Peps Vs SleepWell Mattress – The Ultimate Comparison Guide

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Sleep is an important aspect of a human’s life and functioning. The sleep process can be compared to a pit stop or a detour after a long travelling day. Once you are all patched up, you can start travelling.

Similarly, during sleep, the body begins to repair itself, and the brain refreshes itself. A sleepless night can give you various psychological issues as well as health issues. 

Peps Vs Sleepwell Mattress India

Apart from one’s sleep patterns and sleep practices, one’s sleep relies mainly on their bed and sleep environment. So, your mattress plays an equally important role in determining your sleep.

There are some popular mattress manufacturers: Kurlon mattresses, Peps Mattress, and SleepWell Mattress when it comes to mattresses.

This article is specially designed to help us understand how the two mattresses Peps Mattress and SleepWell Mattress, i.e., differ and what makes them unique. If you are looking for mattresses, online Peps mattress and SleepWell mattress are a credible choice. 

Peps Mattress:

Peps Mattress is one of the largest producers of sleep comfort products in India. It is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Peps mattress is a brand that is India’s first innerspring therapeutic mattress manufacturer.

It is the proud seven-time winner of the Consumer’s Best Buy’ award. Peps Mattress is very successful thanks to their innovations in the field of the innerspring therapeutic mattress. It is also one of the best-selling online mattresses.

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SleepWell Mattresses:

SleepWell Mattress is well known for its innovative mattress technology. SleepWell is the brainchild of the Sheela Group. It has 4000 dealers all over India and more than 1 lakh distributors.

SleepWell is the proud innovator of sleep comfort technology such as comfort cells, the fast-moving range My Pillow, and Neem Fresche.

The brand SleepWell is known to provide customers durable and comfortable mattresses, pillows, and sleep comforters. All this makes SleepWell the leading brand in India.

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Peps Vs SleepWell Mattress

Now, we have a clear idea about both the two mattress manufacturers, and, ideally, we try to get into the specifics. Below is a comparison of Peps Mattress and SleepWell Mattress in terms of various aspects that help us get a much more descriptive picture of how the two mattress manufacturers differ and what makes them unique.

1) Features:

Peps Mattress

Peps mattress offers the best spring mattress for comfortable sleep. Here are the top features of this comfortable mattress. 

  • High PU foam layer and memory foam for comfort
  • High tensile innerspring technology for both comfort, firmness, and bounciness
  • Uses top quality imported raw materials 
  • Zero sagging and more durable over the long run
  • Anti-dust and anti-microbial protection

b) SleepWell

The Foam mattress from SleepWell offers its users the following features:

  • Innovative comfort cell provides extra comfort and support
  • Comfort cells maximize airflow and provide aeration
  • Enhanced durability
  • Neem Fresche protects from skin allergies and breathing problems
  • PU foam and memory foam provide the best in class support and comfort

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2) Sizes and Dimensions

Concerning sizes and dimensions, Peps mattresses have a greater number of size-based variants; it has 35 variants of mattress sizes. Plus, it offers up to 16 inches of thickness. Peps provide the best spring mattress. 

While SleepWell mattresses are available in various sizes, the SleepWell mattress has mattress thickness ranging from 4.5 inches to 8 inches. But clearly, the winner here is Peps mattresses.

If you are planning to invest your hard-earned money in a good quality memory foam mattress, SleepWell is the best choice. The support is impeccable, and you feel relaxed while taking a nap.

3) Material

Peps uses a wider range of quality raw materials than SleepWell. While SleepWell is the leader in PU foam mattresses, made using state of the art technology, Peps shines when it comes to Talalay foam; a foam made from 30 percent natural latex. 

Nevertheless, concerning material uses, both mattress manufacturers have their loyal customers. Both the mattress provides much-needed support to the body. 

4) Strength

Concerning strength, both mattress manufacturers use materials that ensure high durability. But Peps surpasses SleepWell in its spring technology.

Peps uses innerspring technology and has state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture both Bonnell and Pocketed Innerspring mattresses, which offer the best kind of comfort and back support.

Both mattress manufacturers provide quality mattresses that don’t easily sag and are durable in the long run. Customers prefer to invest in a quality product. 

5) Warranty

Concerning warranty, both mattress manufacturers offer the same warranty period; up to 10 years of warranty. 

6) Price

Price Range: Peps

Peps SpringKoil Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 8,633 – ₹ 13,132Buy Now
Double  (48” x 84”)₹ 14,703 – ₹ 21,653Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 14,388 – ₹ 21,887Buy Now
King (72” x 84”)₹ 20,058 – ₹ 32,480Buy Now
Peps Organica Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 30”)₹ 25,806 – ₹ 30,411Buy Now
Double  (66” x 78”)₹ 61,503 – ₹ 72,479Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 51,611 – ₹ 60,822Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 61,934 – ₹ 72,986Buy Now
Peps Spine Guard Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 30”)₹ 17,096 – ₹ 21,077Buy Now
Double  (84” x 48”)₹38,898Buy Now
Queen (72” x 60”)₹ 34,192 – ₹ 42,153Buy Now
King (84” x 72”)₹58,347Buy Now
Peps Crystal Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 30”)₹ 25,178 – ₹ 32,264Buy Now
Double  (66” x 78”)₹ 60,006 – ₹ 76,895Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 50,354 – ₹ 64,527Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 60,425 – ₹ 77,433Buy Now
Peps Grand Palais Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 30”)₹ 33,027 – ₹ 44,742Buy Now
Double  (66” x 78”)₹ 78,715 – ₹ 1,06,634Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 66,055 – ₹ 89,484Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 79,266 – ₹ 1,07,381Buy Now
Peps Vivah Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 30”)₹ 44,015 – ₹ 60,384Buy Now
Double  (66” x 78”)₹ 1,04,903 – ₹ 1,43,914Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 88,031 – ₹ 1,20,767Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 1,05,638 – ₹ 1,44,921Buy Now
Peps Double Decker Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 30”)₹ 70,762 – ₹ 94,394Buy Now
Double  (66” x 78”)₹ 1,68,648 – ₹ 2,24,972Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 1,41,523 – ₹ 1,88,788Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 1,69,828 – ₹ 2,26,545Buy Now
Peps Zenimo Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (72” x 30”)₹ 18,360 – ₹ 24,285Buy Now
Double  (66” x 78”)₹ 43,760 – ₹ 57,883Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 36,721 – ₹ 48,572Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 44,064 – ₹ 58,287Buy Now

Price Range: Sleepwell

Sleepwell Starlite Mattress SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 2,663 – ₹ 2,659Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 3,539 – ₹ 3,551Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 4,799 – ₹ 4,808Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 5,759 – ₹ 5,771Buy Now
Other Sleepwell MattressesPrice RangeBuy Now
Cocoon₹ 6,822 – ₹ 21,706Buy Now
Activa₹ 10,990 – ₹ 16,999Buy Now
Admire₹11,340 – ₹13,000Buy Now
Spinetec â‚¹ 18,000Buy Now
Nano Plus₹16,999Buy Now
Resitec Gold Plus₹29,000 – ₹33,000Buy Now
Enovation â‚¹35,999Buy Now
Esteem₹34,599Buy Now
Amity(King Size)₹65,000 – ₹79,999Buy Now

SleepWell mattresses are cheaper than Peps mattresses, despite offering nearly the same quality, comfort, and features when it comes to price.

7) Trial policy

Neither SleepWell nor Peps has a trial policy. The customer usually feels happy after making the buying decision.

8) Website Experience

Concerning website experience, Peps and SleepWell have interactive websites that are visually stunning, user-friendly, and very functional in making purchases online.

9) Reviews – Google, Amazon, Official Site Reviews

When it comes to reviews, SleepWell mattresses have better user reviews as it offers better quality at a low price, thus making it more economically valuable than Peps mattresses. Nevertheless, both mattresses shine when it comes to technology, the material used, and comfort level.


So, now that you have a detailed picture of how the two mattress manufacturers differ, you can easily decide which mattress to choose based on your budget and requirements.

Both Peps Mattress and SleepWell Mattress are two of India’s biggest mattress brands and are pioneers in sleep comforter’s technology. The mattress of Kurlon also exists in the market. So, there is no room for disappointment! So, plan well and have fun shopping for a new mattress!

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