Sleepwell Vs Springfit – Which Brand Is Better?

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Sleepwell and Springfit might sound the same. But these brands are very much different from each other, which makes them so unique. The below section will discuss everything you need to know to choose which mattress is more suitable for you.

1. Similarities And Differences: Springfit Vs Sleepwell


  1. Both the brands have mattresses with orthopaedic features so that they can support your backbone and maintain its curvature. 
  2. You won’t have to deal with odour and noise coming from the mattresses of both Springfit and Sleepwell. 
  3. Both the brands offer a huge range of products within an affordable budget range. 


  1. Sleepwell offers a 30-days trial period which is absent for the Springfit mattresses.
  2. In the Sleepwell collections, the maximum warranty is for five years, but Springfit provides a maximum of 25 years. 
  3. Springfit mattresses are made from Aero space technology for cooking the surface temperature, which is not present in the Sleepwell mattresses. 

2. Differences: Firmness And Feel

  • Springfit mattresses are firmer than the Sleepwell mattresses because of the use of dense foam and latex layers in the comfort zone of the products. 
  • The Sleepwell Ortho mattresses have a firmness value ranging between 6 to 8.5, while for Springfit, the orthopaedic mattresses have a firmness varying from 6 to 9. 
  • Medium soft mattresses are not present for the Springfit brand. But a few mattresses are there under the flagship of Sleepwell brand, where the firmness is medium soft. 

3. Mattress Construction Differences 

  • Springfit has mattresses with quilted and cotton covers, while the Sleepwell mattresses have cotton covers. A removable zipper is not present in the mattresses from both brands. 
  • These three materials are used in the mattresses for the comfort level, memory foam, soft PU foam, and soft HR foam. Coir and latex also have been used in some products from Springfit, which has added firmness to the mattresses without compromising the softness. 
  • As far as the support layers are considered, both the brands have HR foam and high-density foam options in their mattresses.

4. Performance Differences: Sleepwell Vs Springfit

Temperature regulationNormal ventilation. Aero Sleep Technology
Motion transferNoNo
Edge supportYesNo
DurabilityLess durableHighly durable
  • Temperature regulation: The Sleepwell mattresses control the surface temperature due to the abundance of air pockets between the layers used for constructing the mattress. However, since no special cooling technology is used, sometimes, you might get all sweaty during sleep.

    As for the Springfit, the Aero Sleep technology will help in increasing the air circulation through the mattresses. Hence, the surface temperature won’t increase above the recommended level.
  • Motion transfer: Motion transfer is prevented in the pocket spring mattresses from both the Sleepwell and Springfit brands. As for other mattresses, the motion transfer rate varies with the specific construction of a particular product.
  • Edge support: Edge support is present only for the spring mattresses for the Springfit brand, which is why their products are highly durable and long-lasting. As for the Sleepwell mattresses, edge support is absent even from the spring mattresses collection.
  • Durability: Springfit mattresses are more durable as compared to the Sleepwell products. In addition, for the Springfit brand, the durability also varies according to the mattress collection you will choose. For example, I-Sleep has the highest durability from Springfit, while for the Sleepwell brand, the Cocoon mattress collection is the most durable one.
  • Noise: If you are concerned about unwanted noises coming off the mattress from Sleepwell and Springfit, do not worry much. Both the brands have ensured that the mattresses don’t make any noise, no matter how many times you are changing your sleep position.
  • Mattress policies:
    • Shipping: Springfit mattresses can be shipped to any part of India with no additional charges presently. However, sometimes, the company might put the minimum clue order condition for free shipping.
      As for the Sleepwell brand, mattresses are shipped to the available locations based on the pin code you will enter while ordering the product.
    • Trial period: Springfit does not offer a trial period to the mattresses. Hence, you have to be completely sure about the product you are buying as there is no facility to get a complete refund against returning the mattress within the trial period.
      As for the Sleepwell brand, the maximum trial period offered on the mattresses is 30-days.
    • Returns: For both brands, if you are returning the mattresses within the specified period, you will get a 100% refund. After this, the return will be based on whether or not the damage is covered by the warranty policies of the respective brands- Springfit and Sleepwell.
    • Warranty: The Sleepwell mattresses come with a 5 years warranty period which is the standard time for any mattress, be it a spring mattress or a foam mattress.
      As for the Springfit mattresses, the warranty period is based on the collection type. For example, the i-Sleep collection has a warranty duration of 25 years, while the Club Class collection has 5 and 6 years warranty options. 

5. Springfit Vs Sleepwell – Which Is Better?

  • Based on the money factor, Springfit is far better than the Sleepwell brand because the former brand offers products within an affordable range. 
  • Springfit is also a better choice in terms of product range and variations. Several mattresses are there under the Springfit brand, which will help you choose the best product. 
  • On the other hand, Sleepwell offers custom size products that will help you ensure that the mattress is fitting better with the bed you have. 

6. Who should buy Springfit? And who should buy Sleepwell?

If you are looking for affordable and highly durable mattresses, the Springfit brand will be the ideal choice. Besides, they have a wide range of different mattresses categorized according to the materials being used in the construction, starting from Bonnel springs to the Memory foam.

On the other hand, the Sleepwell mattresses are best for any sleeper looking for a comfortable mattress within an affordable range. Also, the Sleepwell mattresses are made from high-quality materials and are ideal for sleepers having skin sensitivity.

7. FAQs

  1. Are Springfit mattresses affordable?

    Yes, the Springfit mattresses are affordable and can be bought by anyone, thanks to the huge collection of products having different material construction types.

  2. Do Springfit mattresses offer custom sizes?

    No, the Springfit mattress doesn’t come with a custom size. However, several dimension options will help you get the right mattress product for your bed.

  3. Do Springfit mattresses offer a mattress for back pain?

    Yes, Springfit offers mattresses that are suitable for reducing back pain. You will get a huge range of orthopaedic mattresses like the Proactiv Back mattress, Club Class Natura mattress, Club Class Petals mattress, and others.

  4. How long should a Sleepwell mattress last?

    The Sleepwell mattresses last for more than five years under normal conditions. However, suppose you are following all the manufacturer instructions and handle the product carefully. In that case, the mattress can last for seven to ten years also. However, if you are using the mattresses with the least care, it wouldn’t even last for 1 year.

  5. Does a new Sleepwell mattress smell bad?

    No, the Sleepwell mattresses won’t smell bad when you take the product out of the box to be delivered to your address. However, suppose somehow the mattress is smelling bad. In that case, you can raise a complaint and request either refund or a replacement at your convenience.

  6. What certifications do Sleepwell mattresses have? 

    The Sleepwell mattress brand has the ISO 9001 certification, which proved that the products are manufactured with high-quality materials compliant with the health and safety standards.

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