Centuary Mattress Review
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After a long and tiring day of work, all you want is your bed where you can relax for the rest of the day. However, to provide your body the required amount of relaxation that it needs to ward off the stress and tiredness, you should have the best bedding material in your home. 

But what is that exact thing in your bedroom which affects your rejuvenation and refreshment? 

Yes, you got it right. The mattress will ensure that you can get cozy on the bed and have a peaceful slumber. However, selecting a mattress is not as easy as it seems, especially when prioritizing comfort and health above everything else. 

So, to help you out, we have come up with the best Centuary mattress review that will help you realize the advantages of this brand and their exclusive mattresses. 

How have we tested and picked the best Centuary mattress?

At first, when we began our research about the best mattresses present in the market, we had a lot of names in our hands. The list was so confusing and baffling that we struggled at the beginning. 

But we knew that we had to come up with an answer, and hence we decided to use a comparative strategy. We first compared all the mattresses based on their purpose and divided them into the proper groups like memory foam mattresses and orthopedic mattresses. 

Next, we focused on the sizing options and picked up the ones which come with more varieties. After that, we focused on the internal foam and other material layers present in the mattresses. Using several other aspects, we finally derived a list that contains the top seven Centuary mattresses. 

Top 7 Best Centuary Mattress Review In India 2021

1. Centuary Mattresses Sleepables Multi-Layered Pocket Spring Mattress

Centuary Mattress Review


  1. Multilayered mattress
  2. 6” thickness
  3. Multiple size options as per bed type 
  4. King, queen, double, and single mattress type options

If you are looking for variety in size, the Sleepables multi-layered pocket spring mattress is the most appropriate choice. Not only there are four different types of mattresses based on the bed type, but also you will get a long list of custom dimensions for each bed type.

Now, coming to the specialties, the entire mattress has a breathable design and not just the top layer. Hence, your sleep won’t get hampered due to excessive sweating because air couldn’t pass through the mattress layers. 

Speaking about the layers, the lowermost part has a stiff foam that makes the mattress highly durable and strong.

On top of it is the layer of pocket springs, each having its pocket for reducing mattress movements while turning and tossing.

The PU foam quilt adds medium firmness to the mattress, while the outer knitted fabric is dust-free and anti-allergen in nature. 


  • No harmful chemicals included in the mattress materials 
  • Enhanced body support with independent pocket springs 
  • Comes with an antimicrobial shield


  • No edge support present

2. Centuary Mattresses Lotus Coir Mattress

Centuary Mattress Review 1


  1. Four types of size present 
  2. 2 years warranty 
  3. Lightweight 
  4. Foam construction

As the Lotus Coir mattress from Centuary belongs to the Comfort Collection, you can certainly expect the bedding material to offer the optimal level of coziness and snugness.

Even though it has only 4” of thickness, the special construction of the mattress has won hearts without a doubt. With a coir layer being the core material, it has an added firmness for providing posture support, regardless of your sleeping position.

Like other mattresses, the Lotus Coir also has a hard foam layer at the bottom which acts as a foundation. The special layer included in this product is the rubberized coir, which is formed after combining latex with natural coir material.

Now, the main function of the rubberized coir is to increase the comfort level to a huge extent. Next are two layers of PU foam with varying thickness- Profiled PU foam and the PU foam quilt. At the top, you have the jacquard fabric acting as the outer cover. 


  • Firm support for the body arches
  • Breathable top layer fabric 
  • Coir layers allow air to pass easily


  • Not ideal for alleviating pain

3. Centuary Mattress Joy

Centuary Mattress Review 2


  1. 2-years warranty
  2. Edge-support present ‘
  3. Cotton upholstery 
  4. 4” thickness

Suppose you are looking for a bouncy type of mattress minus the innerspring construction. In that case, the Centuary Joy Mattress is perhaps the best choice in the Indian market. The question is that what’s so special about the product, despite it being a coir mattress

Well, to answer your question, let’s get into the details of all the layers present in the mattress. The lowermost layer is rubberized coir, whose comfort level has been enhanced due to the addition of latex into the natural coir material.

Hence, you wouldn’t feel that much hardness that one can usually experience with a pure coir layer.

Next is the ortho foam, which has been included specifically to help your body acclimatize with the extra firmness of the layer. It is the top layer that is most special as it’s made from rebonded foam. 

In the rebounded foam, you will have shreds of other foaming materials cemented together to give extra firmness. That’s the reason the Joy Mattress is so bouncy and extra firm despite not having a spring layer. 


  • Extremely lightweight due to dual foam layers
  • Perfect for sleeping post injuries or surgeries
  • Anti-microbial fabric 


  • No hard foam base present

4. Centuary Mattresses Dr. Sleep – Orthopaedic Coir Mattress

Centuary Mattress Review 3


  1. High-density coir
  2. 3-years warranty 
  3. Anti-fungal shield 
  4. 5” thickness

Since it has a 5” thickness, the Dr. Sleep orthopedic mattress from the Centuary collection will help you reduce all your back pains and muscle aches.

On a scale of one to ten, you can easily give a seven or eight in terms of comfort and quality. Since it has a construction of a hard coir layer, you can easily mark its firmness to be around 7 or 8 out of 10. 

Centuary has included all those materials which will make the extra mattress firm and yet provide the highest level of support to your skeletal system with no doubt.

First of all, it has rubberized coir with high density that results in the anti-sagging feature. Also, the coir layer is ideal for increasing the airflow in between the fibers.

Next is the ortho foam, which is mainly included to balance the stiffness of the coir and the extra bounciness of the rebounded foam. The uppermost layer is made from a rebounded foam that has a springy action.


  • Maintains the body posture during sleep
  • Reduces the tensed muscle knots with ease
  • Has extra bounciness and softness


  • Not ideal for alleviating neuropathic pain

5. Centuary Mattresses Sleepables Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress

Centuary Mattress Review 4


  1. 8” thickness
  2. Zero motion transfer 
  3. Active edge support 
  4. Quilted top layer

The combination of the special Green Gel memory foam with the pocketed spring layer is what makes the hybrid mattress from Centuary so special and divine.

Sleeping on this mattress is a dream come true because hybrid mattresses and such a combination are seldom available.

So, if you are looking for a supportive, plush, and non-disturbing mattress, this hybrid pocket spring mattress with memory foam in combination is the best fit.

It has five distinct layers, each contributing to the product’s overall coziness and body support feature.

A stiff foam layer is present at the extreme bottom for proving a string base to the upper layers. Next is the pocket spring layer, where each coiled spring is wrapped in its pockets.

Such an arrangement reduces the flow in the mattress even with consistent tossing and turning. The PU foam quilt is added to maintain the firmness, followed by the special Green Gel memory foam. It helps in temperature regulation as well as in maintaining the hygiene of the surface. 


  • Consists of a removable zipped cover
  • Acts as an upgraded and advanced orthopedic mattress
  • It can use it for any purpose 


  • Extremely heavy mattress

6. Centuary Pixel Cooling Gel High Resilience (HR) Foam Mattress

Centuary Mattress Review 5


  1. 7-years warranty 
  2. Foam construction
  3. Provides firm support
  4. Lightweight mattress

If you want to have the highest level of bounciness in your bed, having the Pixel Cooling Gel High Resilience Foam Mattress wouldn’t be a wrong decision.

The resilience of foam is the extent to which a steel ball will rebound after dropping it on the foam surface. Now, for a High Resilience (HR) foam, the rebound height is the highest, and hence you won’t have any problem.

One of the main specialties of the HR foaming layer is its immediate and fast responsiveness which isn’t possible for the memory foam to deliver. Perhaps that’s why Centuary has included the HR foam mattress in their special collection. 

Considering the mattress layers, you will have the HR rebounded foam sitting right in the middle. The thickness of the product is mainly due to the mid foam layer, which is why you will feel the immediate responsiveness easily.

On both sides, a layer of Profiled GreenGel foam maintains the temperature and keeps the mattress hygienic. The top layer is made from a knitted fabric that allows air to pass through with ease.  


  • Temperature regular from both bottom and topsides
  • Advanced edge support present 
  • The designed fabric covering the mattress


  • Not good for orthopedic patients 

7. Centuary Mattresses Beddy Nest Crib Cot Natural Baby Child Coir Latex Mattress

Centuary Mattress Review 6


  1. ISO-certified materials used 
  2. A hypoallergenic cotton layer at the top 
  3. Prevents SIDS in babies
  4. Provides optimal support for baby spine and back

When it comes to babies and their health and comfort, no other mattress can ever outsmart the excellence of the Centuary Beddy Nest Crib Cot Natural Baby Child Coir Latex Mattress.

Since its launch, the mattress has gained a lot of appreciation, all thanks to Centuary itself, who has thought of the health of babies and included materials that will put a mother’s mind at rest.

To prevent the use of plastic covers, the manufacturer has included a zipped waterproof cover all around the mattress. Below it is a natural cotton fabric cover that is hypoallergenic and friendly to the baby’s skin. 

The third layer is made from natural latex. Since it’s derived from nature itself, the material is perfectly safe and will never cause any discomfort to your kid.

At the bottom, you have the rubberized coir that will increase the bounciness of the mattress, making it more amicable for body support. 


  • Removable waterproof cover 
  • Breathable fabric for better air circulation
  • 0% discomfort for babies


  • It might not suit a customized cot 

Things to look for while buying the best Centuary mattress

  1. Rebound factor: The first thing you need to look into is the rebound factor of the foam layers present in the mattress. It doesn’t mean that for rebounce, you only have to consider the foam construction because Centuary has added PU or memory foams in the coir and latex mattresses.  
  2. Topmost Cover: Next is the topmost layer which should be made from a breathable fabric. It must have an anti-microbial shield so that the hygiene is maintained properly. 
  3. Purpose: If you consider having a mattress of your body aches, you need a firm or semi-firm product. Extra bounciness and firmness wouldn’t be a good idea. Similarly, if you want a mattress that can control the temperature, look for the products that come with the Green Gel memory foam layer. 
  4. Size: Lastly, you need to think about the size of the mattress that will fit your bed. Ensure the bedding is not too small or too large to accommodate within the grooves of your bed furniture perfectly. 


Centuary has a huge collection of different types of mattresses. But from such a huge collection, we have selected only the top seven that have received the highest rating.

So, if you are looking for comfort, health, and coziness, make sure you are weighing your options and then choosing.

We would prefer to have the Centuary Mattress Sleepables Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring mattress if you want to avoid experiencing the flow of pressure and reduce back pains.

Suppose you are overweight or feeling uncomfortable with memory foam mattresses. In that case, you can try out the Centuary Pixel Cooling Gel High Resilience mattress

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