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After a super busy day, a night of peaceful sleep is a must to recharge your body and mind. A peaceful sleep calls for the best mattresses.

Be it a single bed or a double bed, and India’s best mattress will promote good sleep and help you wake up fresh. This article is for you if you are looking for the best mattresses within a particular budget. We have sorted out the best mattress under 6K in India.

Top 7 Best Mattress Under 6000 In India 2021

1. SleepX Ortho Mattress

7 Best Mattress Under 6000 In India 2021 1

SleepX Ortho mattress is an ideal pick if you want to wake up super-duper fresh in the morning. It is the best option to relax your body and wake up without any backache. The mattress adjusts based on your sleeping option and provides ample support to the spine.

Top Features:

Innovative Sleep Solution

The innovative sleep solution of the SleepX ortho mattress will give you a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Premium Material

This ortho mattress comes with high-quality material, and it ensures high durability. Especially it is best for rough and regular use.

Next-Gen Memory Foam

Memory foam is made of polyurethane; this foam provides pressure point relief and outstanding comfort.

Aero firm bottom

It allows airflow from the bottom of the mattress so your body breathes fresh air and you will feel fresh.

Comfortable Mattress

It gives high comfort, and it helps people with back pain problems.


Provides good sleep
Superior quality fabric
Good for pain relief



2. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

7 Best Mattress Under 6000 In India 2021 2

The mattress from Wakefit provides two levels of comfort and excellent firmness. How about investing in a soft sleeping mattress? Wakefit Dual comfort mattress gives you a soft and cloudy feeling.

Soft Foam

This soft foam of the mattress is designed to give you a cloud-like feeling. It is for the people who prefer a medium soft surface. 

High Resilience Foam

A medium-firm support base, an ideal choice for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface. This one is super comfortable during cool winters.

Mattress usability

Usable on both sides. Medium-firm on the grey side for those who prefer firm support and medium soft on the side for those who prefer soft comfort. 

Breathable Fabric

The airflow through the foam and makes you sleep better.


It has a non-removable fixed cover, and it is a high GSM spun polyester fabric with premium quality.


Comfortable and soft
Premium look



3. Sleepyhead Flip – Dual Sided High-Density Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress Under 6000 In India 2021 3

Sleepyhead Flip is a value for money choice; the duel sides high-density mattress is soft and guarantees comfortable sleep. The sides are firm to provide maximum support and aligns the body with perfection.

High-density foam

This mattress has high-density foam, and it makes the mattress durable.

The firm side

 This side is layered with high-density foam that aligns your body perfectly.

The soft side

 You can flip the mattress to its softer side and which has a comfort layer that cushions you.

Flip comfort

Just flip the mattress, test your comfort, and fall into it for a great sleep.

Super simple unboxing

Sleepyhead flip comes with a super simple unboxing experience. Just drag and unfold; it is like unfolding the blanket.


Amazing packaging
Worth for cash


Sides are hard

4. SleepX Brill PU Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress Under 6000 In India 2021 1

SleepX Brill mattresses are made with high-quality PU foam and provide optimal support to the body. It gives and a premium look and feels. Perfect for folks who do not want to compromise on hygiene and freshness.

Premium fabric

It comes with a piece of premium fabric, so it long lasts forever.

Pu foam

SleepX mattress is made up of polyurethane with high density; it improves sleep for those who have back pain.

Knitted top fabric

It comes with a knitted top fabric for firm grip; it brings a premium looks and plush feel.

Neem fresche technology

This one is a perfect blend of modern technology and the traditional goodness of Indian neem; it maintains mattress freshness and prevents dust mites.

Airmesh fabric

Airmesh fabric on sides, this mattress brings an air circulation to keep you fresh.


Quality sleep


Light but not much firm

5. Sleepwell Starlite Splendor Medium Firm Foam Mattress

7 Best Mattress Under 6000 In India 2021 5

The brand SleepWell does not need an introduction. SleepWell Starlite mattresses premium quality is an excellent option if you want to enjoy a comfortable sleep. The extra firm mattresses provide much-needed support to your body, and the air mesh fabric increases air circulation.

Airmesh fabric

This mattress comes with air mesh fabric on the sides.


You don’t need to worry about the difficult assemble; you get this mattress in a pre-assembled state, so no need to worry about the assembly.

Optimal comfort

It has a comfort-twin layer of soft PU foam, and it gives maximum comfort.

Enhanced support

It comes with an extra firm that keeps more support to the people who sleep on it.


Best quality


Loosens up fast

6. Comforto Siesta Orthopaedic Dual Comfort Mattress

7 Best Mattress Under 6000 In India 2021 6

The Comforto Siesta is an ideal pick for cool and relaxed sleep; the 3D air mesh fabric increases air circulation and comfort. You can get 100 nights of the free trial before invest in the Comforto Siesta mattress.

Orthopaedic Dual Comfort

This mattress comes with a medium soft and medium firm. It gives high comfortless with a long-lasting life.

Comfort missile

The comfortable mattress is compressed and rolled up in a smart zipper bag. Fun yet easy unpacking of your Comforto Siesta is an experience in itself.

Air mesh fabric

This 4-inch mattress has ultra-premium fabric with 3D air mesh fabric on borders for increased air circulation.

Industry experience

This orthopedic dual comfort mattress comes with a 100-night trial and 35 years of industrial experience. Direct from the factory.


Best quality with trusted customer support makes this mattress a perfect choice for you and your loved ones.


Best customer service and value for money
Quality product


No visible cons 

7. Peps Springkoil Bonnell Spring Mattress

7 Best Mattress Under 6000 In India 2021 7

The Peps Springkoil Bonnell is an affordable choice that provides much needed relaxed sleep to your body. The flexible core offers support to the body and aligns your poster even when you are deep asleep.

Bonnell spring technology

This mattress has springs that are interconnected with a mesh of metal to make the spring system.

Moderately soft

It offers the right support for your back, and the moderately soft feel makes it comfortable and super soft.

Rejuvenating PU foam

The layer is topped with soft fabric, which makes it durable. It provides sufficient comfort and also contours the body while relieving the pressure points.

Reversible mattress

The mattress is designed so that it can be used from both sides and gives the same comfort as new one.

Cotton felt

Works as a shield between foam and spring units to avoid tear and wear due to friction.


Good quality
Good condition


Density is less


If you are running a bit low on budget and want to invest in a quality memory foam mattress, the mattresses, as mentioned earlier, are the best mattress under 6000 in India. Make sure to invest in the best mattress for your family. 

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