Best Sleeping Mattress in India 2024

Here is our genuine review to guide you to choose the top 5 Best Sleeping Mattress in India 2024. This research is based on real Customer Reviews and best selling brands on Amazon.

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The best sleeping mattress helps to get rid of body pain and assures a comfortable sleeping. The decides about the next day freshness. Back pain is common among many people, if we choose a wrong product then it becomes a worst situation. Hence the most be chosen to get comfortable sleeping

​1. COIR FIT Health Spa 6-inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress

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Coirfit is a famous which has more than 31 years of experience, which are the comfortable for sleeping, they provide ideal support system for the spine also it helps to balance body pressure.

The foam that is been used for making are clinically tested and gives high-performance. These are suitable for all types of sleepers. Coirfit active bond collection includes bone zone, spine fine, recharge, beetle , The granular bonded design helps users feel comfortable during all seasons


  • The form layer provides addition firmness
  • No sagging effect
  • Eco fresh helps to reduce the bacterial growth
  • The recharge foam gives the contouring to the body
  • The provides comfortness and reduces the body pressure points
  • There are 3 variants in the Health spa air rebonded, club spa HR and memo spa.

Layers of

  • Imported jacquard fabric helps to provide even air circulation and gives comfortness to the body
  • PU foam quilt this to reduce the growth of anti bacterial elements and to align the body
  • Backcare rebonded is helps to provide support to the back and gives extra comfortness to the body

​2. Hush Orthopaedic Support Memory Foam Mattress

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The hush provides the comfortness and makes you feel that you sleeping over a luxury, they come with 30 night trials. There are 3 variants available in Hush, pocketed spring, PU and Memory.

The partner perfect comes with motion buffer technology which provides support to the body and luxury feel over the bed. The product comes with 10 years warrant, they are suitable for side and stomach sleepers.

The motion buffer technology helps to maintain zero partner disturbance, reduces the turning and tossing


  • Helps to maintain body S shape
  • 10 years warranty
  • 30 nights trials
  • Suitable for back and side sleepers
  • Comfortable sleeping
  • Reduces the turning and tossing

Layers of

  • Temperature sensitive memory foam – which helps to maintain body temperature, reduces the turning and tossing
  • High resilience of PU – This layer gives the comfortable feeling while on, reduces the body’s pressure points and distributes body weight equally.
  • Supportive base layer – This is made of rebonded that to maintain body shape
  • The product cover is made of pure cotton which is breathable and keeps you cool

​3. Sleepwell Activa Firmtec Mattress

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Sleepwell are the leading that are uses Polyurethane foam, provides zero partner disturbance. The aligns with your spine and makes you feel comfortable and reduces the back pain, it equally distributes body weight and reduces body pressure.

The airflow is evenly circulated and gives high resilience gives bounciness. They provide a special edge design that comforts seating and durability. It comes with 7 years of the manufacturer warranty, the thickness of the product is 6 inches.

This is made of a combination of memory foam and PU which reduces the pressure points, the health fresh technology helps to prevent microorganisms. The best Sleepwell Mattress comes in 5 variants sleepwell spine bond, nexa, duet air, my range, and spring range.

They come with 3 layers anti-sag comfort action technology which reduces sagging and gives pleasant feel in bed


  • Anti-sagging technology
  • Combination of PU and memory foam
  • Comes with 7 years warranty
  • Health fresh technology helps to prevent microbial elements
  • Perfect for back pain users

​4. SLEEPSPA Cotton Back Support Orthopaedic 4-inch Single Size Coir Mattress

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The sleep spa has 31 years experience and are best sleeping mattress, they make you feel better and more comfortable during your sleeping, supports back, neck and shoulders.

The spinal relaxation technology helps to support spine completely, reduces the pressure points and makes you get deep sleeping. The hypoallergenic to be safe on the sleeping, prevents from dirt, dust, and microorganisms and reduces asthma and sinus problems.

The product comes with 5 years warranty, they can be used on both sides according to their comfort, either soft or firm. They are fitted with temperature regulated, the rubberized coir keeps you cool during summer and PU to keep you warm during summer.


  • Dual support
  • Spinal relaxation technology
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5 years warranty
  • Temperature regulated

Layers of

  • Top layer – This layer is made of premium cotton fabric which improves the sleep and provides even air circulation
  • PU quilt – The maintain temperature, provides durability and comforted
  • PU foam – The maintain shape and reduces the pressure of points
  • Rubberized coir core – This is ventilation, reduces moisture and provides good sleep

​5. Sunday Mattress Ortho Plus 2G – Q78 6-inch Queen Size Latex Mattress

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The Sunday are a budget friendly that to provide complete support, they are perfect to give both comfortness and therapeutic support.

The helps to realign your spine over the bed and reduces the back pain, the firmness helps to support neck, shoulders and spine. They are suitable for all types of sleepers.

The top layer of the made of 100% pure cotton while giving comfort feel. The comes with 100-night trials and 10 years of lifespan and they comes with 3 variants ortho plus, latex plus and memory plus.

Layers of

  • Organic top cover that to provide proper air ventilation and removes the dust
  • Memory foam that to provide comfortness to the body and reduces the pressure
  • High resilience that spread your weight evenly and makes you feel lighter when you are on the bed


  • 100-night trials
  • Completely designed to relieve back pain
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
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