Top 7 Best Mattress For Side Sleepers India 2021

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers India
(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

Most of us prefer to change the position during sleep; side sleeping is a common way to have a peaceful sleep. More than 70% of adults prefer to sleep on their sides during the night. A good mattress is a must for a comfortable night’s sleep. Before investing in the best sleep mattress, especially for side sleeping

Here is what you need to know about sleeping on your side. 

What You Need to Know About Sleeping On Your Side

1. Pressure Relief

The sleeping position creates pressure on the body, and if you are a side sleeper, the pressure areas are shoulders, neck, and hips. For side sleepers, using a wrong mattress can create numbness.

Invest in the best mattress for side sleepers for healthy sleeping and to contour the body. The body will relax throughout the night when you use a good mattress.

2. Firmness 

The mattress can be chosen according to individual preference. The mattresses firmness is available from the range of 1 to 10. The firmness range will provide enough support to your spine and maintain the correct posture throughout the night. The lighter individuals should opt-out of the soft mattress, or the higher individuals can opt-out of the medium or firmer mattress.

3. Contour

The best mattress for side sleepers should be soft enough to provide enough support to your body in the sleeping position. If the body’s contour is not done right, the wrong pressure can cause back and neck ache in the long run. Sleeping in the wrong mattress can lead to shoulder aches. 

4. Spine Alignment

Whiles sleeping your side, the spine takes up the straight position. The spine has a natural “S” shape where sleeping on the back gives much relaxation to the spine. Invest in the best mattresses, which provide correct spinal alignment. A firm mattress can lead to bending of the spine, which can cause backache. 

5. Mattress Types

There is no particular mattress that works best for side sleepers. Be it a hybrid of memory foam or latex; each mattress type has its benefit. Not all mattress is suitable for all individuals.

Hence, check out the materials used, rating of the mattress, brand, etc. before investing in a quality mattress for side sleepers. The mattress which you buy in that the body contouring should not be compromised. 

6. Pain Points

The slide sleepers can experience pain in the lower hip; this is mostly due to the mattress’s wrong choice. Pain points should be a major deciding factor when you are investing in a mattress for side sleepers. Look for an eco-friendly mattress that provides support to the body.

What Type Of Mattress Best For The Side Sleepers Back Pain?

For proper spine alignment and maintaining the correct posture, the foam and hybrid mattress help the side sleepers from relieving the back pain. The hight density foam supports your joints, and the combination of mattress in the hybrid mattress makes it perfect for chronic pain.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Side Sleeping

 More people prefer side sleeping as it is comfortable, and there are also various advantages of side sleeping. The side sleeping helps improve the spine’s alignment or maintain the correct posture of the joints throughout the night. If the correct mattress is not used, it can lead to a serious health issue.

 The advantages of side sleeping are:

  • Helps to improve spine alignment.
  • Reduces snoring
  • It helps to decrease the symptom of heartburn.

However, the advantages may be changed to a disadvantage if the proper mattress is not used. As the improper mattress can change the spine’s alignment, such uncomfortable pressure points on the shoulder can arise due to a too-soft mattress. It can be resolved using the proper mattress.

Heavier side sleeper individuals shouldn’t use the too-soft mattress that can sink you too deeply to the mattress, so you may prefer using the firm medium-firm mattress.

Various mattress levels need to be kept in mind while selecting a mattress for side sleeping.

  • How firm should your mattress be?
  • What type of mattress is best for you?
  • Any other prerequisites that may affect your sleep quality?

Selecting Your Firmness Level 

The correct firmness selection for the mattress plays a crucial role because the improper firmness may cause the individuals to suffer from restless sleep and may change the spine or joint alignment.

The firmness of a mattress is measured on the scale from 1 to 10. The least value of the firmness scale for lighter individuals and the highest value for the heavier individuals.

 These days, the selling of the mattress firmness range of 3 to 8 is increased in the market these days. For side sleepers, the medium-firm (5 or 6) mattress is best for their comfortable sleep.

This range of mattresses is neither too soft nor too firm for the body. So, it may not change the spine alignment or any other change in pressure points.

To find a suitable type of mattress you want, you can use your body weight.

1. Less than 60 kg:

Mattress firmness: soft(2or3) or medium-soft (5 or 6)

Reason: the lighter individuals may prefer soft to the medium-firm as they don’t deeply sink into the mattress because of their body weight.

So, the spine’s alignment is properly maintained, and there is no problem with uncomfortable pressure points. So you are free to choose the soft or medium-firm mattress according to their preference.

2. More than 60 kg but less than 104 kg

Mattress firmness: medium-firm (5 or 6):

Reason: The average body weight of people is advised to use medium-firm to properly align their spine or joints posture throughout the night to avoid any serious issue.

The soft firm may cause the individual to sink into the mattress that may misalign the body posture deeply. This mattress type is best as it is neither too soft nor too hard.

3.More than 104kg

Mattress firmness: medium-firm or firmer

Reason: The heavier individuals are advised to use the medium to the firmer mattress as the higher body weight can cause the individual to sink into the mattress deeply.

All this can lead to uncomfortable pressure on joints or shoulders; it also might cause restlessness during sleep. So, it is advisable to use the medium or a firmer mattress.

Selecting Your Mattress Type 

As we have studied about side sleeping and side sleeping, how much the mattress’s firmness ranges from, and how it should be chosen for a comfortable sleep. Now we will learn about which type of mattress is to be selected for a peaceful sleep. There are various types of mattresses, and a few notable options are. 

1. Latex mattress:

Latex mattresses are highly durable and help sleepers experience comfortable sleep, as these have more elasticity that gives a good bounce to your mattress. Latex mattresses are eco-friendly as the natural latex is harvested from the rubber trees.

It may have at least one layer of natural or synthetically processed latex that gives more elasticity to your mattress. These are preferred by the sleepers who have any skin allergies or any environmental changes, such as heat, pollution, sudden climate change, etc.


Cooler than Foam
Improved blood circulation or spine alignment

2. Foam mattress

The foam mattress is also known as a memory foam mattress; it uses your body heat to soften and mould the mattress according to your shape. It gives excellent comfort and durability to the mattress. This high-density mattress helps to improve the body alignment and maintenance of the body’s pressure points.


Reduce unnecessary turning or tossing
Excellent resistant to dust mites
Good support to the pressure point
Highly durable

3. Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress, as the name says hybrid means it is a combination of memory foam, latex, or gel or innerspring system. That provides comfortable sleep throughout the night. The sleepers can experience peaceful sleep. The various combinations of the mattress allow the sleepers to experience comfortable sleep with different mattress features. And the use of latex gives more bounce to your mattress and make it highly durable.


Highly durable and comfortable
pressure point relief
good temperature regulation

4. Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress uses the steel coil for the support. These are made up of three parts the core, the foundation, and the comfort layer:

Core: This is the main part of the mattress. The greater number of springs gives thicker coils, and that gives good support to your bed.

Foundation: This is the primary structure for the bed and supports the coils and the core. This is usually the bottom part of the mattress and made up of wool.

Comfort layer: To create a comfort layer, some sort of cushioning or filling is used to make the innerspring mattress more comfortable for sleep.


Provides good support

5. Air- bed

The adjustable mattress or air bed mattress allows the air chambers to be blown through the mattress, allowing the sleepers to adjust and customize the air according to their preferences. This can be controlled manually or through remote control. Some air bed mattress comes with dual-zone technology that allows both the sleepers to customize their sleep comfort. This mattress provides great support to your spine and joints of the body. But these are quite expensive.


Customize the firmness
Customize the firmness
Great support to the spine

Other Considerations for Side Sleepers

Few points need to be considered while selecting the mattress for the side sleeping.

Here are some points that need to be ensured:

1. Allergy or health issue:

While selecting the mattress, make sure that the mattress is made from the natural materials and hypoallergenic materials that prevent the entering of dust mites and bacteria. Identify what allergies do you have and what type of material is easier for you to sleep. And purchase the mattress accordingly.

2. Preferred temperature during sleep 

If you prefer a warm temperature while sleeping, then the latex or innerspring mattress is best for you. The latex mattress is natural rubber, and the innerspring mattress helps to promote good airflow throughout the mattress. If you are a sleeper who gets cold at night, then the memory foam mattress is ideal for you. The Foam not only provides you comfort, but the bear hug allows you to trap the heat.

3. Pressure relaxing point

The side sleepers with body pain are benefited by the use of a memory foam mattress. The Foam allows your body to sink into the mattress surface deeply, and it ensures that your spine and joints are aligned properly, and body posture is maintained correctly.

Match Your Pillows & Bedding

The pillow selection, according to your bedding types, plays a vital role. The incorrect pillow loft may cause misalignment of the spine.

While purchasing the pillow as a slide sleeper, it must be ensured to select the pillow with the correct loft and height. Find the pillow that matches the length of your shoulder and the gap of your neck.

The pillows must be chosen according to the mattress type; otherwise, it may cause neck pain and restless sleep.

Side Sleeper Mattress Buying Tips

While buying the best mattress for side sleeping, here are the additional tips that can help you crack the best deal. When you are buying a mattress for a side, here are the essential points to be considered. 

  • 1. Double check the shipping cost and return policy. The mattress for side should have free shipping, and the exchange also should be free of cost. 
  • 2. The trial should be risk-free; the company should offer your minimal 100 nights free trial. 
  • 3. Look for mattress deal and offer before purchasing memory foam mattress for your queen size or any bed. 
  • 4. The mattress should provide at least ten years of warranty.
  • 5. Check for the low to medium firmness in the mattress. It is an ideal choice for side sleepers. 
  • 6. For side sleepers, it is best to avoid hard foam mattresses with the latex and Memory Foam. 
  • 7.The Foam and material should not retain body heat. Double-check what the mattress is made of before buying the mattress.

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7 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers India 2021

1. Sleep 6 Inch King Size Rebounded Foam Mattress

The Sleep Rebounded Foam Mattress is made with high-density hard Foam and ideal for side sleepers. ‘The premium fabric ensures peaceful sleep thought the day. The products come with three years warranty.


1. Perfect for side sleepers

One side of the mattress is soft, whereas the other side is hard. The layer is well covered with its premium quilted fabric. This makes the pressure points to relax well when you are sleeping.

2. Breathability

the presence of air mesh fabric ensures better breathability while you are sleeping. The Neem Fresche enhances freshness during sleep.

3. Hassle-free use

The foam mattresses are pre-assembled; hence you don’t need to work on the installation or assembly.


Premium quality quilted fabric
Perfect for side sleepers


Not suitable for back pain

2. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

The brand Wakefit needs no introduction; it is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. The mattress effortlessly takes the shape of your body while you sleep uniformly through the night. The body weight is evenly distributed so that there is no restlessness when you are awake the next day. 


1. Gen Next Sturdy Memory Foam 

The memory foam incorporates your body’s shape and is the best option if you prefer to sleep on the side. 

2. Perfect Pressure Zone 

The mattress is filled with smart air spaces; the air circulation is perfect. The pressure points are properly taken care of, and the body heat is distributed evenly. 

3. Breathable Fabric

The premium quality fabric is used to design the Wakefit mattress, which makes it high resilience foam. 


Medium firm
Easy to wash and maintain
Unique pressure zone 


Not suitable for stomach sleepers.

3. Sleep Well Starlite Discover Firm Foam Mattress 

The sleep Well foam mattress is the ideal pick for side sleepers looking for a pocket-friendly option. The air circulation ensures you get peaceful sleep without heating the body.


1. Firmness

The sleep Well mattress comes with medium firmness and is ideal for people who like side sleeping positions. 

2. PU Foam 

The mattress is made using high-density PU foam and offers double comfort. 

3. two variants

You get an option to choose from 5- and 6-inch mattress, pick the one based on your bed size. 


High-density PU
Provides support to the body
Uses Neem Fresche


Mattress is hard

4. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress is an orthopaedic mattress that offers impeccable support to side sleepers. The pressure reliving technology ensures even weight distribution. The mattress is breathable and comes with a trial period. 


1. Sturdy Foam

The mattress is made from amazing fabrics that give the cocoon-like feeling. Suitable for everyday use and supports the complete body while you sleep. You get the right amount of bounce and sweet sinking feeling. 

2. Free trial

The Sleepyhead Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress offers 100-night free trial. Along with it, you get ten years warranty on the mattress.

3. Washable

The over the cover of the mattress protects the inner fabric, and it is washable. The cover also keeps the mattress dust-free.


Sweet sinking feeling
Right firmness to support the body
Right density with cushiness


Heats the body

5. Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Coir Mattress 

The brand Duroflex is known to provide perfect sleep solutions for many years. The orthopaedic mattress comes with advanced technology to cool your body and promote comfortable sleep. The anti-bacterial mattress is protected from bug and enhances healthy sleep.

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1. 5 Zoned Support

The orthopaedic mattress from durable comes with five zoned exclusive support to provide the best care to your body while you nap.

2. Hygienic

The firm and naturally cool coir ensure perfect airflow. You can experience breathability and freshness while you sleep. 

3. Rebounded Foam

The high density of Foam provides advanced reinforcement, and the durability is also high.


Advances spine support
Luxurious feel while you sleep.


No significant cons.

6. Peps Springkoil Spring Mattress 

If you plan to invest in a high-quality spring mattress to provide needed support to the spine, Peps Springkoil is an ultimate pick. High-quality PU foam is used to design this stylish mattress. It gives a contemporary look to the bedroom, and there is no assembly needed. 


1. Comfort and Support

The PU foam offers plush comfort, and two layers of foam quit provide ample softness. The cotton felt works as a shield between the Foam and spring; your spine gets needed support.

2. Warranty 

The Peps mattress provides five years warranty when you purchase. The core construction of the mattress is well designed to offer spine support.

3. Alignment 

The spring mattress comes with a border wire, which keeps the spring unit aligned and less wear and tear.


Lower spring tension
Lesser wear and tear
Comfort and freshness


Lower color choices

7. Springtek Dreamer Orthopaedic Mattress 

The Springtek Dreamer Orthopaedic is made with memory and HR foam. The dual comfort mattress provides support to the back and spine. It takes the shape of the body and puts you in complete rest. 


1. Aligned sleep position

The Springtek mattress provides relief from back pain and motion isolating. The sleep position remains well-aligned thought the night.

2. Support to shoulder 

The durable comfort mattress provides support to the shoulder and hip areas. The airflow is consistent, and you can sleep in all positions.

3. Luxury

The mattress is covered with iconic knitted and high-quality mattress cover. It is easy to wash and maintain. The luxury factor is hight and is the best mattress for everyday use.


11-year warranty
Anti-microbial Foam
Perfect contouring of the body


Quality finishes after a certain period. 


If you are a slide sleeper, you must invest in a highly durable actress, supporting your spine. The alignment of the spine is very curial to get a comfortable and relaxed overnight sleep. The pointers mentioned above help you to decide the best mattresses. If you enjoy side sleeping, don’t miss checking out the options that provide you the best comfort while you sleep. 

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