Sleepx Ortho Mattress Review – Best For Back Pain

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2020)

Selecting the correct mattress is quite exciting and somewhat tricky too. During the eight hours of sleep, we need a good amount of comfort and relaxation. However, if we are using the wrong mattress, it will spoil the sleep quality at night. 

But there are various kinds of mattresses, and among them, the memory foam and ortho mattress are the popular ones. Not only are they the best selling ones, but they also provide the best amount of sleep to users.

In this article, we are going to check out the Sleepx Ortho Mattress. 

What Is In The Sleepx Ortho Mattress?

Sleepwell is one of the finest and leading brands present in the bedding industry. This mattress is the perfect combination of quality, budget-friendly, and comfort. Regarding the design, the mattress is created in various multi-layered structures and provides the greatest comfort. 

Also, the core layer is available in 25mm thick Visco rebonded foam, and it provides wholesome pressure point relief. Also, the 100mm Flexi rebonded foam will provide better back support and comfort. 

Additionally, the mattress has the finest Neem Fresche technology, and keeping it in mind, you get more healthy and the best hygienic sleep with a good amount of freshness. 

Key Features

● Memory rebonded foam and rebonded foam construction.

● Multi-layered core for providing luxurious comfort

● Air mesh fabric present on one side, and this is for better circulation.

● Soft knitted fabric for providing a plush feel

● Enhanced and better firmness through the engineered Visco Rebonded and Flexi Rebonded core

● Orthopedic technology for providing maximum back support and comfort

● Extra comfort and support along with an added thickness

● Neem Fresche technology for hygiene and health

● Three years of manufacturing warranty

● Available in multiple sizes

► Knitted Fabric

This is a dual-size mattress, and it comes with a soft and hard side. Here both the sides of the mattress would be covered with premium knitted fabric, and it will provide a good amount of support to your body. Furthermore, the mattress is created with the Airmesh fabric right on the sidewalls for providing better air circulation.

► High Resilience Foam

The SleepX mattress is created for adjusting as per the sleeping position of the individual. This provides a proper rest to the body. Here the three layers of the memory, rebonded, and resilient foam can provide full support to the spinal cord. 

► Next-Gen Memory Foam

The orthopedic mattress of SleepX features the thought core high-density coir. Also, it has a rebonded foam that helps one to relax while resting and sleeping. Now just below the cozy quilted surface of the mattress is the 5-zoned certified orthopedic support layer. This is an exclusive tech that helps in differentiating various supports to the five zones of your body.

► High-Density Foam

The mattress from the Sleepyhead is of the medium-firm range. This provides a good amount of support, and even the softness is quite comforting. Even though the mattress has a firm foam base, the memory foam is present in the middle, and the breathable soft layer present on the top of it allows one to sleep comfortably. Also, it provides a good amount of rest to the body.


Orthopedic Technology

The SleepX ortho mattress is quite ideal for everyone. It provides great comfort due to the presence of premium quality and expert features. The orthopedic memory foam mattress can easily adjust to the shape of your spine, and it will make sure that your back is supported comfortably all around the night. Frankly, this mattress is perfect for back sleepers.

Enhanced Comfort And Firmness

The enhanced firmness was received from the engineered Visco Rebonded and Flexi Rebonded core. The extra comfort and support, along with added thickness, make this a great laptop to use. Memory foam available quilting provides luxurious comfort, and it will relieve the body’s pressure points.

Neem Fresche

Frankly, the long term usage of upholstered and bedding products will sometimes lead to dust mites, dust, bacteria, moldy odor, fungus, other allergens. Such things will lead to skin disorders, allergies, aggravating asthma, or breathing disorder. With the Neem Freshche, you get an invisible shield of protection against fungus, microbes, odor, bacteria, etc., thereby taking into account the wellness of your family’s health and wellbeing.

Airmesh Fabric

The air mesh fabric present on the sidewall provides better air circulation. The SleepX contains a PU foam mattress, and this comes with an air mesh fabric providing improved air circulation and best temperature control.

Pressure Relief And Motion Transfer

No doubt, the SleepX is the perfect mattress for back sleepers. They are available in various special features providing your body with extreme comfort. Also, it leads to the right posture while you are sleeping. Plus, it provides long-lasting relief to your body’s pressure points after a tiring and long day, thus making it an ideal choice type of foam mattress in India. 

Build Quality And Design

The firm side of the SleepX ortho mattress is ideal for spine alignment. And the soft spongy part of it will provide the necessary comfort for the users. The dual mattress contains a 45mm high resilience foam layer, and this provides the required firmness. The 60mm re-bonded foam layer can easily cater to the requirements of those that want flexibility.

Here this mattress will serve as an all-weather mattress as the firm side is best for cold wintry nights. And the soft foam is much suitable for those who want to sleep in the warm summer months. Furthermore, the mattress is available in four major layers created of soft Quiltech foam that quilts on both the bottom and top surfaces. 

Available Size And Dimensions

1.Single72 X 36 X 5
72 X 42 X 5
75 X 36 X 5
75 X 42 X 5
78 X 36 X 5
78 X 42 X 5
72 X 36 X 6
72 X 42 X 6
75 X 36 X 6
75 X 42 X 6
78 X 36 X 6
78 X 42 X 6
72 X 36 X 8
72 X 42 X 8
75 X 36 X 8
75 X 42 X 8
78 X 36 X 8
78 X 42 X 8
72 X 30 X 5
72 X 30 X 6
72 X 35 X 5
72 X 35 X 6
72 X 35 X 8
2.Queen72 X 60 X 5
72 X 66 X 5
75 X 60 X 5
75 X 66 X 5
78 X 60 X 5
78 X 66 X 5
72 X 60 X 6
72 X 66 X 6
75 X 60 X 6
75 X 66 X 6
78 X 60 X 6
78 X 66 X 6
72 X 60 X 8
72 X 66 X 8
75 X 60 X 8
75 X 66 X 8
78 X 60 X 8
78 X 66 X 8
3.King72 X 72 X 5
75 X 72 X 5
78 X 72 X 5
84 X 72 X 5
72 X 72 X 6
75 X 72 X 6
78 X 72 X 6
84 X 72 X 6
72 X 72 X 8
75 X 72 X 8
78 X 72 X 8
84 X 72 X 8
72 X 70 X 5
72 X 70 X 6
72 X 70 X 8


The mattress provides the right comfort and is made of premium quality. It has expert features, and this orthopedic memory foam mattress will easily adjust to your spine’s shape. Also, it will make sure that your back is comfortably supported throughout the night.

Trial, Warranty, And Shipping Policies

No doubt, the SleepX mattress is developed especially for you. It provides a 100-night free trial as they are aware that one can’t start loving the mattress within the first seven days.

Now regarding the warranty, the mattress provides three years warranty, and the shipping is free.


The price of the Single size SleepX Ortho mattresses is between Rs 6,396 to 7,194. Also, the Queen size mattresses’ price is between Rs 13,875 to 20,253, while that of the King size mattresses is between 18, 500 to 19,828.


Now the SleepX Ortho mattress is engineered for adjusting as per your required sleeping position. The memory foam mattress is the sleep solution memory foam mattress and has the best orthopedic feature. It takes the shape of your spine and back and provides optimum relief when you are sleeping comfortably.


The product is delivered in an extremely and properly packed box. Also, it contains dual protective packaging that ensures good quality at the time of transportation.


The foam contours of the SleepX Ortho mattress would contour the body shape. It is suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions. It will allow the weight to be right away from the shoulder for side sleepers, and for people sleeping back, the foam will conform to the spine. 


There are no proper or recognized certifications for this SleepX Ortho mattress.

Suitable For

Now the SleepX Ortho mattress is the most suitable one for people suffering from back and neck pain. The mattress is indeed created for providing good support and even adjusting to the sleeping positions.

Customer Reviews – Google, Amazon, Wakefit

The customer review is 4 out of 5.

Pros And Cons

The pros are – 

● It is a premium quality mattress.

● It is available in a pre-assembled state, so it saves a lot of time and effort.

● A great mattress for orthopedic issues.

● It is quite comfortable to use.

● Avoids any partner disturbance.

The cons are – 

● The customers have complained of poor after-sales service.

● The weight is of major concern, making it quite less portable.


Overall, the SleepX Ortho mattress is a firm mattress that is great for having a good sleep. Having no springs, you might enjoy tossing around without causing any disturbance to your partner.

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