Zippered Mattress Guide – Benefits And More!

Are you worried about the performance of the mattress when it is left unprotected? 

Do you want to take the mattress for outdoor camping or any other activity? 

If yes, you need to have a zippered mattress that will protect the internal layers of the product from stains, spills, and other damaging triggers and help you use it both indoors and outdoors. However, not everyone is aware of the zippered mattresses, so you need to focus on this guide. 

In the below article, we have explained all the fundamentals about the zippered mattresses, starting from what it is, the benefits, and several such facts. With all the information bits compiled in this article, you will have no problem choosing the best type of zippered mattress available in the market. 

So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started with our discussion about the zippered mattress guide!

What is a zippered mattress, and what are the different types of such mattresses?

In a zippered mattress, you will have an additional outer cover that will help you cover the entire mattress completely in the best possible manner. In addition, the zip will help you enclose the mattress and its inner layers in a protective cocoon, which will help you use the product in every possible way. 

A zippered mattress cover can be categorized into several forms, which we have discussed below. After knowing the categories, in brief, you will gain more clarity about this mattress type. 

  1. Cotton zippered mattress covers: These are made from medium to high fibre threads, which increases the breathability of the cover and provides the best comfort level to the sleepers. 
  2. Woollen zippered cover: For manufacturing these covers, woollen fibres are used in intertwined weave patterns to increase the softness and improve durability. 
  3. Blend zippered cover: In these covers, two or fabrics are used to manufacture them so that you can enjoy multiple features with ease. 
  4. Linen covers: These are made from a thin linen fabric that is breathable and helps improve air circulation.

Things to consider for buying the best-zippered mattress from the market

Since buying the best-zippered mattress is not an easy task for amateurs, you shouldn’t make a random choice as you might end up having the wrong product. That’s why we have mentioned the factors you need to consider to buy the best-zippered mattress from the market. 

  1. First of all, you need to have a clear understanding of the cover materials to choose the best material suitable for fulfilling your requirements. 
  2. Secondly, you should check the breathability of the zipper cover. The breathability feature doesn’t depend on the material thickness. Instead, it depends on the weave pattern and the cover density. 
  3. You should check the durability and longevity of the mattress cover so that you can have a durable cover for better performance and a night of peaceful sleep. 
  4. It will be better to find a zippered cover with dual zips to help you close and open the zipper with ease. 

Benefits of having a zippered mattress

Before you decide regarding the zippered mistakes, don’t you think that learning about its advantages is imperative and quite helpful? 

If yes, then this particular section is formulated just for you since here, we have listed down the major benefits of using the zippered covered mattress. 

  • The zippered covers will be able to prevent dust and other allergen compounds to keep the mattress hygienic and safe for your skin and overall health. 
  • You can change the looks of the mattress by using coloured or printed zip covers. This will allow you to get rid of the struggles of using bedsheets now and then. 
  • With a zipper cover, the internal mattress layers will be safe from water, stains, and spills so that the products will last long. 
  • You can use a padded zipper cover that will provide you with an extra layer of comfort to snuggle on the bed.
  • Furthermore, it can remove the zipped cover easily for frequent cleaning and washing. 

Disadvantages of a zippered mattress 

Even though there are several advantages of having this particular mattress category, there are certain flaws you need to consider before you visit an online store and immediately buy the product. The major disadvantages of using the zippered mattresses are: 

  • Even the zips break or come off the liner, and you won’t be able to use it efficiently. 
  • Choosing the best zipper covers for the mattresses is not an easy task and hence has a lot of room for errors. 
  • Some people might be allergic to the zippered mattress’s outer layer, which is a major concern for several sleepers. 


In the above article, we have explained everything you need to know about the zippered mattresses so that you can decide whether the product is ideal for you or not. Furthermore, the details will also help you to choose the best product that will suit all your requirements without affecting your health, albeit in a bad way. 

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