Bounciness In Mattress – Definition, Reasons, Performance, Benefits

Do you love to sleep on a bouncy mattress?

Are your kids upset that they can’t jump on your bed? 

If it’s a yes for all these questions, you are at the right place. Out of every ten mattress buyers, 8 of them always want to go for a bouncy mattress. But the question is what exactly makes a mattress bouncy and whether it is good for sleeping or not. For this reason, in this article, we will discuss the bounciness in a mattress briefly so that you can have a fundamental idea at the least. 

What is a bouncy mattress, and what causes its bounciness?

A bouncy mattress is one where the materials have a high level of responsiveness. It means that once compressive forces are applied, these materials will conform according to the applied heat and pressure. Once the force is removed, it will immediately return to the original position, acting as a spring coil.

The responsiveness level and degree can explain the main reason for bounciness in a mattress. If the product has higher responsiveness to applied forces, it will be bouncier than others. It is an inherent property of the core materials that are governed by the following factors: 

  • Thickness 
  • Motion transfer
  • Stiffness
  • Firmness
  • Density
  • Viscosity 

Material performance based on bounciness

Since several types of materials are being used for manufacturing the mattresses, you should know how the bounciness changes with them. In this below section, we have classified the main mattress materials and explained the bounciness properly. 

  • Innerspring– The innerspring mattresses are the bounciest of all materials, thanks to the presence of spring coils. These coils have more turns so that the responsiveness can be more. Innersprings are of two types having varying bounciness levels- pocket coils wrapped in separate sheaths are bouncier when compared to the Bonnell springs where the coils are connected. 
  • Memory foam– The foam family is the memory foam that offers a high bounce level. One of the major advantages of having memory foam is that it can conform according to your body shape, thereby offering higher comfort and support. 
  • LatexLatex is stiff, but it can offer amazing support and bounciness. That’s why if you want to sleep on a natural, responsive mattress, nothing will be as promising as the latex ones. 
  • CoirCoirs do not have bounciness as the coconut fibres are coiled and packed in small sizes to increase density. However, suppose your mattress has rubberized coir in addition to a more responsive foam layer other than memory foam. In that case, you can experience a small amount of bounciness. 
  • PU foam– PU or Polyurethane foam is the softest, and hence, it does not have any form of responsiveness. As a result, it will offer a sinking feeling rather than bounciness unless another material is added below it can act like spring. 
  • HR foam– Besides memory foam, another high responsiveness material is the HR or High Resilience layer. It has a firmness value of around six, and therefore, it offers a low level of bounciness in comparison to latex, memory foam, and inner springs. 

Benefits of having a bouncy mattress for sleeping

  • The first benefit of sleeping on a bouncy mattress is the high level of comfort. For example, when you buy an innerspring mattress, it will offer high responsiveness. So, the moment your body hits the surface, you will feel a small push from the spring coils. Therefore, sleeping on such mattresses is super comfortable and peaceful. 
  • High responsive mattresses can offer support to people who suffer from a sore and stiff body due to working continuously in a single position. That’s why you won’t have to spend too much money for getting an orthopaedic mattress and can enjoy relief from soreness and stiffness at the same time. 
  • Another reason for which you should get a bouncy mattress is because of the reduced injury risks. Let’s assume you have a stiff mattress, and by chance, you fall on your bed accidentally. Since it is hard, you will injure yourself. But if the mattress were bouncy, you wouldn’t have to get injured. 
  • Kids love to sleep on bouncy mattresses. Therefore, no problem will be there in putting them to sleep. Furthermore, such products are considered to be more fun for children. Therefore, you can keep them busy at least for some time. 


In this article, we have discussed what causes bounciness in the mattress. But, apart from that, it is also clear that these mattresses have several benefits that will convince you to get the best product. So, make sure that you choose one with a large level of bounciness or responsiveness if you want to update your current mattress. It will help you sleep comfortably and peacefully at night. 

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