The Ultimate Guide On Innerspring Mattress

Experiencing sleeping disturbances and thus getting tired easily? 

Feeling that your mattress is unable to offer adequate back support and resulting in severe pain? 

A one-stop solution for your all issues can be a good-quality comforting innerspring mattress. However, purchasing the right mattress that would provide the same benefits you desire can be a confusing task. To eliminate your worries and make your way to select a lot smoother, here’s an innerspring mattress guide. Here you will find all the information about these specific mattresses, their pros and cons, specialities, and extensive features. Hence, let’s start with this guide. 

1. What Is Innerspring?

Innerspring Mattress Guide

Innerspring is the type of mattress that contains coil springs inside the padded casing. These mattresses are built with high-quality materials and thus can provide extensive support. In addition, these mattresses use a metal wire system amalgamated with springs to build a support frame covered in the fabric and cushioning material used at the mattresses surface for additional support. 

2. Benefits of Innerspring

Compared with memory foam and hybrid mattresses, the innerspring mattress has a smoother, quilted top that generally comes in various levels such as plush, luxury firm, pillow top, and medium firm. If smoothness and comfort are your priority, then an innerspring mattress can be a great option for you.

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Following are the advantages of an innerspring mattress: 

  • No memory foam – If the feeling of memory foam isn’t very comfortable for you, then an innerspring mattress can be a great choice for you because it doesn’t contain any memory foam. 
  • Smoother spring base and surface – The innerspring mattresses have a smoother spring base and surface. The spring base made from steel coil makes the motion more effortless than other mattresses. 

3. The disadvantage of Innerspring Mattress

To avoid regretting your purchase of a mattress, the best way is to know the potential disadvantages and check it out in person. Following are the cons of an innerspring mattress that you should consider before buying one: 

  • Lack of memory foam support – If you prefer the support and feel of memory foam, then an innerspring mattress can be a wrong choice because it lacks comfortable memory foam layers. 
  • Lesser quality materials – Although innerspring mattresses have a great variety. But, if you have budget constraints and you want a cost-efficient option, then the cheap innerspring mattresses may not suit your requirement. These mattresses are mainly built with lower quality materials and thus offer lesser longevity. 

4. What should I look for when buying an innerspring mattress?

The innerspring mattress contains individual springs that can independently move and adapt to your body shape. In addition, these mattresses offer tailored support and minimize motion transfer. However, buying the right innerspring mattress from the varied types of available mattresses can be confusing. Following are the factors you should consider before purchasing the right one: 

  • Budget – The innerspring mattresses vary widely both in quality and price. Moreover, the pricier the mattresses are, the better is the quality, longevity, and even some brands offer a trial period for their high range product. Therefore, fix a budget depending on the specific features you want. 
  • A number of springs – The higher the number of springs a mattress contains, the higher the comfort it provides. Therefore, to ensure less sleep disturbance, buy a mattress that has a greater number of springs. 
  • Firmness – The firmness of a mattress is of great importance, and it depends on the thickness of the wire used. The firmness offers balanced weight distribution. 

5. How to decide whether you need an Innerspring or not?

Every mattress has its specific features, and innerspring is no exception. Therefore to ensure that this mattress is the right option for you, you must consider the below-mentioned aspects before buying an innerspring mattress: 

  1. Durability – The durability of an innerspring mattress depends on the quality of material used on the outer surface and inside the mattress. The springs and coils used for innerspring mattresses can be of various sizes and qualities. The better the materials are, the higher is the durability. However, if used with proper care, these mattresses can last for years.
  2. Motion isolation – As the mattresses contain springs, the balance of weight and movement is great. Hence, if you move multiple times during sleep, or your partner does, then the innerspring mattress can be a great choice for you to avoid sleep disturbance.
  3. Support – The innerspring mattresses can provide extensive body support because it contains spring and coils that can bend according to your body shape and can ensure a proper alignment to your body.
  4. Pain pressure relief – These mattresses are extremely useful for eliminating back pain because they offer great relief from pain as the surface is smooth and the springs impose pressure on the body that makes it feel at ease.
  5. Conforming – These mattresses are significantly body-hugging and thus ensure full support during your sleep.
  6. Temperature Neutrality – Because of its manufacturing materials and techniques, the scope of air circulation is great in these kinds of mattresses. Therefore, it doesn’t get hot after even several hours of continuous use.
  7. Movement – As the motion isolation property is higher and the mattresses are quite heavy, these mattresses help minimize the impact of various movements.


Good sleep is an important factor for better functioning in the daytime; therefore, purchasing the right mattress is important. Suppose you are looking for a mattress that would minimize sleep disturbances, offer many comforts, and balance the temperature without getting hot. In that case, innerspring mattresses can be the best option. However, choosing the right innerspring mattress follows the tips mentioned above. 


The average cost of an innerspring mattress in India is around 15,000 – 20,000. 

The minimum number of required coils in a mattress is 300, but it can be up to 800.

The average lifespan of an innerspring mattress is 5.5 – 6.5 years.

Yes, sagging is common in most innerspring mattresses.

Yes, innerspring mattresses offer extensive support for back pain.

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