Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress Review

Mattresses are considered to be one of the important aspects of any person’s life, and it is not something that can be compromised. The place where you are resting your body after a hard day of tiring labor will determine the long-term productive capacity you have. 

Frankly, it would be best if you acknowledged this basic fact. Many people feel that a bedroom is incomplete without a good and comfortable mattress. While checking out the various mattresses, you must consider the various aspects related to fitness and health. This plays a major role and consequences while going with a mattress. 

Most of the time, people ignore this aspect and even never consider comfort and quality. This will be detrimental right in the long run, as it will lead to havoc on your spine. It will make you feel defenceless and exposed to many kinds of physical activities and mental illness.

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1. Wakefit Mattress – Providing Great Comfort

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress Review 1
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Diwan, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP: ₹12,344 | Reg. Price: ₹9,876
    Coupon: Happyhome
    Offer Price: ₹7,900 (For Queen Size from Wakefit store)

Wakefit mattresses are one of the best mattresses, and they have explored the science behind getting a good and deep slumber. Based on this, they have tailored their mattress. When a person lies flat on the bed, their body’s shape is similar to ‘S.’ The major issue is that most mattresses are not designed, keeping in mind this particular position. 

With Wakefit mattress, you get a host of other major features like firmness and pressure relief. This helps your spine to remain supported. It will provide the required blood circulation that won’t get hampered in any way. 

If you check, a Wakefit mattress is designed using extraordinary planned memory foam tech. The great part is that this is created right at the most awesome immaculateness levels. This provides the client with the necessary comfort while sleeping and rejuvenate right when they wake up in the morning.   

Also, the Wakefit has exceptional foam that takes the state of the body. It makes sure that the mattress won’t lose its shape; right after some time, it has a rehashed use.

Wakefit provides the best scope of orthopedic memory foam mattress, and this comes from various sizes along with various items like mattress protectors, pillows, cushions, etc. Besides these, they are additional presented flappable mattresses, and this can be used on both sides. 

2. What Is Present In Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress?

  • Breathable Fabric – The fabric of the Wakefit orthopedic is made from the high GSM spun knitted fabric. It contains a soft side that provides you with a cloud-like feeling, making it into a breathable fabric. You can easily use it during the hot weather condition. Also, the harder side of the mattress contains high resilience foam, which is very much suitable in winter. 
  • Next-Generation Memory Foam – The Wakefit is the best memory foam mattress that takes up the form of your body. It is perfect for body contouring. 
  • Different Kind Of Pressure Zone Layer – The Wakefit orthopedic mattress helps in aligns your spine right in a straight line. It even helps in providing better air circulation. 
  • High Resilience Foam – The mattress is made of the best high resilience foam, and it provides the best base for firm support. 
  • Material Used – Through the constant improvements done with the NASA tech, Wakefit developed the best memory foam mattress. It easily knows where your exact pain points and provides great comfort and support. Having a unique design, there are four various layers of this orthopedic memory foam mattress. These provide the best sleeping experience to its users. 
  • The four ones are – 
    • Open Cell CoolFit Foam – For keeping your cool as you sleep comfortably, the Wakefit orthopedic mattress has introduced the CoolFit foam right on the top. The cell structures present provides good breathability that allows the air to pass through at all times. 
    • Memory Foam – The most significant layer of the Wakefit Ortho mattress is the memory foam. The memory foam provides the perfect body contouring, and this is by adapting to your body’s shape. 
    • Zonal Support Transition Layer – By easily distributing your bodyweight uniformly, the ortho mattress of Wakefit will provide support to the heaviest part of your body. This leads to better and more firmness. It will also provide greater support, but the lighter parts will get the correct amount of support they need. Most importantly, the zonal support transition layers will ensure that your spine won’t get bent right in an unnatural manner while sleeping. This will improve your posture over time. 
    • Base Foam – The final layer is the base foam. This carries the whole show right on its shoulder. It provides the necessary support to the whole mattress, and this will, in turn, bring the required firmness to the whole body while you are sleeping. 

3. Firmness Level

Regarding the firmness level of the Wakefit orthopedic memory foam, it is medium firm. Frankly, as per most of the customer reviews, the product is neither too hard nor soft. It provides optimal firmness that is great for spinal alignment.

4. Pressure Relief And Motion Transfer

Unlike other orthopedic mattresses, the Wafefit is specially created using the top-quality HR (High Resilience) foam. This provides maximum support along with balanced pressure. 

The 182.9 x 91.4 x 12.7 cm dimensioned memory foam mattress of Wakefit is a simple and medium-firm product. This is backed with hugely advanced tech for supporting back pain issues. The mattress is crafted using foam density highly, providing a long-lasting life for its users. 

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While sleeping with your partner, you would want to improve your sleep. In this situation, it is better to invest in a comfy mattress for couples. 

Just consider the Wakefit Orthopedic mattress as the best one for couples providing zero partner disturbances. This is a great mattress having optimum construction. It makes sure that there is no motion getting transferred right in the form of waves, disturbing the sleepers. 

It will also easily absorb one partner’s movement while he or she is turning, tossing, or slipping in or out of bed. This will completely isolate the motion. This will also make sure that the other partners are not easily jolted right out of bed. So, no doubt, the Wakefit orthopedic mattress is perfect for couples. 

5. Build Quality And Design

With Wakefit orthopedic memory foam, they are often looking for better ways to improve your sleep quality. When the human spine is bent unnaturally or misaligned, then individuals will experience restless sleep. They would get sore back as and when they wake up. 

It is not surprising to see that Wakefit orthopedic memory foam has been working with the latest tech for creating a product that provides a deep sleep each night. 

The Wakefit orthopedic mattress contains advanced zonal support tech. This helps make sure that your shoulder is sinking in and your hips are elevated, making sure that you can lie down. Also, your spine will come to the resting position, and that too in a straight line. This is by enabling a softer support right to the upper body section and providing firm support right in the mattress’s lumbar region. 

6. Wakfit Mattress Size And Dimension & Pricing Table:

Diwan[72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″] [5″][6″][8″]
Queen[72″x60″] [72″x66″][75″x60″]
King [72″x70″] [72″x72″][75″x70″][75″x72″]
CustomAvailable Available
SizePrice On WakeFit StorePrice On Amazon
Diwan₹7,566(72″x48″x5″) ₹7,809(72″x48″x5″)
King8,887(72″x70″x5″) ₹8,887(72″x70″x5″)
CustomAvailable Not Available

7. Comfort

Regarding the comfort of the Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress, it will easily lull you into a deep and good sleep right at the night. The mattress being dual comfort will provide the qualities of a soft and hard mattress, so it will seem that you have purchased two different kinds of mattresses. 

8. Trial, Warranty, And Shipping Policies

Now the Wakefit orthopedic mattress provides a 100-night trial. The warranty is for ten years. Regarding the shipping policies, it is delivered right from the warehouse or factory.

9. Reliability

No doubt, the Wakefit memory foam mattress conforms as per the body of the sleeper. In short, it simply takes the shape of their body, thereby providing uniform support while you are sleeping. 

Due to this, the spine won’t get bent right in an unnatural method. It will easily maintain the natural alignment of the body throughout the whole night. 

10. Packing

Well, the mattress is vacuum pressed and easily packed in the roll pack box. But it will be shipped right in an open and flat format using protective covering for avoiding any further damage. 

11. Support

The Wakefit orthopedic mattress has advanced zonal support tech. It allows your shoulder to sink in and even the hips to be elevated. 

This is the next generation and high-density memory foam suitable for body shape contouring. 

12. Certification

Unluckily, the Wakefit memory foam mattress is not Euro Latex Certification and LGA Certified Latex Foam.

13. Suitable For

The mattress is suitable for people suffering from lower back and sore neck, and other back pain issues.

14. Customer Reviews

As per the customer review at Amazon, Wakefit, and Google, it is 4.7/5

15. Pros & Cons

Some of the pros are – 

  • Attractive prices
  • Decent cooling and comfort
  • Minimal motion transfer


  • Well below the build and required quality
  • Poor body support and alignment

16. So, Is Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress Good?

Ultimately, Wakefit is a great mattress to use. People suffering from severe spinal issues and lack of proper sleep will enjoy using this. Of course, you might have certain customer support issues; still, this is a great memory mattress to use. 

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