7 Best Mattress For Back Pain In India 2021 Reviews And Buyers Guide

During Covid-19, I started working from home, not only me. Most of the people started working from home, right?  I have had back pain for a long time, and I don’t know whether because of an ergonomic chair or mattress. To find the cause of the problem, I tried many chairs to sit a long…


Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat Mattress – The Detailed Comparison

Shopping for the best mattresses has undergone a huge change. From the brick and mortar space, people are more inclined to purchase the best quality from online. It is not surprising to see the alteration in people’s purchase mindset from boring and tiresome purchases to variety and interesting means of purchase.  Of course, since you…

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10 Best Mattress Under 15000 In India 2021 Review

For a great sleep, we need a comfortable sleeping environment and a good sleeping mattress. There are various pocket-friendly mattresses available on the market. While buying a mattress, we should keep multiple things in mind, like the budget, durability, features, comfort, size, etc. A list of mattresses is given below that also includes the best mattress…

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10 Best Latex Mattress In India 2021 Reviews

​ Looking for mattresses with good comfort, breathability, and relaxation to your body? Then Choosing Best Latex Mattress In India is the perfect option.  Latex is a kind of rubber that is used inside the bed as foam. The Latex foam is usually on the top as a supportive layer.  Also Read: 15 Interesting Mattress…


Sleepwell Vs Springfit – Which Brand Is Better?

1. Similarities And Differences: Springfit Vs Sleepwell Similarities  Both Sleepwell and Springtek offers a 30-days trial period.  Both the brands have mattresses with orthopaedic features so that they can support your backbone and maintain its curvature.  You won’t have to deal with odour and noise coming from the mattresses of both Springfit and Sleepwell.  Both…


Peps Industries Launches India’s First Jersey Mattress

Peps Industries Pvt limited is India’s no. 1 top-selling company of mattresses. It has recently launched the most comfortable and unique mattress in its line of products. The new mattress is named peps cameo. The uniqueness of this mattress is that it is the first mattress which is made of jersey cloth. This product is…

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7 Benefits Of Sleeping On An Orthopaedic Mattress That Can Amaze You

An orthopaedic mattress is the talk of the town, aren’t they? Are you not a bit curious why? Well, we are here to put a limelight on the matter. There are mattresses available in the market specially made to cure people’s problems relating to the back and spine. One such mattress is the orthopaedic mattress….


First-ever Mattress Recycling Campaign By IPUA, ISPF, And The Kabadiwala

Even after so much development in India, it still lags when it comes to using environmentally friendly techniques. However the problem of environmental degradation is not recent, it is a very old issue. Moreover even after taking so much initiative still we are not able to dispose of and recycle a lot of waste. To…