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Nilkamal Mattress Review

If you are looking for a new mattress for your bed, no other Indian brand will be as amazing as the Nilkamal.

The brand has provided different interior décor and usable items, starting from floor mats to furniture units.

They also have a new line of products which have gained a lot of momentum in recent years. 

Are you eager to explore the Nilkamal mattress further and discover its features and other aspects? 

If yes, you are at the right place! 

The following article will discuss everything about the Nilkamal mattress, starting from its plus points to the type of mattress you will get under the brand’s flagship.

1. Nilkamal Mattress Review: Types 

Nilkamal offers four different mattresses, each classified on the major material with which the internal layers are being formed. Each mattress comes with a different set of features that it will explain in the below section.

1.1 Coir mattress:

Nilkamal Mattress Review 1

Coir is a natural mattress derived from coconut husk and is one of the major materials being used in the construction of mattresses. Since it’s a natural substance, you won’t have to worry about allergies or the formation of mites and bedbugs within the bedding material.

Benefits Of Nilkamal Coir Mattress

  • These mattresses are highly eco-friendly as coir is made from the husks derived from coconut shells.
  • It shows resistance to dust accumulation and the breeding of mites and bedbugs.
  • As coir material is curled, they behave like springs, due to which the Nilkamal coir mattresses have a little bounce.
  • Coir has an enhanced ventilation level due to the pores between the fibers.
  • The coir layer adds firmness to the mattress for better sleep.

Top 2 Best Nilkamal Coir Mattress

1. Nilkamal Blue Bond Coir Mattress

2. Nilkamal Dream Coir Mattress

Other Nilkamal Coir Mattress

Five different types of coir mattresses are available under the Nilkamal brand. These are: 

  1. Nilkamal cool bond coir mattress
  2. Nilkamal Snehamxl coir mattress
  3. Nilkamal Mckenzie ortho coir mattress
  4. Nilkamal prime box top coir base mattress
  5. Nilkamal Spinefit coir mattress

1.2 Foam mattress:

Memory Foam Mattress

Foams are made from organic polymer materials like polyurethane, Polyol, and so on. These are soft and have bouncy action, making the Nilkamal foam mattresses a great choice for comfortable and luxury sleep. Several types of foam material are available in the market, like memory foam, High-resilience foam, and rebonded foam.

Benefits of Nilkamal foam mattresses

  • Memory foam mattresses are body-hugging, i.e., the surface changes according to the body shape coming in contact with the surface.
  • It helps absorb the motion flow when someone else moves on the mattress surface, like twisting or sitting. 
  • One can sleep on the foam mattress in any way without fearing soreness the next morning. 
  • Foam mattresses are bouncy with different levels of firmness based on the foam being used. 
  • Hypo-allergenic in nature which reduces rashes, allergies, and other skin problems. 
  • Foam mattresses are ideal for relieving the pressure from the tensed muscles and trigger points in our bodies.
  • Foam mattresses don’t sag or get compressed permanently after long-term use.

Top 3 Best Nilkamal Foam Mattress

1. Nilkamal Floatel Foam Mattress

2. Nilkamal Silk Bond Foam Mattress

3. Nilkamal We Bond Foam Mattress

Other Nilkamal Foam Mattresses

Under the Nilkamal foam mattress group, there are five mattress variants which are:

  1. Nilkamal Travelite multipurpose mattress
  2. Nilkamal Blue Sky foam mattress
  3. Nilkamal Well Bond foam mattress
  4. Nilkamal Soft bond foam mattress
  5. Nilkamal Sofi- memory, bonded, and soft foam mattress

1.3 Spring mattress:

Nilkamal Mattress Review 2

In the spring mattresses from Nilkamal, the main layer is made from tiny metal springs, where multiple individual units are spread across the entire surface area of the product. These springs have a high elasticity coefficient, which ensures that the springs can return to their relaxed position after the compressive force is removed, i.e., your body weight.

Benefits of Nilkamal spring mattress

  • As multiple open coiled springs are used as the main layer in these mattresses, the air movement is freer that enhances the ventilation, and keeps the surface cool.
  • As It will use no coir or foam material in the mattresses, the chances of the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms are very less, almost negligible.
  • For severe body pain, especially spine problems, spring mattresses from Nilkamal are ideal as the springs are used to provide the maximum body support to the aches’ trigger points.
  • Spring mattresses are resistant to mite infestation, which is why they have high durability and robustness.

Top 6 Best Nilkamal Spring Mattress

1. Nilkamal Flora Ultra Deluxe Bonnell Spring Mattress

2. Nilkamal Budget Spring Mattress

3. Nilkamal Florence Bonnell Spring Mattress

4. Nilkamal Vivah Bonnell Spring Mattress

5. Nilkamal Vibrant Box Pocket Spring Mattress

6. Nilkamal Flora Double PT Bonnell Spring Mattress

Other Nilkamal Spring Mattress

Nilkamal has the largest collection of spring mattresses with thirteen different variants that will cater to the various needs of the users. These thirteen variants are:

  1. Nilkamal Ortho comfort Bonnell spring mattress
  2. Nilkamal Econil Bonnell spring mattress
  3. Nilkamal Zen Bonnell spring mattress
  4. Nilkamal Flora Ultra deluxe Bonnell spring mattress
  5. Nilkamal Flora double pillow top Bonnell spring mattress
  6. Nilkamal Vibrant box top pocket spring mattress
  7. Nilkamal Flora pillow top Bonnell spring mattress
  8. Nilkamal Vibrant pocket spring mattress
  9. Nilkamal Gloria pocket spring mattress
  10. Nilkamal Flora Bonnell spring mattress
  11. Nilkamal Luxo pocket spring mattress
  12. Nilkamal radiance pocket spring mattress
  13. Nilkamal Vivah Bonnell spring mattress

1.4 Orthopedic mattress:

Nilkamal Mattress Review 3

A special line of mattresses introduced by Nilkamal is the orthopedic mattress. These are made from a mix of material layers which will support the skeletal system, including the bones, joints, and muscles. An ortho mattress is constructed to reduce the overall body aches.

Benefits of Nilkamal ortho mattress

  • The ortho mattresses from Nilkamal are ideal for people having severe or chronic joint aches, back pain, muscle pains, and other skeletal problems.
  • These mattresses are usually preferred for those who have recently undergone surgery or have a bone and muscle injury.
  • The ortho mattress reduces body aches, thereby promoting better sleep and relaxation.
  • It’s known for improving body posture, especially the curvature of the spine during sleep.
  • They have extra firmness, which reduces soreness and stiffness in the joints, usually caused by sleeping on soft surfaces.

Top 6 Best Nilkamal Spring Mattress

1. Nilkamal Real Ortho Bonnell Spring Mattress

2. Nilkamal Spino Kare Coir Mattress

Other Nilkamal Ortho Mattress

Under the ortho mattress category, Nilkamal has introduced only two variants, having different inner layer materials. These two variants are:

  1. Nilkamal Mckenzie ortho coir mattress
  2. Nilkamal ortho comfort Bonnell spring mattress 

2. Firmness And Feel

All the mattresses from Nilkamal are firm, and hence, you won’t have to deal with a sore body after waking up the next morning.

Even though some of the mattresses are soft and have extra bounciness due to the high bonded foam layer or pocket spring layer, the level of firmness is quite high.

That’s the reason these mattress products from Nilkamal are ideal for alleviating back pain, muscle aches, and stiffness in the joints. 

Coming to the feel of the mattresses, this particular aspect depends on the type of mattress you will choose. For example: 

  1. Coir mattresses will feel a little hard as there is no material inside, adding softness or bounciness. 
  2. Foam mattresses have different levels of softness, depending on the type of foam used. Also, the bounciness is different for different mattress types, like memory foam mattresses, which have lesser bounce than the bonded foam product. 
  3. In the case of the spring mattress, the Bonnell spring mattress almost feels like the coir mattress with a slight increase in the level of bouncy feeling. But, the pocket springs are more comfortable to sleep as it prevents the motion flow caused due to someone else’s movement sleeping beside you. 
  4. Ortho mattresses are perfect for reducing bone aches and also treat injuries like muscle strains, back postures, soreness due to sleeping in one pose for longer times, and others. 

3. Mattress Construction

To understand the Nilkamal mattresses further, we need to learn about their construction. Starting from the top layer to the base layer, every mattress has four different attributes, making the constructions varied and different.

  1. Cover
    No matter what mattress type you choose from, Nilkamal, the top layer is made from cotton or knitted fabric. Both these options are highly comfortable and soothing for the skin. Cotton fabric is lightweight and has hypo-allergenic properties which prevent the formation of any skin disease. On the other hand, the knitted fabric cover is silky and softer than the cotton fabric.
  2. Comfort layers
    A comfort layer is added for increasing the softness and bounciness of the mattress. It prevents the bedding material from becoming as hard as the wooden bed, and that’s why the comfort layers are much softer than the support layers.
  3. Support layers
    These form the main layer of the mattress. In foam mattresses, the memory foam or the bonded foam forms the main support layer. In spring mattresses, the pocket spring or Bonnell spring layers are the main construction layer of the products. Similarly, in the coir mattresses, the curled coir and rubberized coir form the support layers.
  4. Mattress height and weight
    The mattress height and weight vary from one product to another. However, the height range is usually between 4” to 8”, depending on the number of layers used in the construction of the mattress. Also, considering the weight, foam and coir mattresses are lightweight because both have open pores filled with air. Spring mattresses, however, are heavyweight, especially the pocket spring mattress, because each spring used is made from metal which weighs more than coconut husk bundle coir or foam. 

4. Nilkamal Mattress Performance

  1. Temperature regulation
    Nilkamal mattresses excellently manage the temperature, especially the surface temperature. As the layers used to construct the bedding product have open-air pockets, the ventilation is maintained properly. Hence, the surface remains cool, even if you sleep in the same position for more than two hours. This is why you won’t feel discomfort or itchiness. Also, profuse sweating is completely out of the picture due to swift air movements through the mattresses.
  2. Motion transfer
    The pocket spring mattresses are excellent in preventing motion transfers. These are made from springs within individual pockets, and they are compressed and relaxed independently without affecting the nearby springs. Hence, even if someone is constantly turning and twisting on the bed, you won’t feel disturbed by the motion flow.
  3. Edge support
    Most Nilkamal mattress comes with edge support which forms a strong encasement around the entire mattress layers, resisting the continuous compression. Hence, these mattresses do not sag much, even after years of using them.
  4. Durability
    Thanks to the excellent build of the mattresses, the durability is quite high. Nilkamal has ensured that their mattresses will last for longer times without succumbing to the pressure, heat, and other types of weathering factors.
  5. Noise
    No mattress from Nilkamal produces weird creek noises when someone is moving on the surface. Hence, you can have a peaceful and silent slumber with no noise disturbing your dreams.
  6. Warranty info
    Nilkamal provides a warranty of 5 years or 60 months.

5. Nilkamal Mattress Policies

  1. Shipping
    Nilkamal has more than 30,000 dealers all over India, and almost all the urban cities and towns have showrooms. So, if you are planning to buy, visit the official website and enter the area pin code. This way, you will check whether or not the dealers in your city deliver at your location. It will incur no shipping charges on the final bill of purchase.
  2. Trial period
    The trial period is 14 days from the date of delivery of the mattress at your given location.
  3. Returns
    If the mattress is in damaged condition upon delivery or if the product received is not the same one you had ordered, you can return the product within 14 days.
  4. Warranty
    For all the mattresses, Nilkamal provides a warranty for 5 years from the date of purchase. It will first inspect defects, and then It will repair only the product. However, before moving further, one should know that certain parts are not covered under warranty, and those are:
    • Damage from mishandling
    • Damage to the fabric
    • Damage because of heat, water, and other such factors
    • Damage while moving or bending

6. Pros And Cons Of Nilkamal Mattress


  • Multiple options when it comes to choosing the mattress type- foam, ortho, spring, and coir
  • Amicable mattress thickness to ensure the bed’s height is covered 
  • Covered with breathable fabric that reduces the chances of allergic breakouts
  • Known for quality as compared to the competitors in the Indian market 


  • Dual surface usability is not possible for all mattresses 
  • Not much option for the ortho mattress category

7. Who Should Buy A Nilkamal Mattress? 

Since Nilkamal has four different types of mattresses with different features and benefits, many users can buy the product based on their needs.

For example, if you want relief from back pain, the Nilkamal ortho comfort Bonnell spring mattress is the ideal choice.

For people who want to buy ultra-soft and luxury mattresses, the Flora Ultra Deluxe Bonnell Spring mattress or the Vibrant Pocket Spring Mattress is the best choices. 

8. FAQ’s

  1. How long will a Nilkamal mattress last? 

    The Nilkamal mattresses have high longevity, of at least 5 to 6 years, irrespective of the type of mattress you are buying or the thickness you have chosen.

  2. Is Nilkamal mattress reversible?

    Yes, some mattresses from Nilkamal are reversible, like the Nilkamal Cool Bond Coir Mattress or the Nilkamal soft bond foam mattress.

  3. Is a Nilkamal mattress good for back pain?

    Yes, a Nilkamal ortho mattress will be ideal for reducing back pain like the Mckenzie Ortho coir mattress. 

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