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Hypnos is one of the best brands you can find in the market for premium mattresses. With years of experience in the market, Hypnos has introduced different mattresses that will cater to one’s needs in the best possible way.

The brand has gained momentum in the past, thanks to their ideal solutions for heavy sleepers, light sleepers, sleepers with back pain, and the ones seeking nothing but poshness and comfort from the bed. 

So, are you interested in learning more about the mattress collections from Hypnos? 

If yes, then you are at the right place because here, we will explain the entire Hypnos mattress review so that you can have complete clarification about their products and how they are different from others present in the market. 

1. Pros and Cons of Hypnos Mattresses


  • A special mattress, the Spinera from Hypnos, is ideal for those suffering from spine posture problems, slipped discs, arthritis in the spine, or any other problems and want relief from the same. 
  • Each mattress is available in three different thickness, with 4” being the minimum and 8” the maximum for the entire product collection. 
  • The 4 major sizes available are single, double, queen, and king, which is why you can get the best mattress according to your bed size.


  • No option for customizing the size is available, which can be problematic for those having beds of different dimensions. 
  • Edge support is not present in all the mattress, so they cannot resist the compressive forces much. 
  • All the mattresses have foam construction without the addition of latex or coir materials. 

2. Hypnos Mattress Types

Hypnos has introduced eight different mattresses, each having different feature sets. This section will talk about the special features of all the mattress products under the brand’s collection. 


Hypnos Mattress Review 1

This is one of the basic foam construction mattresses from Hypnos. It comes with only two layers- the 23D PU foam core, which forms the main support layer, and the super-soft foam layer that adds a little bit of softness to the product. Also, considering the cover, you will have a PE knitted fabric with edge support for better resistance against the depressive forces, which are nothing but the sleeper’s body weight. 


Hypnos Mattress Review 2

Furno is also an all-foam construction mattress and has a similar structure to that of Foamera. But the internal layers are somewhat different. Going from the top, you have a 13D PU foam followed by the 28D PU foam. These two layers will add softness to the mattress but not like the memory foam, so Furno is ideal for general sleepers. The core is made from 23D PU foam which is quite hard and will act as the core base. At the top, a PE knitted fabric is present with 160 gsm. 


Hypnos Mattress Review 3

Available in three colours- blue, maroon, and beige, the Inspree mattress has five foam layers, increasing the firmness level on a scale of 5 to 7. Going from the bottom, you have a 13D PU foam quilt covering the top like an envelope. Inside this, the 8D rebonded foam layer is present both at the top and bottom. Sandwiched between the rebonded foam, you will have the 28D PU foam layer that forms the core element. The core is quite hard without any bounciness, which is counterbalanced by the rebonded foam. 


Hypnos Mattress Review 4

Suppose you are looking for a memory foam mattress at an affordable range. In that case, the Memorio mattress from Hypnos is certainly the ideal choice. Here, you will have a 16D soft foam quilt at the top, making the mattress’s surface quite posh and cosy. You have the 50D memory foam right below it, which will bend according to your body shape in contact with the surface. The below two layers- super-soft foam and PU foam core provide support to your body which will help in supporting your body weight and also release the tension in the back muscles. 


Hypnos Mattress Review 5

The memorio ult mattress is made from memory foam and soft foam, which is why it is quite soft and perfect for those looking forward to cuddling on the bed. As a support layer, you have the 28D high-density foam, which provides a sturdy base and counteracting the high level of bounciness from the top two soft foams. The top cover is made from PE knitted fabric along with a foam quilt. 


Hypnos Mattress Review 6

Mirage is one of the lightweight mattresses you can find in the Hypnos mattress collection. On the top, you will have a fabric quilt with a soft woven structure that will provide a wonderful feel to your body. Then, considering the inner layers, you have the 18D foam quilt made from PU material, followed by a super-soft foam and a high-density PU foam. Finally, there is a 28D high-density HR foam also which forms the core of the mattress. 


Hypnos Mattress Review 7

Made specifically for those suffering from varied spine problems, this particular mattress comes with rebonded and memory foam. That’s why the mattress surface can support the body posture in the upward direction, which balances your body weight perfectly. The core material is made from 80D rebonded foam that adds to the bounciness of the product. In addition, you will have a soft foam, a memory foam, a super soft foam, and a PU form in the middle sections. Such a combination results in comfort and medium firmness level, relieving you of your spine problems. 


Hypnos Mattress Review 8

Panorama is one of the best mattresses from Hypnos, which comes with a 32D high-density PU foam care that will help make the product sturdier and more robust. In addition, there is special memory foam with an open cell structure that will maintain the air circulation in the best possible manner. Moreover, since it’s high-density memory foam, you won’t have to worry about sagging or depression of the inner layers under compression forces from above. 

3. Firmness And Feel

Since all the mattresses are made from foam layers, the firmness level ranges between 4 to 7 depending on the type of foam used in the mattress construction. For example, in the Memorio ULT mattress, you have both the super-soft foam and memory foam, making the product quite soft. As a result, its firmness range varies between 4 to 5.5. Similarly, when it comes to Furno, you will have only the PU foam layer, so the mattress is firm with a rating of about 6. 

Considering that most mattresses are covered with knitted fabric layers made either from PE or PU material, you will feel quite comfortable after sleeping on the bed. Moreover, there is no need to fear allergic reactions from the mattresses since all the mattresses are made from high-quality materials. 

4. Mattress Construction

Hypnos Mattress Review
  • Cover: A PE or PU knitted fabric layer is present on the top layer, which provides a feeling of a soft but thin quilt. 
  • Comfort Layers: As for the comfort layers, you will have memory foam, super-soft foam, and PU soft foam layers to help you sleep on a cosy mattress. 
  • Support Layer: Considering the support layers, you have the High Resilience foam layer and the PU foam, which form the cores. These layers help balance the softness of the comfort layers and make the base sturdier and stronger. 
  • Mattress Height And Weight: Most mattresses are lightweight since they are made with foam. However, considering mattress height, you will have three options.
    • 4”, 5”, and 6”: Mirage, Furno, Inspree, Foamera
    • 5”, 6”, and 8”: Memorio ULT, Spinesafe, Memorio, Panorama

5. Hypnos Mattress Performances

Features Hypnos mattress
Temperature regulationNatural air circulation
Edge supportPresent
DurabilityHighly durable 
Noise & odorNo 
Warranty info2 to 10 years
  • Temperature Regulation: All the mattresses have normal temperature regulating properties as the foam layers come with air pockets through which air can circulate easily, thereby keeping the top surface cool. 
  • Motion Transfer: No mattress is capable of preventing the motion transfer. Hence, if your partner is moving or turning around on the mattress surface, you will be able to feel the movement. 
  • Edge Support: All the mattresses are equipped with tape edge that resist the compressive forces to prevent the sagging of the inner foam layers.
  • Durability: The products are highly durable, thanks to the PU foams, which are included in the inner layers of the mattresses. As a result, these mattresses will last for longer times, and hence, there is no worry about buying another mattress sooner. 
  • Noise & Odor: As springs are not present in the mattresses, you won’t have to worry about noises like twisting and others. As for odour, no bacteria or mould will grow between the inner layers. Hence, you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant smell coming out of the mattress. 
  • Warranty Info: The warranty period varies from 2 years to 10 years, depending on the type of mattress product you are buying. 

6. Hypnos Mattress Policies

  • Shipping: Shipping is possible to any place within India, but you won’t have to worry about paying any extra charges for getting the delivery at your place. 
  • Trial period: The trial period of the Hypnos mattresses is fourteen days, within which returning the mattress will give you 100% refunds. 
  • Returns: If you are getting a defective product, you can raise a return request provided that you are returning the product within the first 7 to 10 days of receiving the package. 
  • Warranty: When it comes to the warranty policies, it will cover not all the damages. For example, suppose any intentional damage, like folding the mattresses or spilling water and not drying up the liquid. In that case, you get the refund as per the warranty policies. 

7. Who Should Buy Hypnos Mattress, And Is That worth?

The Hypnos mattresses are the perfect choices for people looking for softness, cosy, luxury, and snugness. Each mattress comes with different types of foam construction, which will meet your requirements based on your chosen product. 

8. FAQs

  1. How long should a Hypnos mattress last?

    The longevity of the Hypnos mattress will depend on your usability. If you are taking proper care, the product will last longer than you have expected.

  2. Are Hypnos mattresses worth the money?

    Yes, indeed, the Hypnos mattresses are worth the money you will be spending. The products are amazing and are the embodiment of luxury and soft to medium level firmness. 

  3. Can we fold a Hypnos mattress?

    No, you cannot fold the Hypnos mattress as the base layer is either made from hard PU foam or the HR foam layer. 

  4. Do Hypnos mattresses offer a mattress for back pain?

    Yes, the Spinecare mattress is ideal for your back pain as the construction is such that it will provide proper body support and also maintain your sleeping posture.

  5. Do Hypnos mattresses offer custom size?

    No, the Hypnos mattresses do not offer custom sizes. 

  6. Does a new Hypnos mattress smell bad?

    No, the mattresses from Hypnos will never smell bad because the inner layers have enough air pockets for ventilation, reducing the chances of bacteria and mould growth. 

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