Livpure Mattress Review – Buy Or Not To Buy?

Livpure is one of India’s most trusted brands when it comes to mattresses. Even though the brand has only four mattress categories, each product is made with premium quality materials and cover. This is why they are ideal for your health, be it the spine’s health or the skin’s condition. 

So, are you willing to know more about the specialities of Livpure mattresses? 

If yes, then this explained Livpure mattress review will help you gain the knowledge you need to buy the best product that fits your requirements perfectly. 

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1. Reasons To Choose Livpure Mattress

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 1

2. Comparisons Of Livepure Mattresses

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 2

3. Pros And Cons Of Livpure Mattress


  • Comes with cool gel memory foam for temperature regulation 
  • They are made of multiple layers for better bounciness and firmness 
  • Equipped with anti-skid base for non-slipping feature 


4. Livpure Mattress Types 

4.1. Vital (foam mattress)

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 3
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 7 Years
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Material: Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Twin, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP Price: ₹12,299
  • Offer Price: ₹7,649 (For Queen Size from Livpure store)

This is the most basic Livpure mattress that you can find on the market. It consists of four main layers which are:

SizePrice On Livpure StorePrice On Amazon
Queen 7,649(72″x60″x5″)₹8,999(72″x60″x5″)
King 8,414(72″x72″x5″)₹9,899(72″x72″x5″)
CustomAvailable Available
  • Removable spacer outer cover fabric
  • 1” medium softness foam layer
  • HR foam layer with 4.”
  • Anti-skid base fabric

4.2. Ortho-X (Memory Foam Mattress)

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 4
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Twin, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP Price: ₹15,499
  • Offer Price: ₹12,419 (For Queen Size from Livpure store)

The firmest mattress is the Ortho-X mattress. It is mainly suitable for people suffering from back pain or chronic neurological pain. The product comes with the following layers:

Custom Available Available
SizePrice On Livpure StorePrice On Amazon
Queen 12,419(72″x60″x6″)₹13,799(72″x60″x6″)
King 15,029(72″x72″x6″)₹16,699(72″x72″x6″)
CustomAvailable Available
  • Natural bamboo fiver outer cover
  • Memory foam layer with cool gel infused technology
  • High-density support foam of 5” thickness
  • Anti-skid base

4.3. Regal (Memory foam + latex)

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 5
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Material: Latex Foam, Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Twin, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP Price: ₹28,888
  • Offer Price: ₹22,499 (For Queen Size from Livpure store)

The Regal mattress is one of the best creations of the Livpure brand, and it comes with the following layer construction:

Custom Available Available
SizePrice On Livpure StorePrice On Amazon
Queen 22,499(72″x60″x8″)₹24,999(72″x60″8″)
King 25,064(72″x72″x8″)₹25,064(72″x72″x8″)
CustomAvailable Available
  • Cooltouch outer fabric cover
  • Cool gel-infused memory foam
  • Latex foam
  • High-resilience foam
  • Anti-slip base layer

4.4. Naturale (Ayurvedic foam)

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 6
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Medium(8 in Scale)
  • Material: Latex Foam, Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Twin, King, Custom.
  • MRP Price: ₹26,666
  • Offer Price: ₹22,999 (For Single Size from Livpure store)

The Naturale mattress is the first Ayurvedic/herbal mattress in India that you can get for yourself. It is made up of five main layers, which are:

King[72″x72″][84″x72″] [6″][8″]
Custom Available Available
SizePrice On Livpure StorePrice On Amazon
Single22,999(78″x36″x6″) Not Available
Twin₹38,999(72″x48″x8″) Not Available
King 48,999(84″x72″x6″)Not Available
CustomAvailable Not Available
  • Herb infused excel outer cover and an inner cotton cover
  • Natural memory foam of 2” thickness
  • Sandalwood latex with air pockets
  • A base layer of natural latex

5. Firmness And Feel

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 7
Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 8

The Livpure mattresses have varying firmness based on the product you are buying and the product’s utility. For example:

  1. The Ortho-X mattress has a higher firmness level, ranging between 6 to 8, as it needs to support the body weight and the spine’s posture. 
  2. A softer mattress like the Vital comes with a lower firmness rating of around 4.5 to 5.5 since it is made from providing both comfort and support to your body.
  3. The softest mattress that you can find under the flagship of Livpure is the Regal mattress. It has the lowest firmness level, of around 3 and 3.5. 
  4. As for the Naturale, the Livpure mattress has a medium firmness, ranging between 5.5 to 7. 

6. Mattress Construction

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 9
  • Cover: The mattresses are covered with knitted and soft cotton fabric. It is breathable and hence allows the air to pass through the mattress layers easily. In addition, the Vital Livpure mattress comes with a removable cover that you can clean frequently.
  • Comfort layers: The comfort layers of the Livpure mattresses are mainly formed from memory foam and PU soft foam layer.
    • Vital Livpure Mattress: 1” medium soft PU foam
    • Ortho-X Livpure Mattress: Gel-based memory foam layer
    • Regal Livpure Mattress: 1.5” cool gel-infused memory foam
    • Naturale Livpure Mattress: 2” organic memory foam layer
  • Support layers: The support layers form the base of the mattresses, which will ensure high durability and proper body support.
    • Vital Livpure Mattress: 4” High-Resilience foam
    • Ortho-X Livpure Mattress: 5” high-density support foam
    • Regal Livpure Mattress: 1.5” natural latex layer and 5” high resilience foam
    • Naturale Livpure Mattress: 2” sandalwood latex coupled with 4” natural latex
  • Mattress height and weight: Fortunately, the Livpure mattresses have less weight as compared to the products from other competitive brands. This will help you to reverse the product and both sides at your convenience easily.
    As for the thickness, this parameter will vary from one mattress to the other. Here are the details of the product heights:
    • Ortho-X mattress comes with a 6” thickness.
    • The Regal mattress has a thickness of 8.”
    • The Vital mattress has a height of 5.”
    • Naturale is available with two height options of 6” and 8.”

7. Livpure Mattress Performance

  • Temperature regulation: Livpure mattresses do not have any temperature regulation mechanism exclusively. However, the outer cover is extremely breathable, and hence it will allow proper transfer of air. This will keep the surface cold and allow you to sleep comfortably without sweating a lot. 
  • Motion transfer: Even though pocket springs are not present in any of the products, the foam layers will prevent the transfer of motion force from one point to the other. As a result, you won’t be able to feel the constant twisting and turning of your partner sleeping beside you. 
  • Edge support: Unfortunately, the Livpure mattresses do not come with any edge support. This might cause a hindrance in preventing the sagging, especially in the Ortho-X and Regal mattresses, as both have memory foam layer within them. 
  • Durability: One of the most important features of the Livpure mattresses is that they come with enhanced durability. This helps the mattresses to last for a longer duration. Seamless stitching has been done along the edges, which won’t come out easily unless you handle the product roughly. Similarly, the foam layers acting as the base are quite dense and hard. This will prevent the sagging of the top comfort layers to quite a great extent. 
  • Noise & odour: As no spring layer is present in the mattresses, you won’t have to worry about the noise. Hence, your sleep won’t get disturbed by the squeaking sound some mattresses make. As for the smell, Livpure has ensured that the material layers present inside are high quality and composed of several air pockets. It keeps the ventilation within normal range, thereby preventing mould and bacteria growth. This is why you won’t get any bad smell coming from the mattress. 

8. Livpure Mattress Policies

Livpure Mattress Review - Buy Or Not To Buy? 10
  • Shipping: Livpure provides free shipping to all over the country. However, at the time of purchase, you need to check whether the product is available in your area or not. For this, please enter your address and submit it. If the mattress is in stock, you will be able to proceed with the final payment; otherwise, a message will be displayed saying, “the product is currently unavailable”. 
  • Trial period: Luckily, the Livpure mattresses come with a 100-days trial period. Within this, you can try and adjust yourself to the new mattress. If you are not comfortable with the product or if your health has worsened after sleeping on the bedding material, you can return it. Suppose the return is made within the trial period. In that case, you will get a 100% refund, provided the mattress has no custom dimensions.
  • Returns: According to the Livpure mattress policies, they can do returns for:
    • If you receive a product that does not matches the one, you ordered
    • If the new product has any manufacturing defect
    • If you are not comfortable with the product after using it for few days 
    • If the bad smell is coming from the mattress right after opening it from the box
      However, you cannot return a mattress that has been made with a custom size. So, if you are customizing the dimensions, make sure they are correct and accurate as per your bed size.
  • Warranty: The warranty period will easily cover the manufacturing defects, both within the trial and after the duration. However, there are certain conditions where the Livpure mattress warranty policies aren’t applicable. Hence, you won’t get a replacement or 100% refund in the following cases:
    • If the damage is done due to improper use of the Livpure mattresses
    • There are tears in the fabric or scratches
    • Depression of the Livpure mattresses is more than 20%
    • Sagging of the fabric due to excess weight from above

9. Who Should Buy A Livpure Mattress, And Is That Worth It? 

Livpure mattresses are of four types, as we have discussed above. But not all mattresses are suitable for everyone. For example, the Regal Livpure mattress is for those who want to sleep like a king/queen since it’s made of both memory foam and latex. Suppose you suffer from back pain in the spine or neurological pain in the lumbar or sacral region. In that case, the Ortho-X Livpure mattress is the ideal choice. 

As for the worthiness of the Livpure mattresses, here are some reasons which make them stand apart from others. 

  1. Have multiple size options to choose from 
  2. Products are within affordable ranges
  3. Different materials being used to cater to different requirements
  4. The first brand to introduce a complete herbal mattress
  5. Comes with a removable cover for frequent cleaning 
  6. It can use it on both sides for even distribution of the weight 


  1. How long does a Livpure mattress last? 

    The Livpure mattresses come with a standard warranty period. But yes, their longevity completely depends on the way you will use it. For example, let’s say you are buying the Livpure Vital mattress, which is reversible. It means you can sleep on both sides. Now, at the time of reversing, if you are not following the proper instructions given in the manual, the inner foam layer will soon develop cracks, or the stitches along the edge will open up. Hence, this will decrease the longevity of the mattress. So, if you want to make your mattress last longer, its usability, cleanliness, and handling must be done carefully. 

  2. Do Livpure mattresses have certifications?

    Yes, the Livpure mattresses are certified with ISO 9001:2015, and hence, there is nothing to worry about their genuineness and worthiness. Also, they use high-quality inner materials, which make their products top of the class. That’s why they have become so popular in the market. 

  3. Do Livpure mattresses provide custom size?

    Yes, fortunately, the Livpure mattresses do come in custom size. In addition, they are available in different sizing categories. For example, you can choose from single, double, queen and king size. Under each category, you will have multiple options for dimensions. Also, there are two extra options- basic and advance, which will also change the dimensions as per the selection. 

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