Foam Mattress Guide To Your Best Night’s Sleep

Are you planning to buy a new mattress and want to try the foam mattress? 

Of course, you will make the wise decision because the foam mattresses are the next generation bedding type that can provide you with the ultimate comfort. However, several developments have been introduced to the foam mattress, which further describes the reasons for the demand to acknowledge everything about them. 

Here, in this article, we have provided the Foam Mattress Guide to understand the varieties of facts you need to know to choose the best mattress type.

1. What Is Foam Mattress

Unlike spring mattresses, the foam mattress can demand air circulation within the oxygenate substance, providing proper support and bounce to individuals. These mattresses are also body observing and pressure alleviating.

In addition, it provides a generous amount of support to several points of the body, ensuring great relief and plush sleep. However, these mattresses are further classified into three broad types. 

2. Types Foam Mattress

The three types of foam mattresses are further listed below:

  • Polyurethane or Poly Foam: A Poly foam mattress is commonly defined as the upper layer of the innerspring mattress. It is quite similar to that of the memory foam mattress but can significantly provide more bounce and sponge feel without the added thickness enhancer.

    Furthermore, regular grade, high density, and high resiliency are the common types of these mattresses. 
  • Memory Foam: These are multiple layered forms of the mattress with a huge amount of solidification of foams. However, the foam is made of the Polyurethane substance and shapes around the body and contains a firm texture. If you are suffering from any sort of back pain, either in the muscles or the bones, getting this foam as the core material of a mattress will be much more feasible.
  • Latex Foam: Latex Foam is one of the best kinds of foam as the materials are extracted from the sap-like substances found in the trees. In addition, it can provide both support and an accurate amount of pressure to several points of the body, ensuring great relief. All types of sleepers, including the back, side, and stomach, can enjoy a huge amount of benefit from these as well. 

3. Benefits Of Foam Mattress

The benefits of foam mattresses are listed below:

  • Foam is the temperature and pressure absorbing material that can provide support according to a person’s pressure. 
  • It can provide great relief to persons who have pain issues or orthopaedics issues. 
  • Memory foam allows the consolation of the motion transfer and also provides an undisturbed sleep. 
  • As these mattresses are made up of inorganic fibres, they can be highly hygienic to individuals. 
  •  Memory foam mattresses can provide the proper amount of pressure in the spinal alignment and can thus cure the body’s posture as well. 
  • Foam mattresses provide a proper amount of longevity to individuals. 

4. Disadvantages Of Foam Mattress

The disadvantages of foam mattresses are listed below:

  • A high level of firmness can be a problem for some individuals. 
  • The compression of the mattress, which means the mattress, absorbs an imprint when an individual sleeps over it. 
  • Sometimes the mattress with the closed-cell foams fails to regulate the air and also fails to control the temperature. 
  • The heaviness of the mattress is also a great disadvantage of this. 

5. Average Lifespan of a Foam Mattress

A foam mattress, on average, can provide a lifespan of 6-8 years. However, some foam mattresses can go a little longer due to the high quality and high-density foams. However, you can also find other memory foam mattresses that provide a lifespan and warranties of 15-20 years. The amalgamation of the quality materials that are used in the foam mattress is the reason that makes these well beyond average. 

6. How do you fix a sagging Foam mattress?

In terms of fixing a mattress from sagging, there is no quick fix, but you can perform some things that can help you get temporary relief from the sagging of the mattress. Follow the below following tips to get relief from the sagging foam mattress:

  • Flip it Upside Down: Flipping the mattress upside down works great for the dual-sided foam mattresses and can eventually provide you with a stable layer of bedding. Flipping, however, changes the position of the sagging area and can optimistically aid the problem.

    Although there is no additional guarantee on when it will come back to your normal shape, at least you can check this method to further determine the final results by yourself. 
  • Rotate the Bed: Sometimes you will face a problem when you cannot flip the mattress, but you can try rotating the bed to get aid from the sagging problem. In this method, you can sleep on the opposite side of the mattress, avoiding the sagged part.
  • Place the pillow below the mattress: Another great trick you can try includes pillow placing. Here, you can place some pillows under the parts where your mattresses are sagging. You can enjoy some additional support from the pillows as they can change the pressure levels. In addition, this technique can temporarily bring back the original form of mattress. 
  • Use a mattress topper: Toppers are made of different materials and can be placed on the top of the mattress to protect them from damage. These are thick enough to reduce the sagging rate and even fix the mattress only if the depressions are local and not distributed throughout the product.
  • Place plywood underneath: You can also opt for the plywood option to fix plywood under the mattress and above the bed. 
  • Examine the frame of the Bed: In several scenarios, you will find that the mattress is sagging due to the bed’s framing. This normally happens when the frames are damaged, bent, or decayed. So, perform a thorough checkup of the bed frame to avoid the same further. 

7. What do you need to Know about Sleeping on a Foam Mattress?

While deciding to sleep on a mattress and enjoying a perfect night, there are few things that you should consider. The things are further listed below:

  • Age of mattress: If you own an extremely old mattress, then it can hamper your health condition. In addition, sleeping on an old mattress can bring extreme discomfit while sleeping. This factor determines whether you need a new one or not. 
  • Sleeping Position: There are various positions like the back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers. So you should know what kind of sleeper you are and what position you follow. This will help you determine the best mattress for yourself as all mattresses provide different elements to different sleepers. 
  • The Firmness of the Mattress: When you are buying a foam mattress, it is imperative to check its firmness or the feel of how hard or soft it is. If you are a person who has orthopedics problems, then you should go for the medium to a firm mattress. If you are a person who likes to enjoy a softer feel, then there are also options available for you to choose the best.
  • Type of the mattress: As you already know that there are several types of mattresses with individual functionality. Choose according to your demand and understanding what kind of mattress do you prefer personally. 
  • Affordability of the mattress: Sleeping on mattress foam might also include the budget in the list. Plan a budget according to choice and avail yourself of that. If you don’t plan, then you can end up spending a lot more than you have thought once. 

8. When to Choose a Foam Mattress?

If a person wants to enjoy the ultimate luxurious feel, then a person can think of this mattress. It also helps those who have an issue related to body pain like orthopaedics, arthritis, etc. Sometimes, a doctor also suggests this form of mattress to relieve body pain. 

9. Why Choose Foam Mattress

A person can think of choosing memory foam due to the benefits of the following amounts:

  • It helps to provide an accurate fit to the body.
  • It can control the body’s temperature with the help of sensitive material that also regulates the body heat and weight. 
  • It provides an adequate amount of comfort by relieving the pain, aches, sores, etc. 
  • It has Motion Transfer Defense. 
  • Highly Hygienic Material and allergy-friendly. 

10. When Not To Choose a Foam Mattress?

  • Can get heavy, especially when rebonded or HD foams are involved
  • Might prove to be allergic for people having a sensitive skin or suffering from allergies
  • Is not ideal for people looking for a highly durable mattress because foams have higher sagging rate

11. FAQ’s

  1. Is a Foam mattress good for back pain?

    Yes, the memory foam mattress and the Latex Foam mattress can efficiently relieve back pains, including other forms of pain. 

  2. Is a foam mattress good for your health?

    A foam mattress can blend according to your body and provide additional benefits, including pain management. Thus it can ensure a plush quality sleep by which it can promote a good health condition as well. 

  3. Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

    In general, heavier people prefer sleeping in hard mattresses, and lighter weights prefer soft ones. This is because people weight heavyweight might sink into the mattress due to the adequate amount of support. 

  4. How much does a Foam mattress cost?

    The average cost of a Foam Mattress can range from 1000- 31264 per piece depending on the mattress’s style, type, pattern, and size.

  5. How long do Foam mattresses last?

    The Foam mattress can averagely last from 6-7 years and have fair to good durability.

  6. Which lasts longer, foam or spring mattress?

    The innerspring mattress has durability from 5.5-6.5 years. Thus the foam mattress has longer durability and can also absorb the adequate pressure of the body weight.

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