Types of Mattress in India 2023

A good mattress decides the right sleep, a good sleep decides your next day freshness. The deep sleep keeps you enthusiastic and energetic.

When you go for a wrong mattress it increases your body pain and spoils your day. In there are many types of mattresses available to provide a comfortable sleep to people.

When you still feel tired after getting up from bed, it is time to change your mattress. When your mattress sags in the middle then you can switch to a new one, the right mattress gives you better sleep. It is necessary to choose the right mattress, it helps to keep you fresh and energetic. In this article, Types of Mattress, we have listed 7 types that are available in the market, that helps to know about them in detail and find the best one for you.

Types of Mattress Available In India

  1. Coir mattress
  2. Spring mattress
  3. Foam mattress
  4. Memory foam mattress
  5. Airbed mattress
  6. Latex mattress
  7. Rebonded mattress

1. Coir Mattress

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The main material that is been used in coir is coconut coir, which is a natural material and is eco friendly. It is the foremost that is been used by people.

The life of that is low when compared with other types. It provides zero partner disturbance. Since it is made of coir, it gets compressed during prolonged usage.


  • The mattress are very economical
  • The base of mattress is firm
  • eco friendly.


  • The sags over a period of time
  • Since it does not have elastic nature it does not adjust with you body shape.

2. Spring Mattress

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The materials that is been used in spring are springs and small coils that are stuffed under the cushion layer. The spring mattress produces the bounciness when you are on the bed.

Since there are many advancements in spring they add a layer to feel the comfortness and reduce the motion transfer. The lifespan of spring is 6 years, but totally depends on how you maintain the mattresses.


  • The price is economical
  • Provides good support to the back
  • Create bounciness


  • The motion transfer disturbs the partner when you move around
  • Durability of the average only

3. Foam Mattress

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The popular that is available in market is foam mattress. They contain cushions in the, which keep you comfortable and pleasant when you are in bed.

The reduces the back pain since it has cushion layer. The product life is 8 years. Sagging is the only disadvantage of foams, if you add any supportive layer this can also be reduced.


  • Best orthopedic
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Durability
  • Ideal to use in winter seasons since it maintains heat


  • The price is slightly high
  • Not suitable during summer since it exhibit heat

4. Memory Foam Mattress

The memory are made of open cell structure. The pressure of the body is retained by using the open cell structure.

Since it memorise the pressure points of the body it is named as memory foams. The maintains the temperature and regulates the pressure. Its relieves the back, shoulder and neck pain.


  • Maintains body temperature
  • Aligns with you spine hence reduces the back pain.
  • The contains of PU layer which protects from dirt and allergies
  • Reduces the body pressure


  • Durability is low
  • Create an inbuilt smell

5. Latex Matt​​ress

The latex contains latex as base material. Latex is a natural element taken from rubber tree, also the contains poly that provides firmness to the body.

The advantage of using latex mattress is it maintains body temperature, bounciness, contours which reduces pain and pressure points. The lifespan is more than 8 years. There are two variants in latex mattress

  1. Dunlop latex – These mattresses contain heavy bottom
  2. Talalay latex – combination of light and frothy


  • Provides contouring
  • Reduces temperature
  • The hypoallergenic reduces insects and dust
  • Eco friendly


  • Contains rubber smell
  • Price is little high

6. Rebonded Mattress

Rebonded is a combination of reclaimed and scrap that are compressed under pressure. The materials are combined using leftover foams.

The align according to the shape, it reduces the shoulder and spine pain. The cost is low since its a combined also they are eco friendly.They provides comfortness and maintains the temperature.


  • The cost is affordable
  • Align according to the body shape
  • Eco-friendly
  • Provides comfortable sleep


  • The contains Nfoam chemical which is not safe for children.
  • You can buy only through online shops

7. Airbed Mattress

Airbed are inflated that popular among people. These are reduce space since it can inflated folded and accommodated in cupboards.The material that is been used in airbeds are polyvinyl chloride also some are made with either plastic or rubber.

Since its a airbed you adjust the bed pressure according to shape and weight. It is mostly suggested for bedridden people because it protects from bed sore.


  • This is firm and compatible.
  • Since its an airbed, sagging does not occur
  • Reduces back pain and reduces the pressure
  • These are portable


  • Punctures and leaks can occur in airbeds
  • Air pumps are required also these create noise


This article has given a detailed view of the type of mattress, their advantages, and disadvantages. When you choose a wrong mattress, you will end up with discomfort and body pain. This article gives clear information about the mattress, first find out your body condition and then looks for the best one that gives you complete support for the whole body. 

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