Top Sleeping Positions for Back Pain Relief

Getting through a day can be hard if you have constant back pains. Most importantly, it will compromise your good night’s sleep. At times, you get irritated when you can’t get a good and comfortable position for sleeping. Even you would end up getting in and out of bed with unbearable pain.

Good sleep is necessary for your health. It is necessary for the whole well-being.

Having A Good Posture

Do you know a good posture is necessary for a healthy spine? Here the posture is not all about just standing or sitting straight. The sleeping posture you follow has a great impact on your neck and back.
Of course, certain positions make you refreshed in the morning. Others can make you feel sore, stiff, and grieve in pain.

Getting The Right Position

Certain sleeping positions and the best mattresses in India for back pain, which can ease your back pain. Make sure you can find one that you are comfortable with. Sometimes you can try sleeping with a pillow underneath or between your legs. This provides you with extra support.

1) Sleep On Your Side With A Pillow Among Your Legs

This position is like the fetal sleep position. Frankly, this will help with your back pain. Placing a pillow among your legs while your body is resting in a vertical position on its side will reduce the pressure on your back.

First, you need to lie down on your side. Make sure your spine is straight; however, your knee must be pulled up and somewhat together. After that, place a pillow between your thighs. Slowly, the pressure will get released, and the back pain subsides.

How does it work? Here the pillow is the major ingredient. Not only will it make your hips, spine, and pelvis in correct alignment, but it helps in avoiding the whack of it as soon as your knees are slowly pressed closer to each other.

2) Sleep On Your Back, Like In Reclined Position

Some people might feel comfortable while sleeping in the recliner. Sometimes sleeping in a chair won’t be the best choice, especially when you suffer from back pain. This position would be great when you are suffering from spondylolisthesis.

Please invest in adjustable beds. This way, you can sleep in the best alignment and get good support for your back. So, how does this position help? Spondylolisthesis is the condition where your vertebra would slip over one another. Here reclining would be great for your back as an angle is created among your trunk and thighs. Such an angle would lower the pressure present on your spine.

3) Sleep On Your Back With Pillow Pressed Under Your Knees

Sleeping in this manner will help in distributing your weight throughout all parts of your body. So, this will lessen the pressure that gets on your spine. Sometimes this might alleviate certain back pain, thereby providing an area for you to rest in case it becomes inflamed.

4) Sleep On Your Stomach With Pillow Placed Under Your Stomach

There are popular wisdom stating that sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleeping position for your back, especially if you have back pain. This is only half true, as there are methods to deal with such misalignment that occurs when one sleeps in such a position.

The best way to remove such pressure is to provide your spine with the most natural positioning. This is done by placing a pillow just under your abdomen or stomach. In this way, your spine will get its general shape, as there won’t be any bending inward.

Most Importantly Get A Good Mattress

Now the type of mattress you need is based on your body type. Having a soft mattress would be better if your hips are wider compared to your waist. This will help in allowing your spine to become straight while you are sleeping.

Physicians recommend you use a firm mattress when you have back pains. Ultimately, along with the sleep positions described above, you need to have a good mattress to sleep on.

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