7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024

Are you looking for a new mattress that will suit your ageing body and health requirements? 

If yes, then you have landed at the right place! In this article, we have brought forth some of the best mattresses with different features which will help you to sleep comfortably without feeling soreness and stiffness the next morning,

We described the products in detail so that you won’t have any problem choosing the best mattress for elderly seniors in India. Just make sure you are choosing the right mattress because your health will be highly dependent on the product’s features. 

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Mattress For Elderly Seniors

  1. Thickness: Based on the sleepers’ weight and the bed design, you need to choose the proper thickness of the mattress. Ensure that even with higher thickness, the product is lightweight so that you can move it easily. 
  2. Temperature regulation: Always look for mattresses with a high breathability rate having either cooling gel technology or air mesh fabric tops. This will keep the surface temperature lower than the room temperature. 
  3. Firmness: For elders, a mattress firmness level of 5 to 7 will be ideal since it will help the elderly get rid of bone and muscle aches. 

Top 7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024

1. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024 1
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Next-Gen Memory Foam, 7 Pressure Zone Foam, High Resilience Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Diwan, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP: ₹12344 | Reg. Price: ₹9876
    Offer Price: ₹8,147 (For Queen Size from Wakefit store)

Suppose you are planning to buy a mattress suitable for your back pain and other arthritis problem. In that case, the best option will be the orthopaedic foam mattress from Wakefit. The product comes with medium firmness throughout the surface and helps in alleviating several arthritis pains.

Elderlies usually suffer from chronic back problems like neurological pain, slip discs, osteoarthritis in the spine, and others. Since their pain tolerance level is quite low, it is imperative to get the right product. 

This mattress has a knitted fabric cover with several pores done on the upper surface. Due to the presence of the pores, the breathability rate has increased, allowing air to pass through with ease. Also, since the cover will allow air circulation, you won’t have to worry about getting a bad smell. 

Next to the fabric cover is present the next generation memory foam. Due to this material, the mattress top moulds itself according to the shape of your body. In addition, there is a 7-zone pressure-relieving layer in between. The action of both these layers will help alleviate the pain in your back, be it aches in the bones or stiffness of the muscles. 

To support the top layers and make the overall mattress stable, the lowermost layer comprises the high resilience foam. It has a lesser response time and comes with high durability to absorb shocks and impacts. 

Diwan[72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″] [5″][6″][8″]
Queen[72″x60″] [72″x66″][75″x60″]
King [72″x70″] [72″x72″][75″x70″][75″x72″]
CustomAvailable Available
SizePrice On WakeFit StorePrice On Amazon
Diwan ₹7,566(72″x48″x5″) ₹8,420(72″x48″x5″)
Queen 8,147(72″x60″x5″)₹8,517(72″x60″x5″)
King 9,165(72″x70″x5″) ₹9,581(72″x70″x5″)
CustomAvailable Not Available


  • Helps in promoting better sleep 
  • It is big enough for elderly couples
  • It Will last for a long time


  • No removable and washable cover

2. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024 2
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP Price: ₹13,999
  • Discount: 25%
  • Offer Price : ₹10,499(For Queen Size from Sleepyhead store)

Only a few mattresses show perfection in all aspects, and the SleepyHead orthopaedic memory foam mattress is one of them. Any normal sleeper can easily adjust on the mattress even if the product fails to provide 100% comfort.

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But since here, we are talking about the elderly, and we need only the best product. That’s the reason why the company has constructed the mattress in such a wonderful manner with the exact amount of firmness suitable for the elders. 

Talking about the construction of the mattress, the top layer is made from breathable fabric. It will maintain the airflow within the internal layers of the product and prevent the growth of microbes.

The second layer is formed from comfort foam which will help the sleepers to snuggle on the surface due to the enhanced softness of the second layer.

Finally, there is a responsive memory foam layer also. Since the memory foam has a low response time, it wouldn’t take much time for the layer to return to its original form once the depressive forces are removed from the top. 

In addition to this layer, a high-density hard foam has been used as the support foam. It adds stability to the mattress along with filling up the lower space for maintaining the thickness

Double[72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″] [5″][6″][8″]
Queen[72″x60″][75″x60″][78″x60″] [5″][6″][8″]
King[72″x72″][75″x72″][78″x72″] [5″][6″][8″]
CustomAvailable Available
SizePrice On Sleepyhead StorePrice On Amazon
Double 8,499(72″x48″x5″)₹8,074(72″x48″x5″)
Queen 10,499(72″x60″x5″)₹9,974(72″x60″x5″)
King 11,499(72″x72″x5″)₹10,924(72″x72″x5″)
CustomAvailableNot Available


  • Do not relay partner’s motion to the other parts 
  • Has the correct density for making the product stable 
  • Helps in maintaining the spine’s posture 


  • No exclusive cooling gel technology is present in the product

3. SleepX Urbain Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024 3
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Material: Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King, Custom.
  • (Product Not Available On SleepX store)

As you become older, your bones and muscles start to lose their strength. In addition, the pressure points become more sensitive, which is why one needs to have a mattress that will be able to release the tension from these pressure points.

The SleepX Urbain mattress has enough thickness to provide proper support to the spine and other bones and muscles in elderly sleepers. That’s one of the many reasons why this mattress has become so famous. 

At the edge, a yellow-coloured air mesh fabric is present, with diamond shapes filling the entire height of the mattress. Due to the presence of the air mesh fabric, it will maintain the circulation within the internal properly.

It will also help reduce the chances of getting a bad smell coming out of the product after using it for a couple of months. Even though no zonal pressure-relieving layer is present in the foam mattress, you won’t have to worry about the knotted and tensed muscles.

The product’s construction is done in a way where it will help in releasing all the tension from the trigger points along your backbone. Knitted fabric is present at the top to maintain air circulation and keep heat away from the mattress’s surface. Its made from a high-quality fabric that wouldn’t tear easily.

In the second layer, responsive memory foam is present for providing better comfort to sleepers. Finally, to make the mattress bouncier, an HR foam is added as a third layer. Its response time is quick, and that’s why you can feel the bounciness of the product with ease. 

Queen[72″x60″][75″x60″][78″x60″] [7″]
King[72″x72″][75″x72″][78″x72″] [7″]
SizePrice On SleepX StorePrice On Amazon
SingleProduct Not Available₹8,634(72″x36″x7″)
Queen Product Not Available₹14,533(78″x60″x7″)
King Product Not Available₹16,887(75″x72″x7″)


  • Has enhanced level of breathability 
  • Won’t slip off the bed due to the anti-skid base
  • Has medium firmness for reducing the spine and muscle aches


  • Non-removable knitted cover at the top

4. Springtek Natural 100% Dunlop Pincore Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024 4
  • Trial period: 30 Nights
  • Warranty: 11 Years
  • Firmness: Medium Plush
  • Material: Latex Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP: ₹63,870 | ₹57,483
    Offer Price: ₹33,212 (For Queen Size from Springtek store)

If you want to avoid foam and move on to a more natural mattress option, the Springgtek Dunlop Pincore will be the ideal choice. The core layer of the product is made from organic latex derived from trees.

Initially, the latex collected is in liquid form, processed in the factories to make it solid. After that, the final result is used in the construction of this product. Since latex is plant produce, it is hypoallergenic and will help keep your skin healthy against allergies, rashes, swelling, and other such problems.

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At the top, there is an organic cover with a zip. Using it, you will remove the cover and wash it to keep the mattress clean and hygienic. Moreover, frequent washing will also help in preventing the growth of microbes inside the product.

In addition, as 100% pure and natural latex is used for manufacturing the mattress, you will feel cooler and more comfortable, no matter how high the temperature is in your room. Apart from this, the latex layer will help in supporting your body weight and releasing pressure from the trigger points. 

Hence, elderly sleepers won’t have to complain about having a sore and stiff body after waking up the next morning. One of the best features of the mattress is that it will give out no odour. 

Double[72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″] [6″][8″]
CustomAvailable Available
SizePrice On Springtek StorePrice On Amazon
Double 26,546(72″x48″x6″)Price Not Available
Queen 33,212(72″x60″x6″)₹37,499(72″x60″x6″)
King 39,879(72″x72″x6″)₹44,499(72″x72″x6″)
CustomAvailableNot Available


  • Has a soft and plush cotton cover 
  • It is of the highest quality in terms of latex mattresses 
  • Do not have any foam which might not be suitable for elders


  • No separate comfort and support layers are present 

5. Centuary Pixel Cooling Green Gel Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024 5
  • Trial period: NA
  • Warranty: 7 Years
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Material: Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP: ₹28,420 (For Queen Size from Centuary store)

Centuary has done a wonderful job by manufacturing a special memory foam mattress for the elders. The product is mainly known for its cooling properties, all thanks to profiled GreenGel technology.

It is infused with memory foam and is inserted both at the top and below portion of the mattress. That’s why the product is going to stay cool from all edges and surfaces without becoming hot. 

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In addition, the green gel memory foam layer can absorb the body heat, thereby helping keep you cool and calm during your sleep. Also, the green gel technology is organic with no volatile component or harmful chemical present inside.

That’s why the mattress is said to be soft and soothing for your skin. No matter what, you won’t have to worry about getting allergies and other health issues while sleeping on this mattress

In between the two layers of green gel memory foam is present a rebonded foam. It is known for high bounciness and lesser response time. In addition, the rebonded foam has high density, which helps maintain the mattress’s stability wonderfully.

As the mattress is firm, it will help in providing proper support to your spine and the back muscles. So, the next morning, you won’t have to deal with any soreness or stiffness. 

Double[72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″] [5.5″][7″]
Queen[72″x60″][75″x60″][78″x60″] [5.5″][7″]
King[72″x72″][75″x72″][78″x72″] [5.5″][7″]
CustomAvailable Available
SizePrice On Centuary StorePrice On Amazon
Double₹23,632(72″x48″x5.5″) ₹20,086(72″x48″x5.5″)
Queen 28,420(72″x60″x5.5″)₹24,155(72″x60″x5.5″)
King 33,191(72″x72″x5.5″)₹28,210(72″x72″x5.5″)
CustomAvailableNot Available


  • The outer cover is highly breathable for better air circulation 
  • Greengel memory foam to cool down the surface temperature 
  • Rebonded foam to add more firmness to the product 


  • No extra support layer is present in the product 

6. Doctor Dreams Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024 6
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Diwan, Queen, King.
  • MRP: ₹17,199 | Reg Price: ₹10,586 Offer Price: ₹8,585 (For Queen Size from Doctor Dreams store)

If you are worried about the mattress giving off a bad smell or having a heated surface, do not be concerned any further, especially when you have the Doctor Dreams Memory foam mattress. From the name itself, you can understand it’s a mattress having a unique construction and made from materials which doctors usually recommend to sleep on, especially to the elderlies.

In this mattress, the top layer is stretchable with lots of open pores. These pores will help in keeping the ventilation normal through the inner layers of the product. In addition, the fabric is dust-proof which means that no skin and breathing problems will be there after sleeping on it. 

The memory foam layer acts as the main source of comfort, which will help you get rid of body aches and other types of health problems. Once you lie down on the mattress, its surface will mould itself according to your body shape, which will help in reducing the tension from the trigger points present in your body.

The lowermost layer of the mattress is made from PU foam which adds stability to the product and adds more softness. That’s the reason why the product will feel so plush and cosy for the elder sleepers. 

Thanks to the unique mattress construction, one can sleep in any direction without having to deal with restrictions. In addition, the mattress will provide proper support to maintain the curved shape of the spine and keep the pain at bay.

Diwan[72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″] [6″]
Queen[72″x60″][75″x60″][78″x60″] [6″]
King[72″x72″][75″x72″][78″x72″] [6″]
SizePrice On Doctor Dreams StorePrice On Amazon
Single₹5,274[72″x36″x6″] ₹5,589[72″x36″x6″]
Diwan ₹6,929[72″x48″x6″] ₹7,349[72″x48″x6″]
Queen₹8,585[72″x60″x6″] ₹9,099[72″x60″x6″]
King₹10,240[72″x72″x6″] ₹10,859[72″x72″x6″]


  • Provides proper support to different body parts 
  • Air meshed fabric control ventilation properly 
  • No restriction in the sleep position


  • No removable outer cover

7. Duroflex Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress For Senior Citizens In India 2024 7
  • Trial period: NA
  • Warranty: 7 Years
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Material: Certified 5-Zoned Orthopedic Layer + Pressure Relieving Memory Foam + Firm Bonded Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King, Custom.
  • MRP: ₹28,764
    Offer Price: ₹25,025 (For Queen Size from Duroflex store)

The Duroflex orthopedic memory foam mattress is one of the most innovative creations of the brand. A special orthopedic memory foam layer and a lavender-infused foam layer make the product ideal for older people prone to health problems of different kinds.

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In addition, the construction of the mattress is certainly unique, starting with the top cotton layer made from completely organic fibres. Furthermore, as the cover comes with a knitted design, you won’t have to worry about the ventilation in between the mattress layers. This is one of the many reasons for which the product has become so popular. 

Next to the top layer, the second and fourth layers are made of high-resilience foam. The material adds bounciness to the mattress and helps keep the product firm for supporting the body weight of the sleepers.

In between these two HR foam layers is present a lavender infused memory foam. It will give off the sweet aroma of the lavender flowers, thereby helping you to sleep properly at night. Finally, the fifth layer of the mattress is made from a super soft organic foam. It makes the mattress somewhat cosy for the sleepers to feel as if they are sleeping on hard surfaces. 

A special orthopaedic foam layer is introduced at the bottom of the mattress, which will support your spine’s structure and help reduce the aches in the muscles. In addition, the lowermost part of the foam mattress is covered with Jacquard fabric for increasing the air breathability rate.

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Single[72×30] [75×30] [78×30]
[72×36] [75×36] [78×36]
[6] [8]
Double[72×42] [75×42] [78×42]
[72×48] [75×48] [78×48]
[6] [8]
Queen[72×60] [75×60] [78×60]
[72×66] [75×66] [78×66]
[6] [8]
King[72×72] [75×72] [78×27][6] [8]
SizePrice On Duroflex StorePrice On Amazon
Single₹12,512(72″x30″x6″) ₹12,512(72″x30″x6″)
Double₹17,517(72″x42″x6″) ₹20,020(72″x48″x6″)
Queen 25,025(72″x60″x6″)₹25,025(72″x60″x6″)
King 30,030(72″x70″x6″)₹30,030(72″x72″x6″)


  • Lulls you to sleep with the lavender memory foam
  • Provides a plush feel, thanks to the organic cotton cover 
  • Improved ventilation due to the air mesh fabric


  • Has a higher sagging rate 


In the above section, we have described the top mattresses which are ideal for elderlies. Each product has a different set of features that will cater to the needs of different sleepers. Hence, while choosing the mattress, be very certain about the product and its suitability with your health needs.

If you ask for our recommendation, we suggest getting the Duroflex Pulse memory foam mattress which comes with lavender infused memory foam and a special orthopaedic foam layer.

And if you want to sleep on a cool mattress irrespective of the ambient temperature, we have chosen the Centuary Pixel cooling gel memory foam mattress as our second recommendation. 


Mattress firmness varying between 5 to 7 will be ideal for the seniors as their bones and muscles will need both plushness and firmness to act properly. 

Memory foam mattresses are best for the elderly since they have a varying firmness range and are highly durable than any other mattress type. 

Yes, memory foam is good for older people since the foam layer will depress as per the body’s shape. And it will provide extra added support to the body for easing the pain. 

To reduce the pain of arthritis, it is best to get a firm mattress that will support the body weight and maintain the proper posture, no matter how you are sleeping on the bed. 

For easing the pain of arthritis, it is best to get a medium plush to a firmer mattress. Extra firm mattresses are good, but these mattresses will feel like a hard surface for most elders. 

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