How to Choose the Best Mattress for Back Pain In India 2022

Sleep is essential for every living being. Sleep is the process during which the body and mind take a break and restores themselves. This rejuvenating process is when the body begins to repair itself, and the mind refreshes itself. Hence sleep is an extremely important activity. Many health-related problems have been found to have an association with disturbed sleep or other sleep-related issues.

So, every individual should aim to get a good night’s sleep. But what is truly important to fall asleep? The answer is comfort. Comfort plays a vital role in determining one’s sleep. A mattress that is not comfortable causes physical and mental problems in physical pain and exhaustion, and mental problems such as frustration and irritability. 

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1. What You Need to Know Before Making A Buying Decision

When it comes to comfort, the most important determinant of sleep is one’s mattress. One’s mattress needs to be comfortable for that person to have a healthy and satisfying sleep. But the problem is that many of us are unaware of how to purchase a mattress. 

We purchase cheap mattresses or fall for ones that have a gradually declining quality or are less durable in the long run.: ‘How to choose the best mattress for back pain in India 2022; ‘Stuff that one needs to consider while purchasing a mattress’; ‘Key components of a good mattress.’ But before we think about choosing a good, comfortable mattress, it is ideal that we try to understand why we get back pain due to bad mattresses

2. What Causes Back Pain? 

It is quite common for people to complain about getting back pain from sleeping on their mattresses. Perhaps it could even be a new mattress that you just bought, causing you back pain. Many people think that buying a soft mattress is meant to be comfortable, but a very soft mattress could cause back pain. At the same time, a mattress that is too firm could also cause back pain

3. Structural Problems Or Medical Reasons Resulting In Back 

Each body is different, and the stress on the back depends on your workload as well. The excessive back strain can lead to pain, and sometimes it could be due to injury and tension on back muscles. Here are the top structural problems that can lead to severe backache.

  • Ruptured Disks: This disk well cushions the human body’s vertebra area and the rupture can lead to pressure on the nerve. All of this can lead to prolonged back pain.
  • Bulging Disks: Bulging disks are similar to the ruptured disk, but this case can add excessive pressure on the nerve and can make you bedridden if not treated on time. 
  • Arthritis: Arthritis is a case where individuals experience pain in the joint area of the bone. The painful area includes the hips, lower back, knee, spinal cord.
  • Osteoporosis: When the spine’s vertebrae become weak and brittle, it can lead to compression fractures, and the bone gets weak.
  • Sciatica: Sciatica is a sharp shooting pain experience through the lower hip and behind the legs. It can lead to pressing the nerve and also can be due to a herniated disk. 
  • Abnormal Curvature of the Spine: It occurs when the spine takes an unusual shape and leads to back pain. The main culprit is posture, which can cause abnormal curvature of the spine.
  • Kidney Problems: Severe infection in the kidney can lead to backache if not treated on time. 
  • Other infections: Infecting in the bladder, gall stone, or pelvic inflammation can also cause backache. 
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome: The nerve roots from the lower end of the spinal cord are called cauda equina. This syndrome includes the painful lower back, upper buttock area along with numbness in things, genitals, and buttocks. If not treated on time. It can lead to bladder disturbances as well. 
  • Cancer of the Spine: The tumour is causing excessive pressure on the nerve can lead to a painful back. 
  • Shingles: It is a type of infection that presses the back nerves and causes backache.

4. Common Symptoms of Sleeping on the Wrong Mattress 

By now, you would have realized that choosing a mattress is not as easy as it seems. It is a process that, if taken seriously, can prove very helpful in the long run. The biggest problem is that a bad mattress can be a cause of long term health issues. One must make serious choices and changes concerning their mattress and everything else associated with their sleep environment. Here are common symptoms of sleeping on the wrong mattress. 

  1. Terrible backache 
  2. Unnatural drowsiness
  3. Obesity
  4. Infection in the throat and lungs
  5. Poor immune system
  6. Memory issue 
  7. Heart diseases
  8. Premature Ageing 
  9. joint pain
  10. Low sex drive

5. What Can Contribute to Back Pain? 

A mattress that is too soft will cause your spine to fall out of alignment, while a mattress that is too firm will cause excessive joint pressure on your hips. Both of these circumstances are the cause of back pains. Mattresses generally lose their shape, durability and end up being either too stiff or too wobbly. 

 The cause of back pain is turning too much in your sleep due to your mattress or your sleep environment; this includes factors such as temperature, space, and brightness of the room. Hence, to sleep well, it is very important that one chooses a good mattress and adjusts to their environment.

It would be wrong to entirely pin one’s discomfort during sleep to one’s mattress. Sometimes, the environment’s influence can also be the cause or trigger of sleep discomfort and other related issues.

So, before we talk about what we need to consider while purchasing a new mattress, take a look at some tips to choose the best mattress. 

6. Best Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain 

Before you purchase your mattress, there are some important points to be considered. There is no point in saving your money when it comes to mattresses as a mattress has huge psycho-social implications on one’s sleep and life.

So, when it comes to your mattress, don’t be stingy. A good quality mattress does not require advertisements or special ‘offers’ to be sold. Listen to reviews of other mattress owners but don’t fixate on it; remember that comfort is subjective, and for every person, a mattress is specially created.

Go for mattresses with a reliable brand name, especially ones with many years of experience, good customer testimonials, and modern in terms of using advanced mattress technology.

  • Mattress Support The primary goal of a mattress should be to provide you ample support during the sleep. It should not be wobbly and sag when you rest your body into the mattress. Make sure the material of the mattress is of premium quality. Memory foam or a latex mattress is the best choice if you are looking for a mattress to comfort your back. 
  • Mattress Conformity If you are looking for a mattress to sleep without back pain, you should never ignore the comfort factor. Invest in a good mattress, which ensures motion isolation, and the innerspring should be strong. A hybrid style mattress is an ideal choice in such cases. 
  • Longevity – While choosing the mattress for back pain, double-check the durability, the mattress is expensive, and you cannot invest in a new mattress every 3-4 years. The material used in the mattress should ensure longevity. 

7. What Type of Mattress Is Best For People With Low Back Pain?

There are many mattress choices available in the market; here is the list of the top 6 mattresses variants which works well to cure back pain. 

  1. Memory foam and latex  Memory foam mattresses are designed to contour as per our body, which means these mattresses provide relief to your body. The memory foam offers warmness during sleep. At the same time, the latex mattress bounces due to the presence of innerspring. It promotes cooler sleep. 
  2. Innerspring This type of mattress makes use of coils and provides a mild traditional bounce effect to the mattress. These are sturdy choices and offered the best support to the back. 
  3. Airbed The airbed mattress has air pumped inside the mattress, and you can experience the desired firmness level. Each side has speared air chambers; this is a perfect choice for two sleepers. 
  4. Hybrid This type of mattress combines memory foam and latex mattresses, and the top layer is innerspring. A hybrid mattress’s primary goal is to provide a perfect combination of support and softness during sleep. 
  5. Water mattress Water mattresses are also called a floatation mattress which is filled with water. It is a comfortable choice, but with time, water mattresses sag and produce noise. 
  6. FutonFuton usually has a wooden frame, followed by a mattress and covers. The mattress is made using cotton, wool, and latex. 

8. What to Look for in a Mattress for Back Pain Before Buying?

The first thing to understand is that not all mattresses are common for everyone. Comfort is a subjective feeling, so one’s experience of comfort also varies from person to person, place to place, and time to time. Therefore, one must take their mattress for a small test by lying to get a kind of idea about its comfort level. Here are the top factors which must be considered before investing in a mattress for back pain. 

  1. Firmness: Look at the mattress’s physical construct thoroughly. This includes analyzing the material used, the number of coils, the type of padding, and the thickness level. Some mattresses incorporate current technology and innovations to improve sleeping. Getting to know about the firmness of a mattress before purchasing a mattress is good.
  2. Sleeping position: While investing in a mattress for back pain, double-check them based on the sleep position. You spend a good 7-8 hours on the mattress, and the sleep position can vary. Many prefer to sleep on their back, keeping the position of the head, back, and neck well aligned. Invest in a durable choice.
  3. Memory Foam Technology: The memory forms are not made from all-natural mattresses, but it is a durable choice if you are looking for a mattress only for back pain. It provides full-body contouring and perfectly supports the spine. When you are sleeping, the muscles relax completely, and your back gets much-needed rest.
  4. Pocketed Spring Technology: Pocket spring mattresses contain coils, and it makes them firm; this technology works for back pain and is an ideal choice for those who prefer to sleep on their back. Pocket coils are an excellent choice due to the presence of innerspring mattresses.
  5. Latex Technology: The latex mattress role controls the surface pressure; you will experience lesser back pain in the Latex Technology mattress. If you are a light sleeper and prefer to change your sleeping position throughout the night, Latex Technology is the preferred choice.
  6. Return Policy – Trial Period: We all cannot make the best buying decisions always. The mattress is a big investment, and you cannot randomly pick a mattress and expect it to be working well to treat your back pain. Sometimes, even after deeply analyzing all the pros and cons before buying a mattress, you may fail miserably to invest in the best mattress.

    So, make sure you check the return policy of the mattress before making a business decision. Within the trial period, you can test the mattress and return it if needed. 

9. Mattress Firmness – Firmer Doesn’t Always Mean Better

There is no written rule that all firmer mattresses are suitable for everyone. Each mattress has different firmness and suits different types of bodies.

While lying down, the spine should be aligned properly, and the mattress should not be too soft and too hard on the backbone. Here are three types of mattresses based on firmness; you can pick the best that suits your body type and comfort your back pain. 

  • Firm Mattress
  • Soft Mattress
  • Average Mattress


While choosing the mattress for comfortable sleep and to cure back pain, do not forget to check the pointers mentioned above. Invest in a sturdy mattress that provides comfort and durability. For a comfortable sleep, a good and sturdy mattress is much needed. 


1.Could change any mattress help to alleviate my back pain?

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause worsen backache. Lack of hold up from a mattress causes back pain, sleepless nights, incorrect sleep posture, strained muscles, wrong alignment of the spine, and back pain.

Changing the mattress from soft firm to medium-firm helps to reduce back pain. For backache, the correct deepness of the mattress plays a vital role as well. Usually, the mattress depths range from 7 to 18 inches.

The inner coils of the mattress should not be too much. So, the individual may choose the number of coils, mattress depth, and padding accordingly to their sleep comfort.

2. What information do I need to select the best mattress for backache?

A saggy or uncomfortable mattress can cause sleepless nights and several backache problems. To prevent these, here are some methods to choose your comfortable mattress types:

a) Personal preference for choosing a mattress type
Any mattress that supports good sleep and reduces backache is the best mattress for the individual.

b) Choosing the mattress according to individual preferences.
 Before investing in any mattress, make sure that the inner springs or coils provide enough support to your spine. The mattress’s padding should reduce your backache, so choose the padding thickness of the mattress accordingly.

c) Changing of an old mattress
If an old mattress becomes saggy and no longer comfortable, it’s time to change your old mattress to a newer one.

3. How should a firm be the mattress for backache sufferers be?

There are plenty of mattresses available in the market. Any mattress that helps someone sleep without anybody’s ache with stiffness is the best.

While purchasing the mattress, make sure that you don’t buy a too soft firm, as a too soft firm can cause several aches and pains on the joint, while a medium-firm mattress supports the back and helps people avoid muscle aches and comfortable sleep.

Other Considerations for Reducing Back Pain
Apart from mattresses that are severe other factors that can elevate the back pain. Here are some other factors which also should be considered to reduce back pain apart from investing in a good mattress. 

Using the Right Pillow – Choose the right pillow to align your head, neck, and spine and put lesser pressure on the spine. Along with a reliable mattress, investing in the right pillow is needed to cure back pain. 

Using an Adjustable Base – Rather than investing in a flatbed, look for a bed with an adjustable base. Based on your comfort factor and changing needs, you can adjust the back position. Pick a mattress that can add more value to the entire setup.

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