Springtek Vs Wakefit Mattress – Choose The Right One

Do you know that sleeping on the wrong mattress will worsen your back pain? Here the lack of support you get from a mattress will lead to poor sleeping posture, straining the muscles, and keeping the spine in proper alignment. All of these will lead to low back pain

Also, with a bad mattress, sleep comfort will be sacrificed. Here the mattress needs to match each individual’s preferences. Mattresses like Wakefit and Springtek provides both back support and comfort. These mattresses will lower the back pain, thereby allowing the spine’s structures to rest and rejuvenate in the night.

Introduction To Wakefit Mattress

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The Wakefit mattress easily adapts to your body and provides your spine with a good amount of support while you are sleeping.

The technology and material used in Wakefit will assist in spreading the bodyweight uniformly throughout the mattress. Also, it will facilitate in correcting faulty sleeping postures.

Now, this product will come directly to your factory with no middlemen. Also, it comes in two covers – an inner one that is fixed to the mattress and an outer one that can be taken off and washed. 

No doubt, Wakefit is the unquestionable leader. It is considered one of the best-selling brands on Amazon. The Wakefit initially was started in 2016 by a Bengaluru-based company, and it tripled its annual revenue in three years. Till now, Wakefit has sold and delivered up to 4.5 lakhs of products throughout India. Also, they import their raw materials from the Middle East and Europe.

Introduction To Springtek Mattress

Springtek Vs Wakefit Mattress - Choose The Right One 2

The Springtek mattress is the best one that contains a base of high resilience foam with 40 density and the best top layer of memory foam.

The plus point of using this can be used right on both sides. It has memory foam right on the top and contains a medium-firm fit right to it. For getting a firmer feeling, you can easily flip the mattress over. 

Here the mattress is created in a way that is softer for the shoulder and firmer right around the hip and back. This provides for greater spine support. Most users of this mattress support and state that it relieves them from great back pain. 

A company called Ashoka Foam Multiplast Limited, located in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh manufactures the Springtek mattress. It was founded in 1992 and is listed as an unlisted public limited firm. 

Springtek Vs Wakefit – The Detailed Comparison


Wakefit Orthopedic SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 6,396 – ₹ 8,465Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 8,874 – ₹ 10,284Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 10,032 – ₹ 16,173Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 10,098 – ₹ 12,623Buy Now
Wakefit Dual Comfort SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 4,732 – ₹ 5,915Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 6,197 – ₹ 7,746Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 6,857 – ₹ 9,179Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 7,714 – ₹ 10,260Buy Now
Springtek Natural 100% Dunlop Pincore Latex SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 21,499 – ₹ 33,199Buy Now
Double  (48” x 78”)₹43,999Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 36,499 – ₹ 55,299Buy Now
King (72” x 78”)₹ 45,999 – ₹ 79,899Buy Now
Springtek Dreamer Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dual Comfort SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 4,999 – ₹ 8,499Buy Now
Double  (48” x 78”)₹ 5,399 – ₹ 12,299Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 8,399 – ₹ 12,499Buy Now
King (72” x 78”)₹ 10,499 – ₹ 14,999Buy Now
Euro Top Luxe Memory Foam Pocket Spring SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 8,499 – ₹ 9,499Buy Now
Double  (48” x 78”)₹ 12,299 – ₹ 13,699Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 16,199 – ₹ 19,999Buy Now
King (72” x 78”)₹ 18,499 – ₹ 25,999Buy Now
Springtek Tri Folding Mattress 4″ Inches SizePrice RangeBuy Now
72x36x4₹ 3,999 – ₹ 4,999Buy Now
72x48x4₹ 4,999 – ₹ 6,999Buy Now
72x60x4₹ 6,499 – ₹ 8,499Buy Now
72x72x4₹ 7,999 – ₹ 9,999Buy Now
Sprinktek Amaze Eco HD SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 30”)₹ 3,199 – ₹ 3,299Buy Now
Double  (78” x 48”)₹ 4,799 – ₹ 5,999Buy Now
Queen (72” x 60”)₹ 5,499 – ₹ 7,199Buy Now
King (78” x 72”)₹ 5,999 – ₹ 8,499Buy Now
Springtek Memory Foam Bonded Foam Orthopaedic SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 36”)₹ 7,399 – ₹ 9,166Buy Now
Double  (78” x 48”)₹ 10,799 – ₹ 13,699Buy Now
Queen (72” x 60”)₹ 12,499 – ₹ 14,999Buy Now
King (78” x 72”)₹ 15,999 – ₹ 19,999Buy Now
Springtek HealthSpa Coir Bonded Foam Orthopaedic SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 36”)₹ 4,999 – ₹ 5,999Buy Now
Queen (72” x 60”)₹ 8,299 – ₹ 10,499Buy Now
King (78” x 72”)₹ 10,499 – ₹ 12,999Buy Now
Springtek Dual Comfort SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 36”)₹ 4,499 – ₹ 7,199Buy Now
Double  (78” x 48”)₹ 6,499 – ₹ 10,399Buy Now
Queen (72” x 60”)₹ 5,949 – ₹11,999Buy Now
King (78” x 72”)₹ 8,499 – ₹ 12,999Buy Now
Springtek Coir Bond SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 36”)₹ 4,999 – ₹ 7,499Buy Now
Queen (72” x 60”)₹ 8,299 – ₹ 12,499Buy Now
King (78” x 72”)₹10,799Buy Now

Other Key Metrics Comparison:

Warranty Period11 Years Warranty10 Years Warranty
Trial Policy30 Nights Free Trial100 Nights Trial
Features● Provides orthopedic benefits
● Backed with high-end memory foam and HR foam
● Provides zero disturbance sleep
● Created to provide better airflow for better breathability
● Provides great comfort to the body
● The base of the mattress is made of firm foam providing greater support
● Helps in sleeping during the hot night
● Created of high-density foam leading to less wear and tear
CertificationsFSC, Rainforest Alliance, LGA, and others.ISO Certified
Industry Since20102016
Manufactured InIndiaIndia
Suitable ForIt is suitable for people having joint and back pain problemsIt is great for sleepers having huge back pain.

Size & Dimensions

Wakefit Mattress SizeDimensionInches(Height)
Single[72″x30″] [75″x30″] [78″x30″]
[72″x35″] [75″x35″] [78″x35″]
[72″x36″] [75″x36″] [78″x36″]
[72″x42″] [75″x42″] [78″x42″]
[5″] [6″] & [8″]
Diwan[72″x48″] [75″x48″] [78″x48″][5″] [6″] & [8″]
Queen[72″x60″] [75″x60″] [78″x60″]
[72″x66″] [75″x66″] [78″x66″]
[5″] [6″] & [8″]
King[72″x70″] [75″x70″] [78″x70″]
[72″x72″] [75″x72″] [78″x72″]
[5″] [6″] & [8″]
Springtek SizeDimensionsHeight(inches)
Single[72″x36″] [75″x36″] [78″x36″][4″] [5″] [6″] [8″]
Double[72″x48″] [75″x48″] [78″x48″][4″] [5″] [6″] [8″]
Queen[72″x60″] [75″x60″] [78″x60″] [84″x60″][4″] [5″] [6″] [8″] [10″]
King[72″x72″] [75″x72″] [78″x72″] [84″x72′][4″] [5″] [6″] [8″] [12″]

Customer Ratings

Brand NameReviews On WebsiteReviews On AmazonReviews On Google
WakefitReviews on Official WebsiteReviews on AmazonReviews on Google
SpringtekReviews on Official WebsiteReviews on AmazonReviews on Google

Mattress Construction Material

Regarding the material construction of Springtek, it is made of top-quality steel called Bonnell Springs. Also, it has an anti-microbial breathable quilted premium fabric cover.

The Wakefit’s material is made of memory foam that is globally used for providing support and comfort. The mattress was made from the innovative technology of NASA.

Mattress Construction Comfort

The comfort of Springtek is great. It provides a medium and great firm. Compared to other popular brands, it is a bit softer and supports your body greatly.

Regarding Wakefit, the comfort that the mattress provides is great with a good embracing effect. It is not resistant, and it easily adapts to the body shape of the sleeper.

Mattress Support

The support base of the Springtek works great with your joints and spine. But that of the Wakefit is of much firmer base foam. It provides a good amount of support to your spine leading to a great sleeping experience.

Mattress Strength

The Springtek mattress is constructed with top-quality heavy-gauge tempered steel. It adds robustness to the surface. So, it easily makes it long-lasting and durable for users.
Regarding the density of the Wakefit, it is a durable one. It has a high foam density that provides a longer lifetime.



The mattress provides medium-firm comfort. So, you get a mattress that is not too firm and not too short. It provides ideal comfort and support for your body. 
Provides a good amount of supportive comfort from neck to lower backs. 
It provides various kinds of densities of foam cradles to your body while you are sleeping and relieving pressure points. 


It is a comfortable mattress that helps you in sleeping each night comfortably. 
The mattress has a different kind of firmness level ranging from medium-firm, very firm, etc. You can easily select one that suits your body type. 
The mattress provides 20 years of warranty, but the review clearly shows that it provides a great lifespan for more than 20 years. 


Ultimately, both Springtek and Wakefit are great mattresses to use. They are not only good for your body but help in providing a good amount of sleep. Whenever you purchase any one of these mattresses, make sure that you chose the certified one.

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