How To Make Your Mattress Firmer: Step-by-Step Guide?

You know very well that a broken-down mattress will keep you all night up. The major reason for this is because you can’t get the perfect sleeping position that ultimately leaves you with low energy and really in bad shape when you get up in the morning.

firm bed

Keeping that in mind, if you want a good night’s sleep and that too a peaceful one, then you have to go for a thick mattress that provides the necessary support to your body.

But the major issue that homeowners commonly have during shopping for a brand new mattress is that it would be soft. Sometimes it will be softer after a few months of usage. In such a case, you must try to learn how to make your mattress firmer.

1. Why Is It Necessary To Have A Firm Bed?

If you check, there are various reasons why you would require a firmer mattress. The bed that you have purchased ends up a little softer than what you were expecting. Besides, certain mattresses will become softer with time, as and when you break them in.

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If you have a certain back injury or any back pain, you must choose the best mattress for back pain relief in India, it is common for doctors to recommend that you sleep on the firmer side. Might be your partner has moved in, and in this case, you might require a firmer mattress. Well, whatever, the reason is, you should go for a good firmer mattress.

2. Importance Of Having A Firm Mattress

When it is related to firmness, you must keep in mind that it is all about firmness concerning weight. Here the concept is simple.

It means that the lesser you weigh, the more you can lay on the top of the mattress sofa or just any other surface.

Here when you are laying more on the top of such a surface, you will gain a feeling of firmer for you rather than sinking in it. So, petite and lightweight people would find a firm mattress better.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the more weight you are going to put, the more you would end up sinking into the mattress.

The major reason is that you are sinking more into the material, and the surface will start to feel softer.

This is why heavier people will find such mattresses softer to them, and they might have a tough time getting a firm kind of bed.

Some heavier people have ended up sinking right across the comfort layer of the mattress in certain cases. They might go for the coil base, and polyfoam layers will make their bed more firm. Well, that is not great for your spine.

3. Easy Methods To Make Your Mattress Firm

It is easy to make your mattress firmer. All you have to do is adjust its feel right to the perfect level of comfort. As we all know, sleep is necessary for the overall health of our bodies. So, you must test various kinds of options right at your disposal if any one of these might not work.

  • Go For A Mattress Topper: The first thing you have to ask is whether your mattress is soft. The most affordable and fastest way for fixing it would be using a mattress topper. Such things would easily firm up the mattress, and you won’t need to purchase any replacements.

    The pillow top options are a bit softer, and the mattress pad selection will be firmer. Not only that, many of the mattress toppers will be coming up with an additional amount of benefits, like expanding the lifespan of the bed. This will lead to long-term investment.

    For most, getting a firm mattress topper would be the easiest and fasters method of adjusting to the bed’s firmness. You must do a good amount of research and even shops around.
  • Looking For Box Spring And Base: Sometimes your bed slats and frames would be misaligned. They might end your bed sags down in various places. A good way to ensure that the problem is within the mattress would be to check the box spring or the base. Here you won’t have to check the positioning.

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    Not only that, many people think if they require a mattress foundation. Now you won’t be having a foundation, so get one, and it will easily improve the support and durability of your mattress. Also, it can protect your mattress from other elements like allergens and mould.
  • Looking For Worn Out Layers: Make sure that you are always on the lookout for the worn-out comfort layers of the mattress. Nowadays, modern and best mattresses are made up of various layers. So, if one is worn out, it will lead to various issues.

    Keep in mind that there aren’t tons you can do regarding the necessary layer that is getting worn out. Here you can employ any one of the techniques right in front of you if you are on the lookout for a brand new mattress.

4. Go For The Plywood Method

Sometimes you can place a piece of plywood right beneath the mattress so that it won’t get sagged. A mattress that is sagged will lead to huge back pains. This means that you have to take a remedy for that. By going with this route, the plywood boars will be in as few pieces as possible.

Most importantly, this will assist in sagging more than having a narrow, thin kind of board that can move around at night. At times, you might have to staple or glue the plywood boards together. Frankly, it is not the perfect solution; it will hold on until you purchase a new mattress.

5. Flip Your Mattress

flip mattress

In certain cases, the best way to make your mattress firmer is to flip it over. Most importantly, this won’t work with all kinds of mattresses, especially the ones that are big of high-quality ones and the ones having pillow tops.

However, for certain mattresses, you would have to flip them. This will help in maintaining the right level of firmness over time. If you have a soft bed, you must verify the tag for seeing if it needs to be flipped.

6. Rotating The Mattress

rotate mattress

If you check, rotating the mattress is just the same as flipping it. Just like how you are flipping it, you can sleep right at the different parts of the mattress. This would provide you with other section-time in returning to the normal position.

Sometimes you might have to rotate any mattress, but it is not best if you do it. Just check out the product supplier to make the right choice.

7. Tightening The Bedding

Just check out if you can easily tighten the plush mattress using fitted sheets. Here loose sheets might seem uncomfortable and hard to use. But with the tight sheet, you can trap the loose elements of the bedding right in the place.

8. Make Sure Your Mattress Is Right On The Floor

mattress on floor

Now when you place the sagging mattress right directly on the floor, it will allow you to sleep better. This is easier when the floor provides a good amount of firmness. And you won’t get jostled around like the plywood.

You can think of this as a cheaper alternative for getting the brand new mattress foundation. However, there are certain pitfalls in this. Here having the mattress right on the floor will weaken the support over time and make it quite vulnerable to various kinds of damages from allergens and dust.

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9. The Time To Purchase A New Mattress

As we all know, getting good sleep at night is important. So, if your mattress is soft, then it might lead to pains and aches. You end up spending your nights tossing and turning.

You must think about fixing the mattress as per your firmness, and it is best if you purchase one. It saves you time and money.

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