Queen Vs King Size Mattress – Comparison Guide

Are you a couple looking for a comfortable bed with space?

Are you unsure which one to choose, queen or king-size mattress?

To get the answer to these questions, you have to dig deeper. First, you will have to understand the different features of the mattresses, then its pros and cons.

Once you have run a detailed analysis of a Queen Vs King size mattress, you will find your answer. So let us start with what these mattresses are, and it’s variant.

1. What are Queen size mattresses and their variants?

Queen size mattress comes to mind first. It has been everyone’s choice when it comes to choosing a bed for the master bedroom. It stretches to about 72×60 inches in size. Also, the couple can get their required amount of space to sleep peacefully. Its variant includes:

  • Queen Standard (72×60)
  • Other Varients
    • 72×66
    • 75×60
    • 75×66
    • 78×60
    • 78×66
    • 84×60

2. What are king size mattresses and its variant?

King size mattress is more spacious than a queen-size bed and the widest mattress in the market. It has a whopping dimension of 72 x 72 inches. Thus, it gives you enough space to move around the mattress or even fit a baby in between. So, if your partner disturbs you a lot by their movement at night, you can save yourself by getting this mattress. Its variant includes:

  • King Standard Size (72×72)
  • Other Varients
    • 75×72
    • 78×72
    • 84×72
    • 84×78

3. Questions To Ask Before Buying Queen Vs. King Size Mattress

  1. How many people will be sleeping in the bed?
    The queen-sized bed is enough for two sleeping partners, but it is best to go for a king-size bed if you plan for a baby.
  2. Do we move while sleeping?
    If you are both a sleeper that turns or moves tremendously at night, a queen size bed may not be a good option for you. So, if you want space to move in sleep, king size bed can fulfil your requirement.
  3. How much room space do I have?
    You will have to analyze how much space do you have to fit your bed in. If it’s any less than 72×72 inches in dimension, you should go for queen size bed. It’s because a king-size one needs a minimum of the above said area.
  4. What is my budget?
    Budget is the most crucial factor that will decide whether to opt for a queen-size mattress or king size. Because king size mattress has the advantage of more space, it’s obvious its price will also be more than a queen. So, if you think you can increase your budget from 100-300 dollars more, you can go for king size bed.
  5. Do I need a regular queen and king size (or) customized one?
    The last question to ask yourself is whether you are happy with the regular queen or king-size or not. If not, you can go for a customized one.

4. Difference Between King Vs Queen Size Mattress

ParametersKing BedQueen bed
Room Size9.10 x 12 feet9.6 x 10 feet
Suitable ForCouples + infantCouples
PriceMore expensive than queen size bedMore expensive than a twin or full bed but less costly than a king

5. King & Queen Size Mattress Pros And Cons


  • Enough room inside the storage area
  • Best for couples 
  • Feasible for a couple with children
  • Appropriate for plus-size partners


  • Can’t fit into the walls of small rooms
  • Need several hands to move

6. Queen Size Mattress Pros And Cons


  • Perfect for partners
  • Can fit into small master rooms
  • Fitting


  • Suitable only for cosy sleepy partners
  • Have only a little area inside the storage space
  • Not fit for restless sleepers

7. Queen Vs King – Room Size Differences

A king-size bed, as we discussed earlier, is wider than a queen-size bed. Thus, where the queen-size bed is only 66” wide, a king-size bed is 78” inches wide. However, both the mattresses are 72” in length. 

8. Queen Vs King – Comfort Differences

The surface area of queen size bed is 4800 square inches. On the other hand, that of a king-size bed is 6080 square inches. Thus, it means a king-size bed provides more leg space for the sleeper. As a result, it adds more comfort.  

9. Queen Vs King – Price Differences

It is not surprising at all, given that the king-size bed offers extra space to sleeper its cost will also be high. However, there is no average real cost difference; the price may vary depending on the distributor, manufacturer, or material used. 


If you have carefully gone through the above information, you will know which size bed you must choose. Of course, if you are a couple with a baby, it is always preferable to choose king size bed. However, given the budget or size of the room, you can make your decision. 


Most of the couples get drawn to the space that king-size beds provide. Also, if you both are sleepers with contrasting firmness preferences, you must go for king size bed. 

The standard size of king size bed is wider than the queen-size bed, i.e., 12” wider.

Yes, two single beds, when put together, can make one king-size bed. By doing this, the couple can get great space to move. 

Those below 6 feet can usually fit into any size of the bed. However, if you are taller than it, you might want to consider a bed with a minimum size of 72” x 78”, i.e., king XL. 

In general terms, a queen size bed is enough to accommodate two persons if they sleep tight and do not need room to move. 

In most cases, a king-size bed can easily fit two people and one toddler or pet. In addition, it will have enough space for the couple to move around. 

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