Comforto Siesta Mattress Review – Best For Back Pain

Are you looking for the best and comfortable foam mattress? You might not be sure if it has to be hard or soft. Well, don’t worry. You have to go through this article and find out if the Comforto Siesta mattress is best for you.

Here being soft on one side and firm on the other, the Siesta Dual Comfort mattress provides you with the freedom to flip and use the mattress as per your choice. It has the softest cradle that provides you with the coziest sleeping position, and the hard side leads to proper body alignment. 

The Comforto uses premium foams and breathable fabric for providing the coziest sleeping experience. Since you can use both the sides by reversing it, you are bound to get a good sleep. Frankly, this is the best mattress between Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000. 

One of the best parts of using this mattress is that it has a soft luxurious top layered fabric and 3D air mesh present on all sides. No doubt, Comforto is the best choice if you are suffering from back pain and neck pain. If you are on the lookout for a medium comfort and support mattress, this is the perfect one. 

Besides being a mattress having orthopedic features, it has the best dual comfort support. Additionally, you get a 100-night free trial offer that is perfect for you. Frankly, this is the best mattress currently available in India for curing your back and neck pain. 

Product Features of Comforto Siesta Mattress

  • Orthopedic support
  • Product dimension is 72x36x4 inches
  • Dual comfort with medium-soft and medium-firm
  • Ultra-premium cover
  • Delivered in a smart bag
  • 3D Air Mesh fabric
  • Free 100 Night Trial
  • Direct from factory

1. What Is In The Comforto Siesta Mattress?

Being rolled, compressed, and supplied in a smart bag, the Comforto Siesta provides an easy method for setting up and dreamily sleeping on. The Comforto Siesta Orthopedic dual comfort foam mattress is the best and unparallel choice, especially if you are on the lookout for the best medium comfort mattress. 

Now the Comforto Siesta Mattress is somewhat an amalgamation of breathable fabric and premium foams. This will easily provide you with the coziest sleeping position. You have the freedom to select the hard and soft sides, which can be termed as the icing on the cake. The mattress has a luxurious top-most layer of fabric and a 3D mesh layer on one side. This will greet you and provides the necessary cool you want, and has a good comfy surface. 

No doubt, it is an exceptional mattress providing good comfort and quality. Plus, it has trusted customer support. This makes the Comforto Siesta the best choice for you and your loved ones. 

  • Comfort Foam – Being a durable high-density base foam, the mattress helps in avoiding sinking and sagging. Plus, it will keep your body aligned.
  • Responsive Memory Foam – Frankly, this is a great responsive memory foam mattress good for providing pressure relief. It provides a premium soft foam feeling that is cozy. Also, it will conform your body to remove all kinds of pressure. Most importantly, it provides the right amount of softness, thereby leading to better sleep.
  • Ultra Premium Cover – Being soft and having an elegant cover, the mattress gives about a plush feeling. The fabric is breathable, and you end up sleeping cool.
  • HD Support Foam – The foam is highly durable and has a high-density base foam. This allows the sinking and sagging and even keeps your body aligned.
  • 3D Air Mesh Fabric – The 4-inch mattress is an ultra-premium fabric made. It also has a 3D air mesh fabric present on the borders for increasing the air circulation.

2. Why Is Memory Foam Best For Back Pain?

The major reasons why people opt for memory foam for curing their back pain are following – 

● Orthopedic Dual Comfort

Such mattresses are available in medium soft and medium firm base. So, it provides a high amount of comfortless along with a long-lasting life.

For certain individuals, the memory foam mattresses would be great for their back as the foam can easily conform to their body’s unique shape. Also, it will provide better pressure relief and support. But certain individuals might feel the memory foam mattress lead to back pains as it won’t suit their body type. 

● Enhancing Memory Foam Mattress Using Adjustable Base

Now some people might be suffering from back or hip pain. They would be having a lot of difficulty in getting onto the bed or even getting out of the bed. Having an adjustable base can help in being an ideal complement for the brand new memory foam mattress. 

Frankly, using the adjustable base would provide huge control over the position when you are sleeping. Here only specific mattresses can work on the adjustable base, and in such case, the mattress needs to be bendable like the memory foam, latex, or air. 

Just imagine the ease of reading the book and watching TV without going through the inconvenience of pillows and blankets that prop you up. Besides that, the adjustable base is fully controlled by the sleeper, and with a single touch of the button, you can get your feet and head elevated to get a perfect position. 

Comforto Siesta Mattress Review - Best For Back Pain 1
  • Trial period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Firmness: Plush
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King.
  • MRP: ₹20,583
    Offer Price: ₹12,498 (For Queen Size from Comforto store)

3. Pressure Relief And Motion Transfer

Using the latest memory foam technology, the Comforto Siesta provides the best pressure relief and finest spine support. You end up getting head to toe comfort and the perfect spinal alignment. Here the only support you get is the major relief from all kinds of pressure after a heavy day.

4. Build Quality And Design

The memory foam-constructed Comforto Siesta mattress is sensitive to temperature, and it molds itself to support all your body contours. Here the one-inch memory foam will redistribute the whole body weight and provide extra support to your neck, shoulder, back, legs, and knees. Also, memory foam can improve your body’s blood circulation and lowers spinal pressure. 

5. Siesta Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress Sizes Guides:

Double[72″x48″][75″x48″][78″x48″] [5″][6″][8″]
SizePrice On Comforto StorePrice On Amazon
Double 9,999(72″x48″x5″)₹9,999(72″x48″x5″)
Queen 12,498(72″x60″x5″)₹10,599(72″x60″x5″)
King 14,998(72″x70″x5″)₹12,699(72″x70″x5″)

6. Comfort

Regarding the comfort, Comforto Siesta Mattress is indeed a great one. The comfortable mattress can be compressed and rolled up into a smart zipper bag. Not only is it fun to unpack but even easy too, thereby providing you with an experience in itself. 

The mattress is a dual comfort one that is created for providing long-lasting comfort for many years. Plus, it provides incredible support and comfort, making it loved and liked by all age groups. This is a traditional foam mattress with a twist of having dual-sided comfort to put in simple terms.

7. The Trial, Warranty, And Shipping Policies

The biggest advantage of this mattress is that you can sleep happily as there is a 100 Night trial offer. If you feel that the mattress is not suited for you, return it, and you would get a refund.

Also, the product provides a ten-year warranty. Also, it shipped in a bag and is a smart rendition of the traditional foam mattress. 


For 5 inches size, the mattress is priced between Rs 6,249 to Rs 17,498; in the case of the 6 inches size, the mattress is priced between Rs 7,083 to Rs 19,831. Regarding the 8 inches, it is priced between Rs 7,916 to Rs 22,164. 


The secret for a great night’s sleep is having a comfortable mattress and one of the best reliable beds. The Comforto Siesta Mattress is the best innovation of the Comforto. It provides sturdy support for your mattress, and the complimentary bed skirt is filled with a one-wonder-filled box.

Also, the Comforto Smart Metal Bed will provide quiet, noise-free support. So, it means even when you are rolling over from one side to another while sleeping, there won’t be any disturbance. This is a quiet and reliable bed providing the easiest way to sleep.

Now the package would be containing a great and best five-inch thick Comforto Siesta foam mattress. One side of the mattress would be a medium soft side, and another one would be medium-hard. Here the mattress would be having a unique structure, which is the ultra-premium cover of the mattress. This is along with the 3D air mesh fabric that provides the best and superior comfort. Plus, it provides increased air circulation that makes your mattress feel fresh. 


Regarding the package of the Comforto Siesta, it has a great comfortable five-inch thickness. So, on one side, you get a medium-size soft mattress while on another side, it is a medium-hard. Also, the unique structure of the Ultra-premium cover of the mattress, along with the 3D air mesh fabric, will provide the best comfort and increase the air circulation keeping your mattress fresh.


The mattress makes sure that you have quiet and noise-free support. It will also make sure that when you are rolling over from one side to another in the night, there would be no disturbance.


The mattress provides no recognized certification.   

Suitable For

Now the mattress is suitable for people suffering from back pain. It provides a great amount of muscle relaxation and good muscle support. 

Customer Reviews As Per Amazon, Google & Wakefit

According to the review of many customers, the Comforto Siesta Mattress gets 4 out of 5.

8. Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

  • It provides 100 nights free trial offer. 
  • It contains an elegant and softcover along with a plush feeling.
  • The mattress is high-density base foam, thereby avoiding sagging and sinking.

The con is – 

  • Sometimes the mattress will loosen up immediately.

9. Wrapping Up

The Comforto Siesta mattress is a great one to choose from. You might be surprised to know that it is not that expensive and provides great comfort while sleeping.

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