Best Orthopedic Mattress in India 2020

The Orthopedic Mattress is helps to support spine, joint and whole body. so that here are our genuine reviews would give you better clarity to buy the Best Orthopedic Mattress in India 2020. This research is based on real Customer reviews and ratings.

The mattresses to get relief from body pressure and the lifetime of the high-density foam with the cell size is bigger then to circulate more air.

Here is the list of Orthopedic Mattress in India 2020

1. Durfi Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattress

  • Best OrthoPedic Mattress in India

Durfi is designed for the common man who is facing back pain and gets relief from body pressure, the durfi has assured 90% of back pain gets solved. Durfi is the best brand in Orthopedic mattress.

The best variant in Durfi is cotton candy memory foam that supports your back, the features are:

  • Hyper-sensitive adjustment memory foam - The high resilience layer gives 100% airflow that circulates air evenly throughout your sleep
  • Antibacterial cover - The cover is made of 400GSM knitted fabric that to reduce allergic problems.
  • Cotton candy memory foam - This is maintained body temperature balanced.
  • Zero partner disturbance - It's to get a sound sleep without disturbance even when the partner moves around.
  • Customized - The Durfi get you to customize your, the shape and size can be customized as per your requirement.

The layers are :

  • Antibacterial fabric cover - This helps to minimize skin allergies
  • Cotton candy memory foam - Balances body heat and maintains a balanced temperature
  • Comfort layer - this helps to circulate airflow with the high resilience comfort layer
  • Back support base layer - Its made of reactive foam that to support the spine and is made without any heavy metals and depleters
  • Thermobond felt - This Maintain sheer versatility
  • Corner fabric - This is made of high GSM fabric for the airflow
  • Base fabric - The layer made with anti-skid features and resist from insects.

2. Sunday Ortho Mattress

The Sunday Mattress is designed to reduce back pain, neck pain and gives you a sound sleep. Sunday Mattress is crafted with 3 different variants

  • Memory plus
  • Ortho plus
  • Latex plus

Ortho plus are designed for the lower back and neck pain persons. The new model that is designed is Sunday ortho plus 4 mattresses.

The layers of Sunday mattress are:

  • Latex layer - The top of 2-inch latex material that is made from natural rubber tree sap, that helps you feel cool throughout the night.
  • Memory foam layer - The next is a 1-inch memory foam layer of support your spine and joints.
  • High resilience foam - This is to maintain body temperature and air flow

The features of Sunday mattress are:

  • Optimal back support - designed for the comfort of people and gives therapeutic support
  • Comforts shoulder - The firm support over your back and softer support for your shoulder that relieves pressure from your shoulders.
  • Certified fabric - The fabric that is used in the imported from Belgium made of pure cotton fabric and certified by OEKO-TEX. The fabric resists from allergies and free from dust and insects.

3. Kurl-on Ortho 5-inch King Size Coir Mattress

  • Branded Best Orthopedic Mattress

Kurlon is India’s best mattress brand that serves from 1962, which gives a solution to all home furnishing.

The variants in Kurlon are:

  • Spring
  • Foam
  • Coir
  • Therapeutic

The Therapeutic is designed to give comforts and relief from pressure. The Spinekare spring is a memory foam that to support your structure along with the body line and keeps the spine straight and reduces the pressure. This is reduces the sinking, sagging and tossing over during sleep.

The layers are:

  • High Tensile Bonnell spring - This is made with helical wire technology that gives more comfort to the body.
  • PU foam - This increases the life and maintains the shape of the mattresses
  • High-density cotton - The top and bottom are made of 100% pure cotton that for even air flow.
  • Rebonded - The more gives the durability
  • Soft polar fleece fabric - This gives comfort to the body.
  • Memory foam comfort - This is to maintain the body shape temperature.

4. Libramattres Ortho Bonded Foam Coir Mattress

Libra is designed in such a way that they give air circulation and maintain temperature, they can be used on both sides, it has zero reverse pressure memory foam. The Libra has 4 series.

  • Orthopedic series
  • Spring series
  • Romance series
  • Comfort series

This is to solve the spine and joint problems. There are various variants of under Orthopedic

  • Ortho lite - The support for both the spine and muscular relief, it has a compressed that to support back. This is designed with HDQ technology, anti-microbial, and CRC technology.
  • Ortho imagines - This is made of jacquard fabric that gives comforts to the body. The natural spring to relieve body pain and evenly spread blood circulation.
  • Ortho-Bliss - The made of ortho bond material and the turf tech hard support for shape and gets relieved from body pain.
  • Orthopedic - This is supports both the spine and muscular pressure. The compressed support your spine shape
  • Orthopedic no1 - This is designed by the spine and muscular movements, The 500GSM fabric gives proper air circulation and comforts you by aligning weight.

5. Fresh Up Orthopedic Mattress

The Freshup Mattress is designed to make you feel fresh when you wake up by comforting you sleep. There is comes with the 12 manufacturer warranty, 120-night free trial, ISO certified. The mattresses can be used as a dual side. The variants of the fresh up are:

  • Orthopedic
  • Spring
  • Memory foam

The Orthopedic is designed for the people suffering from back pain and joint pain, it helps to relieve pressure and pain. The layers are :

  • Fabric cover - The fabric cover is made of high quality knitted fabric that helps for air circulation
  • Quilted layer - This layer comforts the person over the, gives firmness and maintains temperature.
  • Open-cell foam - This supports the spine and joints and reduces body pressure. The bigger cell helps to maintain temperature and good air circulation.
  • Rebonded foam - This is the support layer for Orthopedic problems, this gives to the back and reduces the sagging and sinking.

The Orthopedic comes with 3 different by the firmness of the products:

  • Exotia Orthopedic - This is medium and hard
  • Boost up Orthopedic - Medium-hard and hard
  • Ortho time plus - Firm on both sides

6. King Koil Ortho Firm 5-inch King Size Rebonded Foam Mattress

The king Koil Mattress is the best Orthopedic which has the experience of 117 years to support the spine and make you sleep in the right posture. King Koil has many variants

  • premium line
  • luxury line
  • doctor endorsed

The doctor endorsed are designed by back 2 health for Orthopedic problems. The series under it are:

  • Sleep easy - This is made with soft body contouring pocketed spring along with high-density memory foam mattress which helps to sleep comfortably.
  • body sense - This is made of natural latex and chiropractic firm coils that give medium-firm and to get sound sleep
  • contour comfort - This is full support mattresses.

The is made of premium quality fabric that helps for air circulation. The layers are :

  • King Koil cover - This layer is made of pure cotton that helps in air circulation
  • Cool gel memory foam - This is maintained body shape according to weight and maintain temperature.
  • High-density - This layer gives strength, durability, and structure of the support
  • The non-slip base layer - It helps to maintain the temperature

Find the Best Orthopedic Mattress in India?

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