High Resilience Foam Guide: Definition, Benefits, Why Choose?

Are you planning to opt for a new mattress? 

You can surely go for the new High Resilience Foam mattress because reliance foam is the new innovative bedding type for the next generation. In addition, several developments have been introduced to the resilience foam. 

This article provides all the information related to the high resilience foam, its features, benefits, and other aspects

What Is High Resilience Foam

The High Resilience Foam is a popular foam mattress made with Polyurethane foam or PU foam technology. This mattress has a great amount of responsiveness compared to the other types of memory foam. As a result, a person can enjoy the cost and luxurious feel of the concerned mattress. 

This mattress contains a high amount of density and also ensures a great firmness with a bouncy feel. However, this even out the body pressure more evenly and prevents the body from sinking inside the mattress. 

Furthermore, according to research, it is found that it tends to release off-gas due to PU technology. 

Benefits of High Resilience Foam

The benefits of the High Resilience Foam can spread to a vast form, which is why it can be a little bit expensive. However, a person finds these benefits to be worth the money. 

  1. This provides a precise amount of firmness and contours the body according to expectations. 
  2. It can easily prevent motion transfer, thereby helping you to sleep peacefully.  
  3. These mattresses are highly durable.
  4. A person can get a high amount of elasticity and excellent supporting force. 
  5. This mattress can relieve body pains and can also treat lower back pain

The Disadvantage of High Resilience Foam

The disadvantages of the High Resilience Foam are described below:

  • This is expensive than memory foam. 
  • This has a sagging tendency.
  • It releases an off-gas. 

How to decide whether you need a high foam Resilience mattress or not?

The several factors by which you can decide whether you need a High Resilience Foam or not are described below:

  • Durability– While discussing the durability of a mattress, the HR foam mattress can be highly beneficial. This kind of mattress uses a new form of technology as construction that makes it more durable. However, a good amount of maintenance is also important.
  • Motion isolation– Yes, this mattress provides a huge amount of motion isolation. It has a high amount of density those further controls the motion transfer and provides a zero-disturbance sleep.
  • Support– These mattresses provide an adequate amount of support to the body and also are firmer. The Polyurethane foam used in this mattress moulds according to the body shape and provides a great amount of support in the spinal area of the body.
  • Pain pressure relief– This firm mattress with high-density foam is great in treating body pain. These mattresses are built with a special technology that further distributes the body pressure evenly and releases the pain.
  • Conforming– While talking about adaptability, these mattresses are really good. The high-density foam of this mattress is greatly responsive and provides gravitate. A person will further not sink into the mattress and enjoy a supportive feel being on the top.
  • Temperature Neutrality– The high resilience foam is dense, which is why it has fewer air pockets. Hence, the material cannot maintain temperature neutrality.
  • Movement– It can control motion and are great for persons who possess light quality sleep. 


In this above section, we have discussed all the basic details you need to know for choosing the best HR Foam mattress from the market. However, the above information will help you eliminate false beliefs about the mattress type, including longevity. So, now, you won’t have to worry about getting an HR Foam mattress for yourself.


Yes, HR Foam mattresses are firm and also provide a huge amount of density. In addition, the PU foam blend technology makes it firm and provides a bounciness to the mattress.

High-Density Foam is a high-density open-cell ranging from 2.5-2.8 density. This type of foam is not placed in the entire mattress as they are very firm. Normally, this kind of foam is used as a base layer to support the edges.

The HR foam is dense and pretty much durable. That’s why it can last for at least four to five years minimum.

To acknowledge whether it is HR foam or not, a calculation must be performed that includes the mass or weight deviation with the total number of volume units of an object.

The HR foam is firm and thus requires a high force to get the 25% compression. This high-density mattress has a compression of 44 lbs. Furthermore, that means that a person will get 25% of compression with 44 lbs.

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