Best Foam Mattress in India 2020

Springfit Reactive Ortho – Best Foam Mattress India

Best Foam Mattress in India 2020 1

The springfit have more than 45 years of experience. The Best Foam Mattress India has comes with 5 year warranty. This is best product for back and spine. It aligns according to the body shape.


  • The comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • The memory layers provides good blood circulation
  • Latex with feel cool during summer and warm during winter
  • Turkish felt helps to reduces the motion transfer and reduces the external noise.
  • The comes with 3 variants –  5, 6, 8 inches

Layers of

  • Imported knitted fabric – This gives the comfortness and provides good air and blood circulation.
  • Memory – The memory is to improve your blood circulation, its spreads your weight evenly and make you feel lighter when you are on bed. It gives the bouncy effect also it reduces the pressure.
  • Latex – This layers are feel comfortable throughout your sleep. This makes you feel warm in winter season and cool in summer season.
  • Reactive – This is support with the latex layer and enhances sleep by reducing the atmosphere noise. It gives comfortness to the back and spine.
  • Turkish Felt – This is keep spring in its position and provides durability, zero partner disturbance and increases the life.

Springwel Memory Gloria Foam

Best Foam Mattress in India 2020 2

The spring is the leading brand in India that are designed after many years of research and development for the consumers who have inclination towards their health. This is made of high density polyurethane that are densely packed which prevents from sagging and provides comfortness. They provide medium comfortness.

Layers of

  • There are of 5 inch thickness
  • Memory layer – This layer is made of high density that gives comfortness to the body, it evenly balance with the weight make you feel lighter on bed
  • HR – The high resilience layer is the higher grade of polyurethane. This is reduce the motion transfer, reduces the pressure.
  • High density chip bonded block that to provide the orthopedic supports.
  • Top layer – The top layer is made of high quality cotton fabric that are provide comfortness.

Kurlon Mermaid Memory Foam

Best Foam Mattress in India 2020 3

The kurlon are providing its service from 1942. Kurlon mermaid memory are can be used as dual mattress, on one side and bonded on other side.

The features

  • Kurlo fresh – It have prevent from bacteria and other antibodies.
  • Antimicrobial – It has to fight against microorganism and reduces its growth.
  • Memory – this is to maintain body temperature.
  • This product comes with 10 years warranty.

Layers of

  • Memory quilt – This provides comfortness to the body provides even blood circulation which ensures deep sleep throughout night.
  • Memory – This is to evenly spread weight and keep your body shape, it helps you to make lighter on bed.
  • Breathable bonded – This is provide air circulation evenly, it reduces the tossing and turning and provides zero partner tolerance.
  • PU quilt – Polyurethane layer has to provide additional support to the body.

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam

The wakefit are designed according to the need of customers. The best Foam Mattress brand in India 2019 that fulfills consumers and provides comfortness.


  • The comes with 100 days trial
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty
  • There are medium firm.
  • This is helps to provide complete support to the spine, reduces the motion transfer.
  • This helps to reduce the tossing, turning and improves the comfortness.
  • The orthopedic is to align neck, spine and hip thus it provides comfortness to the body and provide deep sleep.

Layers of

  • Breathable Fabric – It provides even air circulation to the body and provides air even during summer.
  • Cool Foam – This layer is made of open cell coolfit that helps you to feel cool during all seasons
  • Transition layer – This zonal support layer helps to support the spine and fits according to the shape.
  • Memory – This helps perfectly for contouring, reduces the pressure. This provides durability and comfortness
  • High resilience – This helps to give firmness to the mattress.

Emma Foam

Emma are the nest that fits for all the shapes and provides complete comfortness to the body. The Best Foam Mattress in 2019 are designed to relief from pressure, supports the shape and provides even air circulation.


  • This is made of 8 inch thickness
  • The open cell technology that has provide complete air circulation to the body and makes you feel cool even during summer.
  • The comes with single, double, king and queen sizes .
  • The comes with 100 night free trial.
  • Lifetime warranty

Layers of

  • Top cover – This layer is designed with climate regulation fibers that allows air and get relief from heat.
  • Adaptive Airgocell – This layers is helpful for  air circulation and helps to adapt to the shape.
  • Visco-Elastic – This layer helps to align body according to the body shape, reduces pressure, supports spine and neck.
  • Supportive Base – This layers gives firmness to the product, it is made of German cut technology that helps to align spine and provides better sleep.

Urban Ladder Theramedic Memory Foam

Urban Ladder has 50 years of experience in products, that provide unique collection of furnitures, it undergoes 5 stage quality check and provides quality assurance.

There are a lot of brands that are offers in best foam mattress. But you need … A Theramedic is the best choice for comfort sleepers. It is known …


  • This is firm that relief from back pain and gives comfortable sleep.
  • There are contour relief, reduces the body pressure
  • This is suitable for all sleeping positions.
  • The Foam comes with 15 days warranty.

Layers of

  • Plain knitted fabric – This contain cotton layer that helps to provide air circulation and comfortness.
  • Memory – This is to contour points and reduces the pressure and distributes weight equally.
  • High density rubberised coir & layer – This layer are support with body points, reduces the back pain, neck and shoulder pain. The rubberised coir is made of natural latex and coconut coir.
  • Theramedic layers is made of theramedic cocoon that supports back, neck and shoulders.