Kurlon Vs Sleepwell Mattress – Which Is Better?

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Sleep is one of the most important activities of daily living. Why? Because it is the process during which you give the body time to shut down, repair, and refresh itself. 

Basically, during sleep, the body enters a state of altered consciousness during which the body begins to repair itself, and the mind enters a restoration process. Sleep is what gets us ready to take on the next day.

Difficulties in sleep can be attributed to their sleep patterns, environment, and, most importantly, their mattress. It is common for one’s sleep to get disturbed due to a bad or uncomfortable mattress. 

Hence choosing your mattress is more important than what it seems. But many people are confused regarding which mattress to get and what to consider while choosing a mattress. 

Nevertheless, this article is specially tasked with helping you choose your mattress. But there are many mattresses available in the market, which one do you choose? 

Here are 2 of the best mattress brands and a bit about them.

Kurlon Mattresses:

kurlon mattress

Are you searching for the best mattress brand in India? Then look no further. Kurlon is a mattress manufacturing company that is based in India. 

It is one of the biggest manufacturers of mattresses and other home comfort products. Kurlon manufactures mattresses in 126 different configurations. 

It works with more than 10000 dealers all over India and has 72 branches and stock points, thus making it one of the biggest manufacturers of mattresses in India. 

But what’s truly special about Kurlon is that it uses coir made from coconut fibers. Kurlon is an Indigenous manufacturer that undoubtedly makes the nation proud.

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Sleepwell Mattress:

Kurlon Vs Sleepwell Mattress - Which Is Better? 1

Another amazing mattress brand that is well known for its innovative mattress technology is Sleepwell. Sleepwell is the flagship brand of Sheela Group. 

Sleepwell has 4000 dealers all over India and more than 1 lakh distributors. Like Kurlon, it is one of the biggest manufacturers of mattresses in India. 

It is well known for innovations such as comfort cells, My Pillow, and Neem Fresche. It prides itself on providing its users durable and comfortable mattresses. 

Not only mattresses, but Sleepwell also manufactures home comfort products and furniture cushions. Sleepwell is your go-to place for all things about sleep, bedding, and comfort.

We have created posts on Sleepwell mattress review, with almost reviewed all products to find the right mattress for your fit among them.

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Kurlon Vs Sleepwell – The Detailed Comparison

Below is the detailed comparison between the two leading mattress manufacturing brands that ought to give you insight on which to buy and know what to look for in each of these brands. 

This in-depth discussion of the differences between the two mattress brands can help you make better decisions and choices regarding your mattress, thus helping you find the mattress that truly comforts you.

1. Features

Kurlon mattress offers its users the best features that include a high PU foam layer for comfort and high tensile pocket spring with MSI technology for bounciness. 

You can be assured to get Zero sagging and no partner disturbance. These mattresses come with a high-density PU foam layer for extra support. They offer anti-dust and anti-microbial protection.

Whereas Sleepwell mattress offers its users features like innovative comfort cell which provides extra comfort and support. Comfort cells maximize airflow and provide aeration. The durability is high, and the Neem Fresche protects from skin allergies and breathing problems. The mattress thickness is comparatively high.

2. Sizes and Dimensions

Concerning sizes and dimensions, Sleepwell mattresses are available in various sizes; the Sleepwell mattress has mattress thickness ranging from 4.5 inches up to 8 inches.

Mattress Size
Single[72″x30″] [75″x30″] [78″x30″]
[72″x36″] [75″x36″] [78″x36″]
[72″x42″] [75″x42″] [78″x42″]
[72″x48″] [75″x48″] [78″x48″]
[6″] [8″]
Queen[72″x60″] [75″x60″] [78″x60″][6″] [8″]
King[72″x72″] [75″x72″] [78″x72″][6″] [8″]
Mattress Size
(Other Mattresses)
Single[72″x30″] [75″x30″] [78″x30″] [84″x30″]
[72″x36″] [75″x36″] [78″x36″] [84″x36″]
[6″] [8″]
Double[72″x48″] [75″x48″] [78″x48″] [84″x48″]
[72″x60″] [75″x60″] [78″x60″] [84″x60″]
[72″x66″] [75″x66″] [78″x66″] [84″x66″]
[72″x72″] [75″x72″] [78″x72″] [84″x72″]
[4″] [6″] [8″]


Whereas Kurlon mattress does not have as many sizes and its mattress thickness generally ranges from 4 inches to 5 inches only.

Single[72′′ x 30′′] [75′′ x 30′′] [78′′ x 30′′]
[72′′ x 36′′] [75′′ x 36′′] [78′′ x 36′′]
[72′′ x 42′′] [75′′ x 42′′] [78′′ x 42′′]
Double[72′′ x 48′′] [75′′ x 48′′] [78′′ x 48′′]6″
Queen[72′′ x 60′′] [75′′ x 60′′] [78′′ x 60′′]
[72′′ x 66′′] [75′′ x 66′′] [78′′ x 66′′]
King[72′′ x 72′′] [75′′ x 72′′] [78′′ x 72′′]6″

3. Material

Both mattress manufacturers differ in the material used in mattresses. Kurlon specialized in coir mattresses, with coir made from coconut fibers using Austrian technology.

While Sleepwell is the leader in PU foam mattresses, made using state of the art technology.

4. Strength

Concerning strength, both mattress manufacturers use materials that ensure high durability. Apart from that, they have strong knitting, which keeps the entire mattress in place and prevents sagging. 

But user reviews have opined that Sleepwell is stronger than Kurlon.

5. Warranty

Concerning warranty, most Kurlon and Sleepwell mattresses (especially the lower-priced ones) offer a warranty of 1 to 3 years. In the case of pricier models, Kurlon offers a warranty of 5 years to lifetime, while Sleepwell offers a warranty of 7 to 10 years. 

Warranty Period5 Years5 to 10 Years

6. Pricing

Sleepwell is more expensive than Kurlon. For the cheapest mattresses, one can turn towards Kurlon.

Kurl-on Dream Sleep SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single₹ 9,315 – ₹ 10,315Buy Now
Queen₹ 16,773 – ₹ 17,000Buy Now
King₹ 17,500 – ₹ 19,701Buy Now
Kurl-on Relish SizePrice RangeBuy Now
SingleNABuy Now
Queen₹ 20,777 – ₹ 24,500Buy Now
King₹ 24,545 – ₹ 29,000Buy Now
Kurl-on Spinekare SizePrice RangeBuy Now
SingleNABuy Now
Queen₹ 47,000 – ₹ 48,000Buy Now
King₹ 56,000 – ₹ 58,000Buy Now
Kurl-on Convenio SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Queen₹ 19,999 – ₹ 25,000Buy Now
Kurl-on Angelica SizePrice RangeBuy Now
SingleNABuy Now
Queen₹ 31,941 – ₹ 32,941Buy Now
King₹ 38,327 – ₹ 39,327Buy Now
Kurl-on Mermaid SizePrice RangeBuy Now
SingleNABuy Now
QueenNABuy Now
King₹ 31,999 – ₹ 42,246Buy Now
Sleepwell Starlite SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 2,663 – ₹ 2,659Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 3,539 – ₹ 3,551Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 4,799 – ₹ 4,808Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 5,759 – ₹ 5,771Buy Now
Other Sleepwell MattressesPrice RangeBuy Now
Cocoon₹ 6,822 – ₹ 21,706Buy Now
Activa₹ 10,990 – ₹ 16,999Buy Now
Admire₹11,340 – ₹13,000Buy Now
Spinetec ₹ 18,000Buy Now
Nano Plus₹16,999Buy Now
Resitec Gold Plus₹29,000 – ₹33,000Buy Now
Enovation ₹35,999Buy Now
Esteem₹34,599Buy Now
Amity(King Size)₹65,000 – ₹79,999Buy Now

7. Trial policy

Neither Sleepwell nor Kurlon has a trial policy. So you can probably only get a glimpse by testing it at the mattress store or showroom.

Trial Policy365 Night Trial30 Days Free Trial

8. Website Experience

Concerning website experience, Kurlon website is very easy to use and sports a simpler, down to earth design. 

Whereas, Sleepwell’s website is more interactive and systematically displays all of its innovations.

9. Reviews – Google, Amazon, Official Site Reviews

Kurlon and Sleepwell have both received amazing reviews from their customers and various other platforms. 

1.Amazon ReviewsAmazon Reviews
2.Google ReviewsGoogle Reviews
3.MouthShut ReviewsMouthShut Reviews

Apart from both mattresses being reviewed as comfortable, Kurlon has been reviewed as ‘India’s most affordable mattresses,’ while Sleepwell has been reviewed as ‘India’s most innovative and durable mattresses.


So, there you have it; a detailed differentiation of both Kurlon and Sleepwell mattresses. With this knowledge, based on your budget and requirements, you can easily choose to buy a new and better mattress. So we wish you a very happy mattress shopping.

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