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Hush has been delivering high-quality mattresses for a decade now. They believe in providing the highest quality of comfort without disturbing sleep. That’s why their memory foam comes with patented temperature regulation technology. 

According to the experts at Hush, the mattresses should be manufactured to meet the standards of health and cosiness simultaneously. 

So, are you interested in learning more about the Hush mattress products?

If yes, do not hesitate further. In the below sections, we have explained everything you need to know about the various mattresses from Hush, their properties, and other relevant facts. 

1. Pros And Cons Of Hush Mattress Review


  • The memory foam layer comes with special Thermo-adapt technology for temperature regulation. 
  • The varied firmness level is present in different products for different sleepers. 
  • Outer covers are super comfortable and soothing for the skin. 


  • No coir mattress is available in the Hush mattress collection. 
  • Extreme softness is not available in any of the products. 

2. Hush Mattress Types

2.1. Orthopaedic

Hush Mattress Review
  • Memory foam: The top layer is made with Thermo-adapt memory foam with HR foam as the hard supportive layer present below in the memory foam mattress. 
  • PU foam: The top layer in the mattress is made from soft PU foam for providing cushion padding to your body. And for providing support to the spine, the product has HR foam at the base.  
  • Latex: The top layer is made from 100% eco-friendly latex material supported by a PU hard foam at the base. On the top, a posh fabric is used for covering the inner layers.  
  • Pocket spring: The pocket spring forms the core layer. On either side are present felt layers to avoid discomfort from the springs. The outer cover is the FR sewn fabric from Jacquard. 

2.2. Luxury mattress

The luxury mattress has five products in its collection. Each mattress has different construction for meeting the requirements of different sleepers. 

  • The Deluxe Ortho mattress has a pocket spring layer covered with PU foam on either side. 
  • The Ortho Plus mattress has a core layer of rebonded foam. Two layers of PU foam guard it on both sides for comfort. 
  • The Spine Supporter has a top latex layer that is completely organic and eco-friendly. Below is the PU layer for extra back support.
  • In the Ecofoam mattress, the top layer has HR foam for spine support. Below it is a special Hush orthopaedic foam layer.
  • The Majestic mattress has memory foam at the top and an HR foam at the base for providing comfort and support to the spine.  

2.3 Premium mattress

Premium mattresses are known for their softness and the excess bounciness that come with the inner layer constructions. 

  • Royal memory waterfall mattress comes with a pocket spring layer with memory foam having Thermo-adapt technology. 
  • The Grandeur Mattress has a high-quality pocket spring layer as the core layer.
  • Memory Comfort mattress comprises a Thermo-adapt memory foam and an HR foam layer at the base. 
  • Nirvana mattress has a memory foam top layer. The base layer is made of two different HR foam layers for better support.  

3. Firmness And Feel

The firmness of the mattresses ranges from being soft to hard as per the product. For example, the Deluxe Ortho mattress has a firmness of 8, and hence, it will feel harder against the skin. On the other hand, mattresses from the premium collection like the Grandeur mattress or the Nirvana mattress are softer. You can rate their firmness as 4 or 4.5 on a scale-out of 10. If you want a medium firmness mattress, you can choose the Orthopedic memory foam mattress or the Majestic mattress. These have a firmness level of 5 or 6 on the scale rating. 

4. Mattress Construction

  • Cover: The mattresses are covered with cotton covers. This material is highly breathable and quite soothing for the skin. You won’t have to worry about getting allergic reactions or feeling hot despite the room temperature being lower than normal. 
  • Comfort layers: Comfort layer options consist of memory foam, natural latex, high-density coir, PU soft foam, and pocket spring layers. The material type will vary by the mattress type you are getting for yourself. 
  • Support layers: As for the support layers, the mattresses have high resilience foam or a rebonded foam. These two have a higher density which can handle the load from the surface. Due to the presence of these layers, the intensity of sagging or depression is reduced effectively, making the mattresses highly durable.
  • Mattress height and weight: The mattress weight varies with the type you are buying. If you are buying premium and luxury mattresses, they have a higher weight than orthopaedic mattresses. This is because the inner layers are more in number in the former two collections, which add to the weight.
    Also, as for the thickness, the range varies between 4 to 8 inches. Some mattresses are available in single thickness options like an Orthopedic memory foam mattress is 6” thick while the Spine Supporter Luxury mattress is 5” thick. Some mattresses are available in multiple thickness options, like the Deluxe Ortho mattress. 

5. Hush Mattress Performances

Temperature regulationThermo-Adapt technology
Motion Transfer Does not relay the motion to surrounding places
Edge SupportPresent but not well-defined
Durability High
Noise & OdourNo
Warranty Info5/10 years
  • Temperature regulation: All the mattresses are equipped with a patented Thermo-Adapt layer from Hush. This layer is not only sensitive to pressure but also temperature. It will help regulate the temperature and keep the surface cool, no matter your body temperature. Hence, there will be no profuse sweating mid-sleep that might wake you up with irritation written all over your face. 
  • Motion transfer: If your sleep always gets disturbed by your partner’s movement, it’s time to get the Hush mattresses. The pocket spring mattress will prevent the flow of motion from one point to the other. Considering the other mattresses having an all-foam construction, the motion transfer has been reduced to a great level. So, you won’t have to worry about your peaceful slumber.  
  • Edge support: Edge support is present in the mattresses. However, it is not well-defined. Due to this, you might face some problems if the weight over the surface increases than the recommended value. The inner layers of the products are capable enough to handle the load from the surface. 
  • Durability: The mattresses are highly durable, thanks to the multi-layer constructions of every product. High resilience and rebonded foam layers are used for base and support layers. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the durability of the products. If used in the right way as per the manufacturer instructions, the mattresses will last more than seven to ten years. 
  • Noise & Odour: Since foam is the main construction element of all the mattresses, there won’t be any noise from the mattress. So, regardless of how much you are twisting and turning, your sleep won’t get disturbed due to the sounds. If you are concerned about the pocket spring mattress, do not worry. Pocket springs have individual compartments and also come with high elasticity coefficient. So, they won’t make any noise. As for the odour, the foams have multiple air pockets, which will regulate the airflow. Hence, no odour will come from the mattress. 

6. Hush Mattress Policies 

  • Shipping: One of the best things about the Hush brand is that it offers free shipping to all parts of India. At the time of purchase, enter your pin code and see whether delivery is available to your location or not. If it is available, you won’t be charged extra for shipping. 
  • Trial period: Hush offers a trial period of thirty nights. During this time, you can sleep on the mattress to cross-check whether or not the mattress is suitable for you. If you are not uncomfortable with the product or not satisfied with its performance, you can return it. If the return request is raised within 30-nights of the trial period, you will get a 100% refund within 4 to 6 working days after the return. 
  • Returns: If you are getting a product you didn’t order, you can raise a return request within 14 days. However, make sure no damage comes to the product. The team will evaluate the mattress’s condition, and only then they will refund you. 
  • Warranty: Different Hush mattresses have different warranties. So, before you raise a return request, make sure the mattress is within the warranty period. Also, the reason for which you will return the product must be within the warranty policies. If not, you won’t be getting any refund. For example, if the foam layer has formed a crack due to folding or the coir layer has sagged due to overweight compressive forces, It won’t cover these defects under the warranty policies. 

7. Who Should Buy A Hush Mattress, And Is That Worth It?

Yes, buying the Hush mattress is definitely worth the money. As for the question “who should buy it”, here are some clarifications that will answer the query. 

  • Hush mattresses have different collections. Orthopaedic mattresses are suitable for people with back pain. If you want to cuddle with your bed and sleep like a king/queen, a luxury mattress is there. For the best quality mattress, you can go with the premium collection. 
  • The inner layers of all the mattresses used in the construction are of high quality. They won’t make any noise or give off an unpleasant odour. So, if you are clean-freak and always concerned about your health, a Hush mattress is the right choice. 

8. FAQs

How long should a Hush mattress last? 

To be honest, It can’t determine the actual longevity of any mattress normally. The same product can last for 10 years for one customer while it might last for 7 years. The difference in time is a result of usage. Inappropriate or improper mattress use will reduce its robustness and durability, and hence the lifetime. 

Are Hush mattresses worth the money? 

Definitely yes! If you are choosing the Hush mattresses, they are worth every penny you will spend on them. First of all, the covers of the mattresses are hygienic and clean. No skin irritation will happen after sleeping. Second, the products have high durability. So, no sagging or depression will be there, at least for the coming years. And lastly, you will have a wide range of mattress options. 

Do Hush mattresses offer a mattress for back pain?

Hush brand has offered four different mattress types for people who are suffering from back pain. Memory foam, PU foam, latex, and pocket spring are the four variations, each having a different effect on your back. So, as per the firmness level of the mattresses and the intensity of your pain, you need to make the best choice. 

Do Hush mattresses offer custom size?

Sometimes, the beds are made with custom dimensions. These dimensions are usually different from the standard ones. Finding mattresses for such beds is a daunting task. Hush brand has solved the problem for you. Be it the pocket spring orthopaedic mattress or the premium mattresses, and you can order them in a custom size as per your bed. 

Does a new Hush mattress smell bad?

No, once you open the box where the mattress will be delivered, there won’t be any smell. Hush mattresses are made with high-quality material. This is why no smell is produced, no matter the bed type, the cover you are using, and so on. Some people indeed use naphthalene balls. But that is to keep the silverfish and other insects away. 

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