Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat Mattress
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Shopping for the best mattresses has undergone a huge change. From the brick and mortar space, people are more inclined to purchase the best quality from online. It is not surprising to see the alteration in people’s purchase mindset from boring and tiresome purchases to variety and interesting means of purchase. 

Of course, since you can purchase mattresses online, you might be in a dilemma. Which one is the best? How does the particular mattress weight in terms of quality, comfort, and price? 

You might come across the best ones like Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat, but which among them is the best. It is a tough choice. But what if there was a way or details right in front of you to make the decision. In this article, we are going to check that out. 

Sleepyhead Mattress

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Sleepyhead mattress created for suiting 90% of the body types. It provides a great amount of comfort for all kinds of sleeping postures.  

Regarding the material, Sleepyhead is developed using the HR (High Resilient) foam and memory foam. These are high quality and superior grade; it allows the mattress to get compressed and even rolled into a big box. Later on, this innovative packaged mattress box is shipped to various destinations in India. 

Sleepycat Mattress

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Unlike the Sleepyhead mattress, the Sleepycat is a best-to-use orthopedic memory foam mattress. This is designed by experts and is greatly suitable for all kinds of people. The company produces luxurious mattresses even at a fraction of cost by cutting the services of intermediaries.

Besides, the company uses a specialized blend of memory foam and cooling crystals that regulate body temperature throughout the night while you are sleeping. Being a pressure-relieving mattress, the Sleepycat provides a good amount of support to your back and even shapes the whole body for a good amount of sleep.

In the Sleepycat mattress, a unique gel memory foam layer is created to distribute the body weight and keep one cool all around the night. It has the best orthopedic nature, which maintains the natural alignment and removes the pressure points that commonly lead to body aches. In short, the millions of the gel can easily help in regulating the temperature for keeping the person cool sleep. 

Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat Mattress – The Detailed Comparison

Let’s check some of the basic criteria for the comparison for Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat

Price Range: Sleepyhead

Sleepyhead™ Original SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 6,499 – ₹ 11,999Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 7,499 – ₹ 14,999Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 9,499 – ₹ 17,999Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 11,499 – ₹ 20,999Buy Now
Sleepyhead™ Sense SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 9,999 – ₹ 13,999Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 12,999 – ₹ 17,999Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 14,999 – ₹ 22,999Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 17,999 – ₹ 21,999Buy Now
Sleepyhead™ Flip SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 5,499 – ₹ 7,499Buy Now

Price Range: SleepyCat

SleepyCat Original SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 8,990 – ₹ 14,989Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 10,251 – ₹ 17,989Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 12,816 – ₹ 21,989Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 16,190 – ₹ 24,989Buy Now
SleepyCat Orthopedic SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 12,816 – ₹ 14,989Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 18,801 – ₹ 21,989Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 21,366 – ₹ 24,989Buy Now
SleepyCat Switch SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 6,989 – ₹ 8,489Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 10,790 – ₹ 11,989Buy Now

Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat

Warranty PeriodThe warranty period for Sleepyhead is ten years.While for the Sleepyhead, it is the same.
Trial policy100 nights.It is around 30 nights
Size & DimensionFor Sleepy Head, the dimensions and sizes are –
Mattress’s height is 6.”
36″ Single Weights (kg) is 12 to 13
48″ Double Weights (kg) is 16.9 to 19.2
60″ Queen Weights (kg) is 24 to 25.6
72″ King Weights (kg) is 26 to 28
For Sleepycat, the dimensions and sizes are the followings –
Mattress’s height is 6.”
36″ Single Weights (kg) is 14
48″ Double Weights (kg) is 16
60″ Queen Weights (kg) is 18
66″ Large Queen Weights (kg) is 18
72″ King Weights (kg) is 20
FeaturesFor Sleepyhead, the dimensions and sizes are –
Mattress’s height is 6.”
36″ Single Weights (kg) is 12 to 13
48″ Double Weights (kg) is 16.9 to 19.2
60″ Queen Weights (kg) is 24 to 25.6
72″ King Weights (kg) is 26 to 28
For Sleepycat, the dimensions and sizes are the followings –
Mattress’s height is 6.”
36″ Single Weights (kg) is 14
48″ Double Weights (kg) is 16
60″ Queen Weights (kg) is 18
66″ Large Queen Weights (kg) is 18
72″ King Weights (kg) is 20
CertificationsSleepyhead has the certification of Bureau of Indian Standards Certified.Now regarding the OEKO-TEX® Fabric and CertiPUR-US® Foams, both of them don’t have.
Customer ratingsAverage: 4 StarsAverage: 4.5 Stars
Industry Since20172017
Manufactured inBengaluru, IndiaIndia
Suitable For side sleepersback sleepers

Mattress Construction

1. Mattress Types

The Sleepycat mattress is available in the premium six-inch mattress shape with two layers of construction. It has a premium outer cover and 1” gel memory foam. Also, the high-density base foam is 5 inches and is filled with a breezy inner cover. Besides, it has an anti-skid base. 

Now the Sleepyhead mattress is also available in six inches and is created from the combinations of various three high-quality foams. These are responsive memory foam, super soft comfort foam, and high resilience support foam. Supporting it is a breathable mesh fabric. 

2. Material 

The material aspect of the Sleepycat is filled with millions of gel beads. These help in regulating the temperature for keeping you cool while you are sleeping. The presence of the specialized inner netted cover will secure the foam right from the inside, and it will even provide a unique airflow throughout the mattress. 

The Sleepyhead contains a comfort foam right on the top for keeping the mattress fresh. Plus, it even provides a bouncy feeling, making it the perfect surface for sleeping. 


The comfort layer of Sleepycat, especially the top layer, will help you and your partner sleep peacefully. Most importantly, if your partner even decides to turn and toss, there would be no motion transfer, and the best part is that you remain undistributed.

About the Sleepyhead, it is not suitable for all. However, concerning the comforting cushiness, it provides just like how we want. Having a supportive foam base, the best memory foam right in the middle, and the breathable soft layer present in the top, Sleepyhead will make you and your bedmate comfortable together. 


The best part of the Sleepycat support is that this mattress contains pressure-relieving qualities. This provides extensive support and comfort. Plus, it will keep you cool throughout the night and make you fast asleep.

With Sleepyhead, you get the perfect mattress that provides conforming and promising support along with even weight distribution for ensuring that your spine is straight. Plus, it provides and makes you stress-free. 


The strength capacity of the Sleepycat is based on the high-density base layer. This adds the required durability, strength, and great structure to the mattress. In the Sleepyhead case, its strength is based on the unique design, and that builds the enhanced structural strength.

Firmness Options

About the firmness options, the score of Sleepycat lies between 7 and 8. But the Sleepyhead, it is somewhere around 8 and 9 as the mattress has the best medium firm base. This is possible due to the three-layer foam construction, thereby providing the best support and coziness. 


Hope you can differentiate between the Sleepyhead and Sleeycat mattress. So, if you are going to purchase, just read the above classifications and differences. 

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