7 Best Mattress For Couples In India 2024

Have you recently moved into your new home and planning to buy the best couple of mattresses?

If yes, then you have landed at the perfect place because we will be discussing the best mattress for couples in India. Usually, couples look for queen or king size mattresses to ensure that they have enough space between and along the sides to sleep comfortably.

In addition, as you both will be sleeping on the same mattress, its thickness must be more than the standard mattresses. 

Considering all these facts, we have listed down the seven best mattresses suitable for couples having similar or varied requirements. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Mattress For Couples 

  1. Firmness: The first factor that one needs to consider while buying a mattress for couples is firmness. Both individuals might have different requirements for the mattress firmness, so checking this feature is essential. 
  2. Internal construction: Do ensure to check the layers enclosed by the top fabric and understand their features and benefits. If the inner layers are suitable for you and your partner, you can check the mattress or else strike out the name. 
  3. Cover: The mattress should have a breathable cover, ensuring that the surface remains cool and provides better comfort to the sleepers. 

Top 7 Best Mattresses For Couples In India 2024

1. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe mattress

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  1. 10” thickness of the mattress 
  2. Has a plush firmness 
  3. Comes with a breathable base enclosure 

If you are looking for a mattress with a luxurious feel, the SmartGRID Luxe from The Sleep Company will be the ideal choice. The mattress has a plush firmness that will help you cuddle in the bed and sleep comfortably for the rest of the night.

Since it’s a queen size mattress, both you and your partner won’t have any space problems, no matter how many extra pillows are there on the bed. Even though the mattress is quite thick with a 10” measurement, the product is lightweight, which will help you to rotate it.

Periodic rotation of the mattress will help in distributing the weight evenly. Coming to the product’s construction, the top layer is made from a cotton viscose quilt, which is soft and plush and highly breathable for allowing air circulation. Right under the cover is the Smart Grid layer, which is a patented technology from The Sleep Company.

It will help alleviate the tensed knots from your back muscles by applying the perfect pressure on the trigger points. Finally, a soft transition foam forms the third layer with a high bounce factor for making the mattress less firm with a value ranging between 4 to 5. 

As a support layer, the mattress has a high-density HR foam. Due to the increased density, the material provides wonderful support for maintaining the spine’s alignment. In addition, there is a stretchable cover made from premium material that maintains the airflow from the mattress’s underside. 


  • It Will help in relieving the tension from the trigger points 
  • Supports the curvature of the spine, especially the lumbosacral region 
  • Has edge support for reducing the rate of sagginess 


  • Not suitable for beds with no boundary like the headboard and footboard 

2. Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress

7 Best Mattress For Couples In India 2024 2


  1. 8” mattress thickness 
  2. Has special orthopedic foam 
  3. Comes with a 10-years warranty 

Only a few orthopaedic mattresses are constructed so that the internal layers can alleviate spine-related problems and neurological pain. Among these mattresses, the Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattress has become quite popular, thanks to the wonderful construction of the product and its features.

After sleeping on the mattress, you won’t have to worry much about waking up with a sore back or stiff muscles. In addition, the mattress is suitable for different kinds of sleepers like back sleepers, side sleepers, and others. 

The top cover has a zipper that will help you remove the fabric for washing it regularly. Hence, there won’t be any microbial growth or unpleasant odours coming out of the mattress’s surface. In addition, the cover is highly breathable, which allows the proper exchange of air.

The second layer of the product is formed with a next-generation memory foam which will mould according to your body shape. Once your body weight is removed, the foam will come back to its original shape, thanks to the quick response time.

It is the third layer that forms the most important part of the entire product. It consists of a Differential Pressure Zone layer which will apply the right amount of pressure on the trigger points located in your back.

Hence, after a tiring day of work, you can easily seek comfort from the mattress to get relief from the soreness. Lastly, a thick high resilience foam is present for adding support and stability to the overall mattress. 


  • Has medium firmness level to reduce the orthopaedic spine pain 
  • Differential pressure zone will alleviate the tensions from back muscles 
  • Thanks to the several air pockets in the different pressure zone layers, it allows enhanced air circulation


  • Manoeuvring it is difficult due to the heavyweight 

3. SleepX dual comfort mattress

7 Best Mattress For Couples In India 2024 3


  1. Has a 5 inches thickness  
  2. Has dual firmness ranges 
  3.  Queen size mattress

When you share the bed with your partner, there may be some issues with the mattress’s firmness. For example, you might want to sleep on a plush mattress and snuggle into it. But on the other hand, your partner needs a firmer mattress to alleviate the back pain.

When both of your requirements regarding the mattress firmness differs, it is best to opt for the Dual Comfort mattress from SleepX. On one side, the surface has a cosy feel with firmness ranging between 3 or 4, while on the opposite side of the mattress, a medium-firm foam is present for supporting your spine structure and alleviating the soreness.

Now coming to the mattress construction, both the surfaces have a quilted cover made from cotton material from Softech. Due to the quilted nature of the cover, you can easily feel the plushness.

The second layer of the mattress from the top has a high resilience soft PU foam that will provide you with the needed cosy sleep. Underneath the soft HR foam is the third layer made from high-density hard foam.

It has an increased level of firmness that will support your spinal arch efficiently. In addition, it will also reduce the knots from the pressure points in your back. 

The top and bottom layers have an air mesh fabric cover with neem infused in it. Hence, it will improve the ventilation, but the mattress will never cause any harm to your skin. 


  • Neem technology helps in keeping the skin safe 
  • It will emanate no bad odour thanks to the breathable fabric cover 
  • You can use it in a dual way as per the firmness requirement 


  • No memory foam is present in the product

4. Springtek ortho pocket spring mattress

7 Best Mattress For Couples In India 2024 4


  1. Comes with an 8” thickness 
  2. Has a pocket spring construction 
  3. Comes with a medium firmness 

Usually, when you sleep on the mattress and twist and turn, your partner sleeping beside you will be able to feel the movements, no matter how silent you are. When you are moving, your weight is getting distributed to the surrounding areas of the mattress.

Hence, your partner can easily feel the dipping of the surface when you are moving. Thus, it can cause sleep disturbance, so Sprinktek has come up with a perfect solution- a pocket spring ortho mattress.

In a pocket spring arrangement, each coil is individually enclosed by a pocket membrane. Hence, there is no connection between the coils which will prevent the distribution of the compressive forces. 

On the top, you will have a knitted cover made from premium fabric. Thanks to this particular construction, the top layer is highly breathable and will help maintain the ventilation. To add comfort, there is a soft PU foam support layer right under the outer cover.

Next is the foam layer is present a shock-absorbing felt layer. It will protect the spring from sudden momentum applied from the above, thereby helping the spring coils retain the elasticity for longer times.

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  • The spring coils are packed closely to each other, despite having no connection. Edge support is present to ensure that the spring coils do not flatten on compressing the mattress from above. This edge support is made from a breathable fabric which will help in distributing the heat generated by the springs. 


    • Will prevent the flow of motion throughout the mattress 
    • Less sagging rate due to stainless steel coils 
    • Has edge support for counterbalancing the sleeper’s weight 


    • Coils might poke the upholstery after a few years of use

    5. Sleepwell Starlite Discover mattress

    7 Best Mattress For Couples In India 2024 5


    1. Has a 4” thickness 
    2. Pure foam construction
    3. Suitable for any bed kind 

    If you are worried that the mattress from Sleepwell will not fit on your bed, don’t worry too much. Thanks to the 4” thickness, the mattress is highly stable and can stay in its place even without head and foot support boundaries.

    In addition, the stitches done around the mattress to seal the inner layers are seamless and highly durable. So, you won’t have to think much about the stitches coming out after using the product for quite a long time.

    In addition, as the mattress is lightweight, you can easily rotate it to ensure the sagging or depression of the foam layers is even throughout. At the top, you will have a cover made from multiple fabric layers to ensure that the surface feels plush against your skin.

    Also, the multicore cover comes with several air pockets, which will help regulate the mattress’s ventilation. Usually, the underside of the mattresses has the normal top cover guard. However, in the Starlite Discover mattress, the underside is protected by an air mesh fabric for ensuring that the fresh air can circulate through the internal layers with ease. 

    Under the multi-layered top cover, a soft PU foam adds more softness to the product. That’s why the firmness level has been reduced to 5 to 6. The main core, which results in the thickness of the mattress, is the EPE and high-density hard foam layer. It will help provide proper support to your body and maintain the curvature of the spine with ease. 


    • Has a high-density foam that has reduced the bounciness 
    • It is perfect for sleepers suffering from chronic orthopaedic pain 
    • Air circulation has been improved for even distribution of heat in between the layers 


    • No memory foam layer is present in the product

    6. Sleepyhead flip mattress

    7 Best Mattress For Couples In India 2024 6


    1. Ideal for both double and queen-sized beds 
    2. Has a thickness of 5” 
    3. Has dual surface firmness 

    Suppose you and your partner have different health problems and need varied firmness to get a comfortable sleep, biting a dual comfort mattress like the SleepyHead Flip mattress. One side has a soft feel with a firmness value of 4 or 4.5, while the reverse side is firmer, with its firmness ranging between 6 to 7.

    Hence, you and your partner can sleep comfortably by choosing the right side. If you want to reverse the mattress, make sure that you are flipping it correctly so that no tears are formed in the internal foam layers. 

    The top surface is softer with plush fabric and is covered with a knitted fabric having numerous air pockets for increased air ventilation. Right under the cover is present the PU soft foam, which makes the surface cosy and softer to snuggle into the bed and help you sleep without any disturbance.

    The third layer is made from hard foam with high density, which makes the opposite surface firmer. In addition to the hardness of the foam, the density is also high, which will make the foam layer more durable. 

    The main function of the foam layer is to provide proper body support to the sleepers and help maintain the spine curvature and shape. In addition, the underside of the bed has a soft knitted fabric that will help regulate the airflow in between the layers. 


    • Can be used on both sides as per firmness requirement
    • Lightweight construction to help in flipping the product 
    • Air meshed fabric to improve the ventilation throughout the mattress 


    • No added technology for relieving the tension from the trigger points

    7. Duroflex back magic mattress

    7 Best Mattress For Couples In India 2024 7


    1. Has a five inches thickness 
    2. Has coir as the core material 
    3. Ideal for different sleepers 

    Suppose you and your partner have different sleeping habits. In that case, the best mattress that you can buy for yourself is the Duroflex Back Magic product. The mattress is designed to support your spine alignment and reduce strain on the vertebrae discs and the associated muscles regardless of the way you are sleeping.

    That’s why it will be an idea that you and your partner like to sleep in different ways, like in case you are a back sleeper while your partner is a side sleeper. The mattress is designed to protect your back and relieve various kinds of orthopaedic problems like nerve impingement, slip discs, arthritis between the discs, and so on.

    In addition, the mattress will also help reduce the tension from the muscles that have suffered a lot of wear and tear during the entire day. The construction of the mattress is quite different, thanks to the expert thinking of the Duroflex brand.

    Rather than using a foam and coir layer, the mattress comes with a total of 8 layers made from different materials. The first layer has a knitted cover with PU foam quilting which adds a luxurious feel.

    Right under the cover is the 5-zoned orthopaedic layer, which will help apply the right amount of pressure to the five different zones. In addition, high density rubberized coir has been inserted in the 3rd, 5th, and 7th layers to ensure that the firmness of the material is distributed evenly. 

    The fourth layer has a high resilience foam which increases the bounce factor of the mattress. To reduce the bounciness of the mattress, a rebonded foam with high density is added as the sixth layer.

    The foam layers’ alternative placement helps increase the firmness of the mattress to 7 on the scale. Finally, the 8th layer is made from Jacquard woven fabric for maintaining air circulation. 


    • Alternative coir layer for distributing the firmness throughout 
    • Has lesser bounce to keep the spine structure safe from injuries 
    • Thanks to the 5-zone pressure layer, you won’t have to worry about having sore muscles 


    • Air circulation within the mattress is reduced due to high-density internal layers


    It is difficult to choose a mattress suitable for both individuals, especially when they suffer from different health problems or have varied sleeping habits. That’s why we have picked out seven such mattresses with features that can support the requirements of a couple with no hassle. As far as our recommendation goes, we will consider the SleepX Dual Comfort mattress to be the first option since you can use it both ways due to surface firmness variations. As for our second recommendation, we recommend the Starlite Discovery mattress from Sleepwell, which is perfect for any sleeper. 


    1. What type of mattress is best for couples?

      Since both of your health issues and body requirements might vary from each other, it will be best to get a Dual Comfort mattress like the SleepX Dual Comfort mattress, where the two surfaces have a different level of firmness. 

    2. What size bed do most couples have?

      Usually, for couples, a queen-size or a king-size mattress is suitable, having enough thickness to tolerate the combined bodyweight of the sleepers. 

    3. How should a couple choose a mattress?

      For choosing the best mattress, a couple should list out their requirements and their sleeping habit. If the requirements vary, they need to have a dual comfort mattress with a different firmness range on either surface. And if the sleeping habits vary, they need to get a mattress that can support their body weight and protect their spine no matter how they are sleeping. 

    4. Is memory foam good for couples?

      Yes, memory foam is good enough for couples. But it should have strong support layers to ensure that the memory foam doesn’t sag quickly under the application of compressive forces, i.e., the sleepers’ bodyweight. 

    5. Can a couple sleep on a twin bed?

      It’s better not to choose a twin bed to sleep for a couple because the bed design has a smaller width, which will cause a shortage of space. 

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