How Often to Change Your Mattress: What You May Not Know?

Are you thinking of replacing your mattress? Do you know the time for changing or disposing of your mattress?

Well, there are certain rules and regulations you might have to follow. However, it would be easy for you to identify whether a mattress needs to be changed when uncomfortable. Sometimes it might show signs of wear and tear.

General Guidelines To Follow

There are certain reasons why you might have to change your mattress. These are – 

Presences of noisy springs
Gradual wear and tear
Stiffness of muscles during the morning
Asthma or worsening allergies due to the chances of allergens and dust mites
Putting more weight on your mattress
Change in the sleeping arrangement or even the health

1. Checking Out Issues In Your Mattress

Now, if your mattress has certain physical signs of defect, it means the time has come for changing it. Here these changes might not be simple. You have to understand how such changes can manifest based on the kind of mattress you have. 

Sometimes you are rolling with the inner coil mattress. There might be certain lumps, especially from where the springs have lost their tension. If you are using the hybrid mattress, check out for the fraying that will be present just along with the stitching, or you can check for spots where different materials get undone.

If it has reached this level of degradation, you are no doubt you are sleeping on a bed mattress. This you would have probably known, and the time has come to change the mattress. In this case, trust your gut before it becomes worse. Here your body is at stake.

2. How Many Years Is A Mattress Good For?

Keep in mind that the number of years a mattress is good is based on the kind of mattress you have. Most of the innerspring mattresses would be good only for seven or eight years, irrespective of whether the manufacturers say that its lifespan is ten or more. 

Here this is simple science. A coil will lose its tension after the preset period. So, it means that when it gets uncoiled, there is nothing more you can do for prolonging the mattress. Of course, sometimes certain things can help prolong the mattress; however, how often you have to change the mattress is based on the moment you purchase. 

Here some of the newer mattresses and their materials won’t last long. Hybrid mattresses and memory foam are the best ways to get good value for your paying price. Of course, certain new materials and mattresses do last longer. When it concerns hybrid mattresses and memory foam, they are the best ones and provide great value in terms of price. 

They are very much super-durable and have the benefits of not taking the coil system regarding memory foam. This means that there is no mechanical procedure to break down. So, it means such beds would last not only for years but even for decades. 

This does not say that things can’t go wrong. However, the lifelong warranties that these mattresses manufacturers provide show that the lifespan is no fluke. 

3. Basic Steps To Follow To Ensure That You Have To Change The Mattress

  • When The Mattress Is Saggy: Sometimes there might be a dent in your mattress, especially in the shape of your body. Well, this is the signal showing that your mattress is quite worn. The sagging often happens with most of all mattress materials but not for waterbeds.

    This is easily checked, or you can see it in the sleeping area, right at the edges. Now, if your mattress has sprung, then it might get broken down and sag. Foam and fiber materials would break down as time passes. The deeper the sag gets in your mattress, the more discomfort you would experience.

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    Here saggy mattress will easily disrupt your sleep and lead to pains and aches. Sometimes your saggy mattress would disrupt sleep and lead to pains and aches. If your memory foam mattress core gets softened, you might feel the sag, which would be like the hammock effect.
  • When Your Mattress Is Uncomfortable: This might sound common sense, as you would know when your mattress is comfortable. However, various people adjust to this kind of discomfort.

    Just imagine this; if you can get better sleep on the bed of your friend’s guest room or hotel, then your bed at home is uncomfortable.

    Keep in mind that the bed displayed in the showroom might seem comfortable, but that won’t guarantee it would perform better at home. Here the upper part of most mattresses you see consists of ‘comfort layers.

    These support your body and give the required pressure relief. Here the comfort layer gets broken down over time, resulting in poor sleep and even body aches.

    However, in a certain case, the mattress you select would be faulty right from the beginning. So, you might have to replace it. 
  • Spine Is Not Aligned While You Are Sleeping: Remember that no matter how old or new your mattress is, if it does not give you the required alignment and support, you won’t get proper sleep.

    Mattress for stomach sleepers and back sleepers, the spine’s natural curve, which is the S curve, would be easily evident when you are lying on the mattress.

    If it is exaggerated or ends up getting flattened, the mattress won’t get properly aligned to your spine.

    If you are a side sleeper, your spine needs to be straight right from the neck to the bottom to get good support.

    Just keep in mind a level or yardstick would be easily adequate alignment for you. You can use a good pillow for rectifying the minor issues; however, if you slide a hand right between the gap of your body and mattress, then it is a red flag.
  • Waking Up Stiff And Sore: Of course, poor sleep will lead to chronic backaches. If you are waking up sore and stiff each day, then your mattress is the major reason for this issue. Sometimes your back pain would be worse, that’s why you choose the best orthopaedic mattress for back pain in India. But as soon as you move around and stretch, it goes. This is a real sign that your mattress is a leading cause of huge back issues for you.
  • Ultimately You Do Have To Change Your Mattress When The Time Comes: You spend more than two-thirds of your life in bed. Now getting a good night’s sleep is very important, especially to be healthy. If you have a bad mattress leading you to sore backs and body issues, you have to consider throwing or replacing the mattress. After all, it is a matter concerning your health. 
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