Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Guide In India

Choosing the right mattress for yourself can be a little daunting, especially for people who do not know the field.

So, you need to make sure you keep essential factors in mind to find the best fit. If unfortunately, you buy a lousy mattress, it means you will have an unrested body, inefficient life and less productivity. So, now, let us learn about different mattress sizes and dimensions.

1. Standard Mattress Sizes And Dimensions(Mattress Size Chart India)

Single BedDouble BedQueen SizeKing Size

Inches: 4″ or 5″ or 6′ or 8

1.1 Single Bed Mattress

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Guide In India 1

Length: 72″
Width: 36″
Inches: 4″ or 6″ or 8″

Single-size bed mattress Dimension measures 72 inches in length by 36 inches in width.  This type of mattress is a superior version of the above mattress that fits suitably in a 10.5/8.5 feet room.

  • Suitable For whom? It is most suitable for children and teens. Also, currently the most top-selling mattress in the market. However, it might not be a good choice for you to buy a single-size mattress if you are a full-grown adult. Moreover, the single bed mattress does not have enough volume to provide leg space to sleepers.

1.2 Double Bed Mattress

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Guide In India 2

Length: 72″
Width: 42″
Inches: 4″ or 6″ or 8″

A double bed size mattress contains a dimension of 72 inches in length by 42 inches in width. This type of mattress is a superior version of the above mattress that fits suitably in a 10.5/8.5 feet room.

  • Suitable For whom? This type of mattress is suitable for single adults living in small spaces. It has enough space to stretch yourself while sleeping. Also, the extra width added to the mattress will make you carefree of falling when not conscious. In addition, if you are a student and a work-from-home professional who loves to comfort yourself while working or studying, this must be the bed for you. 

1.3 Queen Bed Mattress

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Guide In India 3

Length: 72″
Width: 60″
Inches: 4″ or 6″ or 8″

Queen Bed Mattress is another trendy mattress size among people and couples. The mattress has a dimension of 72 inches in length by 60 inches in width. So, it can fit appropriately in a room of a minimum size of 10 feet by 10 feet and is also perfect for the master bedroom. 

  • Suitable For whom? A queen-size bed can comfort couples. However, if both the partners like to sprawl a lot, they might find the bed short. When it comes to singles, they can find tremendous space in their bed to keep their things or accommodate their pets. 

1.4 King Bed Mattress

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Guide In India 4

Length: 72″
Width: 72″
Inches: 4″ or 6″ or 8″

If you are looking for an outstanding bed for your master bedroom, go for a king bed mattress. It is perfect for rooms more than 11 feet by 11 feet in size. In addition, its dimension measures up to 72 inches in length by 72 inches in width. Thus, giving you a more expansive space for minimal disturbance.

  • Suitable For whom? A king-size bed mattress is a slightly better version of a queen bed mattress. This means it has more prominent space for couples to stretch out while sleeping. Also, if the couples do not want to sprawl much, it even has the space to accommodate a child.

1.5 Custom Size Bed Mattress

If all the above-sized mattresses do not fit your needs, you can always go for a custom-sized bed mattress. 

  • Suitable For whom? This type of mattress is perfect for those with height issues and want their bed to have a more considerable length so their legs fit. There are many other reasons for people wanting an order made mattress.

1.6 Crib Or Baby Size Bed Mattress

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Guide In India 5

2. How to find the correct size?

With the abundance of mattress options available in the market, it has become next to impossible to choose the right mattress. So, make sure to following the following steps to remove your doubts:

  • Step 1: Figure out your expectation from the mattress and how can the mattress serve you best.
  • Step 2: Not every mattress company offer all size of the bed. So, shortlist the mattress according to the size you need.
  • Step 3: Check the type of mattress you want. For example, whether you want foam, hybrid or innerspring mattresses. 
  • Step 4: Always purchase from a reputable store for better future assistance. For this, you can also take references from your friends and families. 
  • Step 5: Get as much knowledge as you can about the mattress you are considering buying. Also, let the salesperson explain to you the features of the mattress. 
  • Step 6: Give a test drive before buying the mattress. In other words, donโ€™t forget to lie down and check whether the mattress is spacious and comfortable.

3. Differences(Comparisons)

3.1 Single Vs Twin

There is practically no difference between the two; however, some facts also point that a twin-size mattress is 6-inch more comprehensive than a single bed. So, supposedly if you have a taller kid or grown-up kid at home, they should have a twin bed mattress for extra comfort.  

3.2 Single Vs Double

Dimensions72โ€ x 36″72โ€ x 42โ€
Suitable ForOne PersonOne Person + Pets
Approx. Room Size10×7 feet10.5×8.5 feet
Priceโ‚น6,944Above โ‚น9,000
Note: Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattress taken example for pricing comparison

The single bed contains a dimension of 72โ€ x 36โ€ and is perfect for growing children who do not sprawl at night. On the other hand, double mattresses have a 72โ€ x 42โ€ dimension for single adults who like their own space. 

3.3 Single Vs Queen

Dimensions72โ€ x 3675โ€ x 60โ€
Suitable ForOne PersonCouple
Approx. Room Size10×7 feet10×10 feet
Note: Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattress taken example for pricing comparison

A single size bed is much smaller than a queen-size bed. For example, where the single size bed is 72โ€ x 36โ€, a queen size bed is 75โ€ x 60โ€ in dimension and is perfect for couples. The cost of queen size is also high because of extra space and comfort.

3.4 King vs Queen

Dimensions72โ€ x 72″75โ€ x 60โ€
Suitable ForFamily(Couple + Born Baby)Couple
Approx. Room Size11×11 feet10×10 feet
Note: Wakefit Orthopaedic Mattress taken example for pricing comparison

Queen and king size bed has always been into a cut-to-cut competition. It is mainly because they both are extremely voluminous for couples. However, it has also shown its magic by giving you the benefit of extra comfy. In addition, it has more width and is also capable of accommodating toddlers. 


A twin-size mattress is 6-inch more exhaustive than the single one. Thus, it is a better option for grown-ups. You can go for a single size bed if you are a teen or grown-up who does not stretch while sleeping. But if you are a mover, you should go for twins.

Yes, a queen-size bed can be an excellent choice for couples who do not move a lot. But if you are not such a couple, you may need a king-size bed.

 Yes, when you place two single mattresses side-wise, it can give the same feel as the double mattress. In other words, it feels the same as a 72 by 72 inches mattress. However, when you compare buying a double size and single size bed, a double bed stands out more in price and comfort.

King size mattress is perfect for couples as it gives them enough space to move and even accommodate toddlers.

It depends on different bed types. Like:

  • Single bed: 72×36
  • Double bed: 72×48
  • Queen size: 72×60
  • King Size: 72×72

King size is best for couples who have a growing baby. It does not compromise the space for the adults, and the baby fits perfectly too.

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