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A major component of your night-time sleep quality relies on the mattress you utilise while sleeping. Along with spring mattresses that have been traditionally used for years, there are various superior variations of mattresses that can effectively improve sleeping habits. An example of these superior mattresses is the memory foam mattress. This mattress is manufactured from a supportive and thick foam material that supports your body irrespective of your sleeping position.

If you are opting for replacing your old mattress with a new one, in this guide, you will find some tips and tricks that would assist you in choosing the right one. 

Factors you should consider while searching for the right memory foam mattress for you. 

If you are one of the people who sleep on their back, then you would typically require a medium-firm mattress for offering support to your achy spines. But, if you are one of the people who usually sleep on their stomachs, then a mattress manufactured with firmer foam would be the best option for them. However, if you sleep on your sides, then soft mattresses would be ideal for you. 

Following are some features of memory foam mattresses that should be considered while purchasing the same: 

  • Density of the Foam – The memory foam mattress offers low-density, medium-density, and high-density variations. Among these types, the high-density foam is much more durable than the rest. In addition, the medium-density memory foam mattress permits you optimal motion isolation making the mattress a superior option for you, especially if you share the bed with your partner.

    However, the low-density memory foam mattress is more likely to break in, and therefore your body would adjust to this mattress much speedier compared to the other two variations of the memory foam mattress. Therefore, while differentiating among the unique features of the different memory foam senility levels, consider the foam’s weight. Usually, the high-density memory foam mattress (in pounds per cubic foot) is much greater than the medium-density memory foam mattress. 
  • Allergenic tendency – Although almost every memory foam mattress is antimicrobial, some definite mattresses offer more effectivity than the other mattresses when keeping the allergens and dust mites at bay. For example, the Gel memory foam mattresses are most likely to offer the greatest resistance to the dust-mites, while the traditional high-density memory foam can also assist in keeping different sniffs away.

    But, latex foam mattresses are the only variation that’s certainly hypoallergenic. Therefore, if you are allergenic to latex, you must avoid buying latex foam mattresses. Also, suppose you have a certain allergenic symptom that affects your sleep quality. In that case, you should pair the memory foam mattress along with hypoallergenic bedding to offer comfort and decrease symptoms. 
  • Select the right type – You may have a wrong conception that all memory foam mattresses have similar features. But, in reality, there are various memory foam categories, and each of them provides exclusive advantages.
    • Latex foam mattress – This memory foam mattress is not technically a variation of memory foam, and it doesn’t offer the same conformity to the sleeper as other memory foam mattresses do. However, the latex foam mattress is comfortable and plush. The major advantage of utilizing the latex foam mattress is that it’s antimicrobial and hypoallergenic; hence, it’s effective for people suffering from dust allergies. But, you should not buy this mattress if you have latex allergies.
    • Traditional memory foam mattress – This foam mattress provide support to your body by offering a response to your body weight and body shape. This also minimizes all the pressure points and assists in the increased amount of blood circulation.
    • Gel memory foam mattress – This mattress contains a similar gel formulation found in the inserts that are also used inside the shoes to reduce pressure. The gel uplifts the amount of air that would flow through the mattress and helps draw the heat away from the people sleeping on the mattress. This is why gel memory foam mattresses are the most appropriate option for people who usually heat up during their sleep. 
  • Key advantages – Although memory foam mattresses are popular among a wide range of customers because of their extra-soft features, these mattresses’ variations are not the same. The high-density memory foam mattresses can be appreciably firm and can offer you a decent amount of support. Also, along with the firmness, it can utilize the temper materials inside the foam mattress in various other ways to uplift the overall support provided by the mattress.

    Also, the conforming and soft features of these visco-elastic foams are appropriate for assisting people who suffer from regular pain in their muscles and joints. The memory foam combined with various other materials can target back pain and control the excessive build-up of pressure in certain areas of the mattress. This can also assist in making sure that the sleeper’s weight is distributed as evenly as necessary.

    Also, the thicker the memory foam is, the greater its potential to offer relief from pressure. However, if the sleepers select extremely thick foam, they may gradually lose the needed back support. Hence, you must stick to the memory foam layers from 1 inch to 4 inches.

    Memory foam is a super comfortable material. But, like any other mattress, it comes with a unique set of features. The visco-elastic foam used inside this mattress is great for offering pressure relief and would provide you with the deep hug feeling that can be exclusively offered by the memory foam mattress only. However, since memory foam mattresses usually offer a slow response to your body shape and weight, it can be difficult for you to adjust in the bed for the first few days. So, consider the tips mentioned above and your knowledge to make a well-informed purchase.


Hopefully, this guide has provided you with the information you have been looking for. So, before you start scrolling through the various memory foam mattress options, consider the above factors. It will help you find the perfect mattress for relieving pain and giving sleepers deep sleep


Yes, memory foam mattress eventually gets softer without having to do anything. Just wait a bit longer; it will take a few weeks to break in. 

A firm mattress is best for stomach sleepers and comfortable sleeping on top of a mattress. On the other hand, a soft mattress is best for side sleepers and those who like to sleep sinking into their mattress. 

Yes, a memory foam mattress releases back pain significantly. In addition, they support the body by reducing aches and providing pressure point relief.

The average lifespan of the memory foam mattress is 6-8 years. However, models made of high-quality foams can stay substantially longer, i.e., up to 15-20 years. 

It takes an average span of 7 years for a memory foam mattress to wear out, which is a considerable time to enjoy the service of a mattress. 

Memory foam mattresses are generally safe to sleep on. However, make sure you use an eco-friendly mattress clear of harmful agents and polyols.

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