How To Choose A Mattress For Different Climates?

Aren’t you aware of the determinants that need to be considered while buying a mattress according to the climate?

If not, then there is nothing to worry about because here, in this article, we will introduce you to the main factors based on which you can choose the most appropriate mattress in varying climatic conditions.

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So just make sure that you follow our discussion properly to ensure that your chosen mattress has the features you need to battle the extremities of different climatic conditions.

How to choose a mattress according to a different climate?

  • Weather range: Firstly, you need to understand the usual weather range in your area to get the right mattress. For example, if you live near the coast, you will experience a moderate temperature throughout the year. However, if your city is landlocked, the summers and winters are going to be quite intense. As a result, you should check the average temperature and weather conditions during different climates or seasons to buy the right mattress.
  • Cooling gel technology: In some memory foam mattresses, you will find that the memory foam layer is reinforced with microgel technology. These are cooling gels that can easily absorb your body heat or the surface heat to keep it cool and soothing in the summer season. Also, the cooling gels are sometimes filled with aloe or cucumber extract, which improve the hygiene factor and help prevent bacteria and mould growth.
  • Open spring construction: Often you will find that the mattresses have open spring layers, especially in the pocket spring mattresses. Due to the presence of these open coil structures, it will improve the airflow within the mattress, due to which the temperature will be even. This is much preferred for the summer seasons, where you need proper mattress ventilation to ensure that the surface stays cooler.

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  • 3D edge airflow: If you are looking for a mattress that you can easily use in the summer seasons, you should look for products with a 3D edge airflow design. According to this design concept, air can easily circulate between the mattress layers, lowering the overall temperature and help you sleep comfortably in the summer season.
  • Room temperature: The surface temperature also affects the mattress choice in comparison with the climate. For example, the mattress surfaces usually have a higher temperature in the summer seasons if there is no special cooling feature added to the product. Similarly, in the winters, the bed will remain cold. Therefore, you need to have extra heat to make the mattress surface comfortable to sleep on. Hence, the mattress performance will depend on the room temperature. 
  • Density: While looking for mattresses based on the climate, you should consider their density. Suppose the mattress is highly dense, with almost no air pockets in different materials used to manufacture the product. In that case, the surface will stay warm and hot. Hence, these mattresses are best for winter seasons or areas where the summer temperatures are between 23˚ and 26 ˚. However, suppose you are choosing a lightweight mattress with less density. In that case, you will sleep on a cold surface since air circulation channels will stay open. 

How do different materials behave in different climates?

Mattress materialClimate
Memory foam Ideal for all climates, especially due for summers, provided the memory foam has cooling gel technology
PU foamBest for the summer season due to the high number of air pockets for better ventilation
Bonnell springBest for the summers since the Bonnell springs have an open coil structure for temperature regulation
Pocket springIdeal for the cold seasons due to the high density of the mattresses
CoirIdeal for winter seasons as the coir materials are quite dense with almost no air pocket
LatexNatural latex can cool down the surface temperature effectively


In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know to ensure that the mattress you have chosen is ideal for the climate in the area where you live. For example, suppose you have longer summer seasons with average temperatures ranging from 32˚C and 40˚C. In that case, you should go with the mattresses having high air ventilation or the cooling gel technology

On the other hand, for battling the coldness of the winter season, you should get a dense mattress since it can trap the heat and help you sleep comfortably on the bed. So, be very certain about the mattress type you are buying and its features to sleep without any disturbance due to the climate/weather conditions. 


Yes, memory foam mattresses are suitable for the summer seasons, especially those with microgel technology infused within them. These gels can easily absorb your body heat or the surface heat, thereby making the bed cooler compared to the ambient temperature during the summers.

It will be better for babies and kids who like to sleep in a single position without turning or twisting to get the baby water padding mattresses. It will reduce the discomfort from the summer season and help prevent the formation of boils and sores in your baby’s skin.

Sometimes, excessive humidity can affect the mattress, especially if the product is made from coir or foam material whose performance is reduced in the presence of humidity. Moreover, in humid weather, there are high chances that your mattress might be suffering from bacterial and fungal growth, which is not good for your health.

Winters are not harsh and super cold in all the regions. If you live in an area where the winter temperature is between 14˚ and 20˚, you won’t have to rely on the heating pads. For such conditions, you can use the quilted mattress topper, which will provide warmth and make the bedding surface plush and comfortable to sleep on.

If you live in a region where the winters are really cold, you should get a heating mattress pad. These accessories need to be connected with the electric outlet, and once you press on the switch, the pad will start getting hotter so that you can sleep comfortably on a warm and cosy bed. You can even regulate the temperature according to the coldness in the room.

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