10 Best Mattress in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The Best Mattress in India helps to decide your health, it helps to ensure active day after a pleasant sleep. There are many types available in the market like gel, air, innerspring, waterbed and the popular one is coir mattresses.

A human spends partial time in sleeping, so the sleep must be comfortable and perfect. There are many factors that is to be taken care of while buying. We have so many brands and types that are available in the market, we need to choose the best one before the purchase.

Here are the List of Best Mattress in India 2020.

1. Sleepy-cat

The primary material that is been used in the gel memory which helps to keep your cool and high-density support foam, helps to prevent motion transfer. Its a 6-inch plush of product which gives durability and firmness.

Also, it contains gems that help to maintain body temperature throughout your sleep. It's the best orthopedic mattress.

The inner layer is 1 inch which is covered by the net that helps air circulation, it evenly spreads your body weight and reliefs pressure from your body and the outer layer is 5 inches with GSM fabric which provides extra comfort and bouncy effect.

It also contains an anti-skid base which prevents the maintain its position.

2. Wake-fit Ort​​hopedic

The layers of the Best Mattress in India 2020 are firm which helps to support spin and gives comfortable sleep. It consists of 4 layers the open cell circulates air evenly and keep your body cool, the zonal support transition layer helps to spread your body weight evenly and make you feel lighter while you sleep, the memory layer helps to remove pressure and gives pleasant sleep and the base foam gives crispness and support to the mattress.

The cell size is bigger which gives a cooling effect to the body. It provides complete rest, relief from pain and provides comfortable sleep.

The Material can be used on both sides, one side is with medium firmness and the other is firmer, according to the temperature that can be interchanged. The company's warranty is 20 years of our products.

3. Wake-fit dual comfort

The dual comfort has both sides that can be used. One side is soft and the other is medium-hard. You can alter to any side according to your body's comfort. The softer side can be used during summer and the harder can be used during winter.

The cell size is bigger hence provide good air circulation to the body, the pressure will be relieved since the bodyweight will be spread throughout.

The Product gives high durability which gives a longer lifetime, support to the spin, the temperature can be maintained as cool since the cell size are bigger and comfortness to the body. The company's warranty is 10 years for Wake-fit.

4. Smart shelter orthopedic 4-inch Dual comfort

The Material thickness of the 4 inches, both sides can be used. One is softer and the other is harder. It is the best mattress for back pain users.

The thickness of the 4-inches, has the high-density foam is used for 3-inches which gives firmness and durability and soft premium quality is used for 1-inch which gives air-circulation and comfortness to the body.

The material used in the Best Mattress in India is Bonnell spring, The dreamlite provides better air circulation and maintains body temperature. The dreamlite extra softness while provides comfortable sleep.

The top layer is made of memory which keeps your body lighter and improves blood circulation, the memory foam gives low bounciness and relieves from stress. The dreamlite comes with anti-sagging technology which gives more lifespan to the comfortness of the body.

6. Solimo sing​​le foam

Its 4-inch that has provides comfort and support to the body. The fabric that is been used is Belgian jacquard fabric that provides extra softness. You can use both sides of the mattresses.

The one side will be softer and the other side will be firm which can be used by heavy bodyweight persons.it gives relief from pressure and temperature is maintained cool also it eliminates motion transfer and reduces the bounciness.

7. Takecare pocket spring 8-inch king size spring

They are made of hundreds of individual spring and glued together to give comfortable sleep. The spring reduces the rolling over. The layer of quilting and foam on both sides of the mattress gives a more comfortable sleep.

The quilted fabric cover and foam layer helps to circulated blood evenly and spread your weight evenly and give better sleep with comfortness. The fire-resistant barrier meets flammability standards and keeps your family safe.

8. Avi Finest imported microfiber queen size

Avi microfiber is the finest and imported padding, it provides extra comfort and softness. The Best Mattress in India 2020 has lightweight and softer can be used during travel also. It is made of cotton, the thread count is 300 layer.

The thickness of the 6 inches with luxury knitted fabric and memory foam gives a better spin support system. There are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial which prevents allergy and dust.

9. Royaloak blooms 8-inch king size spring

The material used for the Bonnel spring, this spring provides the best comfort and support to the body. It contains different layers of non-woven fabric, isolated pads, and Bonnel coils. The thickness is 8 inches with spring construction and PU foam tapping and wrapped with soft luxurious fabric to feel more comfortable.

10. Generic shagun 4​​-inch queen size foam

It is made of imported form that provides an extra smooth and rich touch. Both sides can be used, it is lightweight. The foam imported for luxurious comforts. The primary material that is been used is gel memory foam and high-density support foam. It can be used as an orthopaedic mattress. The manufacturer's warranty is 5 years.

Types of Mattresses

1.Inner Spring

The material used in innerspring is a steel coil support system. They are interconnected coils that are made of polyfoam and gives extra durability, they are supported by metal spring which gives comfort and firmness, these types are generally preferred by backside and tummy sleepers.

How much the coil numbers increases in the mattress, provides comforts to the people, the coils are wrapped by titanium or steel which relief pressure. The bottom layer is made of wool which supports the coil. The lifespan of the mattress is 5-6 years.

The factor that are to be considered before buying innerspring are

  • Coil type
  • Coil gauge
  • Coil count
  • Pitch

  2. Memory foam/latex

It uses latex as one of its layer which is extracted from sap of the rubber tree or polyfoam base layer. It's organic that are uses sap as the base and then it is mixed with other natural products and baked to get foam.

The natural latex form gives a comfortable sleep and supportive surface to sleep, it helps to align your spin for better and rest to your body.   The average lifespan of this type of 8-9 years.

It has impressive conforming that gives relief from pain. This is more comfortable for the side sleeper.

The factor that are be considered before buying memory foam/latex mattresses

  • Latex processing method
  • Indentation load deflection

    3. Foam

Viscoelastic is used by foam, it has a slow-moving property henh it wrap around your better sleep and It gives a very comfortable sleep. The polyfoam is at least used as one layer and the other layers are formed of high-density polyfoam that gives better sleep.

The foam reduces the turning and rolling during the sleep. It spreads the weight evenly the relief from pain and heals injuries. The average lifespan of these 7 years.

The factor that are be considered before buying foam

  • The type of foam used
  • Foam density
  • Indentation load deflection

    4. Hybrid

As the name implies it combines two or more support systems, the most used combination is foam with innerspring. These types have a higher conforming ability that gives more pressure and gives pain relief.

It is packed with memory foam and pocketed coil support hence gives both bounciness and unmistakable enveloping embrace. It uses pocketed coil technology that reduces body transfer.

The foam layer decreases the heat and provides pressure relief and comfortable sleep. The lifespan product is 6 years. The factor that are be considered before buying Hybrid mattresses

  • The density of the mattresses
  • Gauge
  • Coil count
  • Indentation load deflection

    5. Airbed

It is suitable for all types of sleep and gives a more comfortable sleep. They are made of thin foam comfort layer, the chambers are filled with air and padded with foam. The firmness can be adjusted on each side for the comforts of the sleeper.

It helps to reduce the back pain since it adjusts the firmness according to to the size, shape, and weight. The lifespan material has 8 years. ITrencht is suitable for all body types. The air pressure can be varied according to the comfortness.

The factor that are be considered before buying Hybrid mattresses

  • Customization range
  • Control

  6. Gel

The material that is been used in the gel is synthetic material that provides comfort sleep and suitable for heavy sleepers. It helps to dissipate heat from the body and provides better air circulation and controlled temperature.

There are two types of gels, the one is thermally conducted, this keeps you cool by absorbing the body heat, and the other is phase-changing material it helps in regulating heat throughout your sleep.

The gels give extra density which gives more comfortness and durability. The main disadvantage of gel is heat retention.

   7. Water

The important material in this water, the water-filled on the rectangle-shaped chamber with upholstery materials. There is two types of chamber that are been used in a water bed. One is free-flow and the other is a waveless chamber.

The free flow has no restriction to flow in the bed, it flows from one end to the other. The other one waveless chamber the fiber in the chamber restricts the flow of water hence create a wavy movement. You can choose either type that is suitable for you.

Factors that are to be considered while buying Best Mattress in India


The main factor that needs to be decided is the size of the mattress. The size that is available in the market is single, double, queen, king, twin XL, and California King.


The General height of the 10 inches is varied from less than 5 inches to more than 15 inches. According to the body weight, the thickness of the varies. Lightweight people prefer shorter and while heavier people prefer thicker according to the comfortness of the body.


The factors that decide firmness are sleeper's body weight and sleeper position. The people who sleep by there sides prefer softer, the people who sleep by there back or stomach prefer firm mattresses.

Also, lightweight people prefer soft while heavier people prefer a firm that avoids sinkage.


The lifespan of the mattress is on average of 10-12 years according to the material used and maintenance that is been taken.

Conforming ability

According to the bodyweight of the sleeper, the conform must be chosen. The latex has better-conforming ability than others.

Mattress Buying Guide

Mattresses are the essential element to get a good sleep throughout the night. A right for helps you to get deep sleep and make you to wake with great energy and enthusiasm.

Here you can find a mattress buying guide that helps you choose the best among many in the market. There are many factors that help you find a good product according to your body durability, motion transfer, temperature, edge support., etc

What is the right time to change your mattress

  • If your product life exceeds 7 years then it's time to change it.
  • If you get disturbed during your sleep, get more tossing and turning
  • When your mattress has sagged.
  • When you have ortho problem
  • When you feel to upgrade your mattress

Mattress size

There are 5 standard sizes.  

  • California King - The size varies from 72*84 inches, suitable for the whole family along with pets
  • King size - The size various from 72*72 to 78*78 inches, suitable for two adults and two children
  • Queen - The size various from 72*60 to 78*66 inches, suitable for two adults and one child
  • Double - The size various from 72*42 to 75*48 inches, suitable for medium size adults
  • Single - The size various from 72*30 to 75*36 inches, best suitable for single cot users.

The factors to choose the size of the mattress are how many members sleep over the mattress, body weight and condition, comfortness, sleep position and usage type.

Mattress Type

There are basically 6 types

  1. Coir mattress - The important material that is been used in coir is coconut coit, which is a natural extract and is eco-friendly. Durability and lifespan of the low, sagging occur after prolonged usage.
  2. Spring mattress - The springs and small coils are the main materials that are used in spring. They give zero partner disturbance, motion transfer, bounciness. The durability of the medium
  3. Foam mattress - polyfoam is used as the main material, which helps reduce the back pain and reduces the motion transfer. The durability is high.
  4. Memory foam mattress - These are made of open-cell structure that helps to reduce the pressure and body pain. The durability is high, it reduces the motion transfer.
  5. Latex mattress - The important material that used to design latex is latex which is derived from the rubber tree, it is eco-friendly. The durability is medium.
  6. Rebonded mattress - it is made of a combination of different foam. They help to reduce your body pain and pressure points. The durability of the high.
  7. Airbed mattress - The air is the main thing that is used in airbed. They help to provide comforts, aligns according to the body shape. Best suited for bedridden people. Durability is medium.

Features of the mattress

  1. Reversible - you can use both sides according to your comfort. This helps to increase the life.
  2. Cotton removable cover - The top layer of the cover, which should be made of pure cotton that helps in even air circulation and removes the dust, dirt and tiny particles from the mattress.
  3. Zero partner disturbance - A good product provides a comfortable sleep that reduces partner disturbance when he turns around the mattress.
  4. Motion transfer - This helps you to make lighter when you are on the mattress, it evenly distributes body weight.
  5. Pillow top - This helps you to provide additional cushion over the models and make it soft and gives more comfortness.
  6. Thickness - the thickness of the product differ from 5 to 15 inches. The body weight helps to find the product thickness when you are light weightless thickness is required and if you are heavyweight thicker is required.
  7. Firmness - firmness of the depends on body weight and sleeping position. If you are lightweight and side sleeper then softer are required whereas if you are heavy and back sleep or stomach sleeper then firmer is needed.
  8. Durability - Most of the lifespan is about 7 years depending on the usage and type of uses.
  9. Conforming ability - They should align with your spine. It helps to reduce the pressure points and mostly the top layer decides the conforming ability
  10. Temperature neutrality - the must absorb the body temperature and helps to balance it. The foam provides warm during cold days and cold during summer times.

Types of sleeping position

  1. Back sleeper - They require a medium-firm that reduces the back and neck pain.
  2. Side sleeper - They require soft or medium-firm that reduces the shoulder pain.
  3. Stomach sleeper They require a firm to take care of their spine.

There are ideal for couples are memory foam and latex since they prefer bounciness and motion transfer, spring are suitable for children since all other contains chemicals and sagging effect.

Latex is mostly preferred for heavy persons since the weight must be equally distributed. For orthopedic problems foam, memory and latex are suggested. Foam and memory foam are suggestable for pregnant women.

Materials that are used in Mattress

The basically made of 2 main layers: comfort layer and the support layer. The comfort layer helps you to keep comfortable and relaxed when you are on the mattress. The support layer helps to support the body completely.

There are various materials that decide durability and life. In coir, the support layer helps to provide even air circulation and helps you to feel free.

bonnell spring helps to distribute your body weight evenly and reduces the motion transfer, the pocket spring helps to reduce motion transfer, make you feel luxurious when you are in mattress, the PU foam gives cushioning and is foldable.

The comfort layer in latex helps to reduce the microorganisms and dust particles, the comfort layer in memory foam helps to retain body shape, maintains body position.

Find the Best Mattress in India?

While we are reviewing the Best Mattress in India individually until then follow this post to find the best products.

10 Best Mattress in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
10 Best Mattress in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 21

The Best Mattress in India helps to decide your health, it helps to ensure active day after a pleasant sleep. There are many types available in the market like gel, air, innerspring, waterbed and the popular one is coir mattresses.

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