Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead Mattress Comparison

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After a tiring day, everyone wishes to have a good night’s sleep with a comfortable mattress. 

However, waking up early in the morning with hard back pain is not something that most people will escalate. Back-Pain could be very irritating, especially for those who are planning to work in the morning. People’s only needs are the right mattress; it will good rest all night. After having a good sleep, you will feel fresh and active the whole day. 

Well, with multiples of mattress brands available in the market, which have been given the best quality mattress for their customers.

Out of all the best brands, two’s best brands are Wakefit and Sleepyhead. Therefore, when things come to which one is best Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead. Here we provide you detailed information about both the mattress, including features, specifications, comfortable, price, and many more. 

Introduction to Wakefit 

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The mattresses that come from Wakefit carry a comparatively reasonable price tag making it one of the most demanded mattresses across India. It is designed in a way to give you excellent and comfortable sleep and make your morning fresh.

Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead Mattress Comparison 1
Credits: Wakefit

Also, it would offer you a pain-free sleep experience. Moreover, Wakefit is manufacturing two different mattresses, which are as follows: 

Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress.
Dual Comfort Mattress.

In both the mattresses, one is made up of Memory Foam; it’s a feature that will help users alleviate the pressure points across the body, which allows the user to reduce and prevent back pain. Consequently, Dual comfort mattress is made up of Soft Foam with high resilience foam on the bottom for both mattresses. 

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Introduction to Sleepyhead

sleepyhead logo

Sleepyhead mattress is designed and manufactured by itself, and due to incredible comfort and unique design, it becomes one of the most demanded mattresses across India. This fantastic quality mattress has been made-up with the team experts to help you prevent back pain and give you sound sleep.

However, its gel foam technology ensures that the user’s weight is evenly distributed over the bed. Its memory foam mattresses are neither soft nor hard but do come with the perfect flexibility and thickness. 

One best part about the mattress is that it is designed to have foam and its base, memory foam in the middle of the mattress, and the breathable soft at the mattress top. 

Conclusively, both mattresses are pretty similar to each other and offer equal comfort. Here we discuss the difference between both:

Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead – Difference

Wakefit Mattress Pricing:

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress

Wakefit Orthopedic SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 6,396 – ₹ 8,465Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 8,874 – ₹ 10,284Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 10,032 – ₹ 16,173Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 10,098 – ₹ 12,623Buy Now

2. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

Wakefit Dual Comfort SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 4,732 – ₹ 5,915Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 6,197 – ₹ 7,746Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 6,857 – ₹ 9,179Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 7,714 – ₹ 10,260Buy Now

Sleepyhead Mattress Pricing:

1. Sleepyhead™ Original Mattress

Sleepyhead™ Original SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 6,499 – ₹ 11,999Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 7,499 – ₹ 14,999Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 9,499 – ₹ 17,999Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 11,499 – ₹ 20,999Buy Now

2. Sleepyhead™ Sense Mattress

Sleepyhead™ Sense SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 9,999 – ₹ 13,999Buy Now
Double  (48” x 72”)₹ 12,999 – ₹ 17,999Buy Now
Queen (60” x 72”)₹ 14,999 – ₹ 22,999Buy Now
King (72” x 72”)₹ 17,999 – ₹ 21,999Buy Now

3. Sleepyhead™ Flip Mattress

Sleepyhead™ Flip SizePrice RangeBuy Now
Single (36” x 72”)₹ 5,499 – ₹ 7,499Buy Now

Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead

Price RangeSingle – 36” x 72” | INR- 8,465Double- 48” x 72” | INR- 10,285Queen- 60” x 72” | INR- 12,540King- 72” x 72” | INR- 14,108Single – 36” x 72” | INR- 10,999Double- 48” x 72” | INR- 12,999Queen- 60” x 72” | INR- 15,999King- 72” x 72” | INR- 18,999
Warranty Period 10 Years10 Years
Trial Policy 100 Nights100 Nights
Firmness Option Medium Firm. Not too firm, not soft, just extremely luxurious. Perfect one for 90% of all sleepers who are in search for comfort.Medium Firm. Not too firm, not soft, just extremely luxurious.
Size & Dimension5”,6” & 8”6” & 8”
FeaturesQuality Foam, memory, extra comfort, no harmful chemicals, etcHigh density base support foam, gel memory foam, breezy inner cover, removeable zipper cover, etc
CertificationsBureau of Indian Standards Certified.Bureau of Indian Standards Certified.
Customer Ratings4.24.5
Industry Since20162017
Manufactured InIndiaIndia
Suitable ForBoth side and back sleepers.Best suited for back and side sleepers.

Brief Explanation: Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead

Features of Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead

Wakefit Sleepyhead
1. High-quality foam.
2. 100% natural feel. 
3. Medium-firm.
4. Next-generation memory foam.
5. Washable zipper cover.Breathable mesh fabric
1. High-density base support foam.
2. Responsive memory foam. 
3. Zero partner disturbance.
4. No harmful chemicals.Breezy inner cover.
5. Breathable base fabric.

Mattress Construction:

Material Types 

Both Wakefit and Sleepyhead mattresses are made up of high-quality memory foam, which gives comfortable and sound sleep and makes your day fresh and active.


Both Wakefit and Sleepyhead mattress is made up of good quality material, and three different foam layers make it different from others: 

Wakefit made up of 3 foam layers, including:

Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead Mattress Comparison 2
Breathable Fabric
Cool Fit Cool Foam
Next-Generation Memory Foam
High Resiliency Support Foam.

Sleepyhead made up of 3 foam layers, including:

Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead Mattress Comparison 3
Breathable Mesh Fabric
Super Soft Comfort Foam
Responsive Memory Foam
High Resilience Support Foam.

Size & Dimensions

Both are available in different sizes which are as follows: 

1. Wakefit Mattress Size:

Wakefit Mattress SizeDimensionInches(Height)
Single[72″x30″] [75″x30″] [78″x30″]
[72″x35″] [75″x35″] [78″x35″]
[72″x36″] [75″x36″] [78″x36″]
[72″x42″] [75″x42″] [78″x42″]
[5″] [6″] & [8″]
Diwan[72″x48″] [75″x48″] [78″x48″][5″] [6″] & [8″]
Queen[72″x60″] [75″x60″] [78″x60″]
[72″x66″] [75″x66″] [78″x66″]
[5″] [6″] & [8″]
King[72″x70″] [75″x70″] [78″x70″]
[72″x72″] [75″x72″] [78″x72″]
[5″] [6″] & [8″]


Wakefit manufactured with CoolFit Cool Foam; it’s a proprietary foam technology to keep you cool every night. Its high-quality fabric helps you to breathe even in summer. Conversely, Sleepyhead made up with a layer of comfort foam on top to keep the mattress fresh and bouncy, making it the perfect surface to sleep on.


Wakefit comes with next-generation memory foam; it’s a high-density foam for body shaping contouring. It takes the shape of your body – uniform support throughout – Orthopedic! Bodyweight is uniformly distributed on the mattress – No blood clots, so no tossing and turning! 

Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead Mattress Comparison 4

On the other hand, Sleepyhead is made up of responsive memory foam developed by NASA.
Its middle layer perfectly molds to the body, relieves pressure further enhances the right
sleeping portion. Both of these mattresses have amazing customer experience and available at
cost-friendly prices.

Wakefit Vs Sleepyhead Mattress Comparison 5

Trial & Warranty Policy

Wakefit and Sleepyhead both come with trial periods of 100 nights and ten years of manufacturing warranty. 

Warranty Period10 Years10 Years
Trial Period100 Nights100 Nights


Both the mattresses are made up of high-quality materials. There are no negatives points about the materials company used while manufacturing it. Well, to keep our body cool, Wakefit uses Cool foam, and the Sleepyhead uses Responsive Foam.

As far as the material is the only concerned users have, you can buy any of the two mattress brands. While using any of the mattresses, Wakefit or Sleepyhead, users don’t have to suffer from back pain.

As a result, we all need good quality and featured mattresses for our bed for sound and comfortable sleep all night. If you are looking for the best mattress, we recommend going with these mattresses at affordable cost and with numerous features.

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