer.

Well, here in this article, we have provided you a full explanation of SleepX Vs Wakefit mattresses. So, you can choose the mattress that you have been searching for.

Once you finish reading the whole similarities and differences, you will know what should meet your requirements. So, without wasting time, let’s jump in. 

2. Firmness And Feel Differences

Similarities of Firmness and Feel

  • SleepX mattress and Wakefit have the best Orthopedic Technology layers that work like magic for back pain and give the best comfortable sleep.
  • You can understand the feel by looking at both the products covered with knitted fabric, which will feel smooth and cozy against your skin. Both provide great comfort and allow air circulation and help to keep the surface cool. 

Difference of Firmness and Feel

  • SleepX mattress has the next-gen memory foam, and memory foam technology provides the ultimate comfort. Whereas, Wakefit provides medium firmness since it needs to support the body and reduce back pain. 
  • In SleepX, the top layer protects the Neem Fresche that gives a soothing effect to the skin, makes the covers breathable. And allows the air to circulate properly within the mattress layers and your skin. Thereby keeping the temperature under control and giving the best sleep. 
  • Whereas in Wakefit, there is no special layer but is made with high-quality fabric with high-quality stitches. 

3. Mattress Construction Differences 

SleepX and Wakefit mattresses have a high-quality knitted fabric, but the only difference is that Wakefit provides zipper technology for easy cleanup, but Wakefit does not provide that. 

SleepX mattress also contains High-Density Foam with Memory foam technology that gives a good amount of support. The memory foam present in this also gives the best support and comfort.

Due to the Neem Fresche technology, this mattress protects you from the ultimate disturbance and maintains hygiene and freshness very well.

The SleepX cool gel mattress top layer is made of gel beads that help you get a cooler surface and allows proper sleep. 

Wakefit mattress, a user can enjoy the best amount of coziness due to the memory foam layers and the soft foam layers.

Wakefit also provides a latex and HR foam layer that gives the best support. Support layers ensure that the soft top layers are protected in the best possible way from a compression force.

The HR and Latex foam technology act as the supportive framework for the mattress. The use of High-Resilience foam makes the mattresses bouncy and will help in stabilizing the bedding material. 

4. SleepX Vs Wakefit Performance

FeatureWakefit SleepX
Temperature regulationWakefit mattresses have top covers made from high GSM breathable fabric. Therefore, no hindrance will be there in temperature regulation. In the SleepX mattresses, the top surface is infused with Neem Fresche. It acts as a natural coolant and offers more comfort. Moreover, one of their products also has cooling gel-infused foam that will help in heat absorption. 
Motion transferThese mattresses are made from foams having a firmness of above 5.5. With high density and viscosity, the motion transfer has been neutralized. Therefore, you can sleep like a baby, no matter how much your partner will twist and turn. As for SleepX, motion transfer may happen but only to a limited extent. 
Edge supportNo mattresses from Wakefit have edge support. Therefore, the sides may sag earlier in comparison to the centre. Similarly, in the SleepX mattresses also, you won’t find any edge support feature. 
DurabilityThe Wakefit mattresses are also durable but lesser in comparison to that of SleepX. These mattresses are highly durable since they are made from high-quality materials. Moreover, their foams are denser and can resist the compression forces from above easily. 
Noise In the Wakefit mattresses too, you won’t have to deal with noise. So, your sleep won’t be disturbed by the sounds a spring mattress usually makes. No noise will come from the mattresses since the core materials are made from foam and no spring. 
  • Temperature Regulation: Both SleepX and Wakefit mattresses have a top layer that has breathability and performs proper air circulation, and gives good quality sleep. Wakefit is a little better as it has 7-zonal foam and allows great air circulation. SleepX mattress contains Airmesh Fabric that allows good control of the temperature. 
  • Motion TransferUnfortunately, both Wakefit and SleepX both do not contain Motion transfer available in them. Whenever additional pressure falls in the mattress, it will create a shape and understand the present. 
  • Edge SupportWakefit mattress contains Edge support, whereas the Sleep mattress does not contain that. In the Wakefit mattress, if you sit on the edges, you can feel the support, and you will not fall, whereas in the SleepX mattress, you should avoid giving pressure to the edge. 
  • DurabilityBoth mattresses are highly durable and can be used for a longer period. This mattress from different brands contains anti-sagging properties and does not sag. In Wakefit, it has a high anti-sagging property that protects the mattress even if the compression force is high.
  • NoiseBoth Wakefit and SleepX mattresses do not make any noise while using as both are made up of foam mattresses, and there is the scope of having noise creations.

5. Mattress Policies

  • Shipping: Both the mattress can be shipped over to India without any hustle and provides free shipping. Wakefit mattress also ships outside India but does not offer any return. 
  • Trail Period: According to the policies of both the brands, Wakefit provides a 100 days trial period, and SleepX both provide a 100 nights trial period from the date of purchase.  
  • ReturnsIn Wakefit mattress, you can return any mattress within 100 days, and in SleepX mattress, you can perform the same from the date of purchasing. Both the brands have customer executives who will perform the easy return after the proper check-up. 
  • Warranty  Wakefit has a 10 year of warranty whereas SleepX provides 3 years of warranty, but there are some rules that include, the product should not be torn, or contain any bad smell. In simple words, it should not be damaged due to careless usage.

6. Pricing Comparison

6.1 SleepX Mattress

SizesPriceCheck Price
Single₹4,729 – ₹6,699Check Price
Double₹5,829 – ₹7,599Check Price
Queen₹8,999 – ₹9,799Check Price
King₹7,714 – ₹10,699Check Price

6. SleepX Vs Wakefit – Which Is Better?

Both mattresses are good, but every brand provides different kinds of facilities to individuals, and you can decide on the mattress according to your requirements.

For instance, if you are thinking of SleepX, then you will not get a huge amount of varieties to choose from, but in Wakefit, you can find a variety of mattresses.

Similarly, you can find both the SleepX Ortho mattress and Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress in the case of treating orthopedics. This is because both are affordable in price and maintain a good amount of hygiene.

In addition, you can get a dual comfort mattress from both brands and enjoy both the firm and soft sides of the same mattress. Read more on SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress Review and Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress Review.

7. Who Should Buy SleepX? Who Should Buy Wakefit?

SleepX mattress is the great mattress provider from the house of the Sheelafoam, who are the makers of the Sleepwell. These mattresses are good sleep providers.

Suppose you are searching for something that can provide you a night of great sleep and high comfort, and equal hygiene.

You can undoubtedly choose the SleepX mattresses. You can also get a custom size designed built for you. 

Similarly, you can choose Wakefit as you can get a huge amount of varieties. This brand provides mattresses from Memory foam to latex to spring technology foam.

These mattresses are made up of 100% natural latex foam that gives the best comfort for orthopedics. You can also choose the dual comfort mattress and can choose our required side whenever you need it.

There is a mattress for every kind of person in simple terms, but it is you who has to choose the desired one according to your needs.

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8. FAQs

  1. Is Wakefit Mattress Affordable?

    Yes, Wakefit mattresses are affordable as the mattresses are designed through feedback from the Wakefit customer. In addition, Wakefit’s owners market even the mattresses. 

  2. Do Wakefit Mattresses offer custom sizes?

    Yes, Wakefit Mattress offers Custom Size to its several products, and also further allows you to choose from a huge range of sizes, including the king, queen, single, double, etc.

  3. Does Wakefit mattress offer a mattress for back pain?

    Yes, Wakefit has offered a huge range of mattresses for back pains and orthopedics as well. You can consider the Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress to get the best results for your back pain. Further, it also provides pillows and cushions that can help you to get more

  4. How long should a SleepX mattress smell bad?

    SleepX mattress does not contain any harmful chemical to create the mattress, and thus it will not provide any bad smell or odor. 

  5. What Certification do SleepX mattresses have?

    Unfortunately, SleepX mattresses do not have any certification on their own but it comes directly from the Sheela Group, which is an ISO 9001 certified company and India’s leading manufacturer of Polyurethane foam.

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