Peps Industries Launches India’s First Jersey Mattress

Peps Industries Pvt limited is India’s no. 1 top-selling company of mattresses. It has recently launched the most comfortable and unique mattress in its line of products. The new mattress is named peps cameo. The uniqueness of this mattress is that it is the first mattress which is made of jersey cloth. This product is available on peps great sleep store.

Peps Industries Launches India’s First Jersey Mattress 1

The tagline of this mattress is” A celebrity unlike any other, and you deserve nothing less.” This mattress is the show of the star and is like a celebrity among all other mattresses.

This mattress has come up with a solution to all consumer problems. It gives an aesthetic look to the bed without compromising the quality, comfort and support. 

The key feature behind this innovative mattress is Peps has used jersey cloth for a soft mattress. This is the first time in the mattress industry that they have used jersey cloth.

Peps Industries Launches India’s First Jersey Mattress 2

Peps ltd always comes up with innovative styles to add an exotic look to the consumer’s bed.

This innovative mattress offers many benefits like flexibility, comfort and this mattress also absorb sweat which makes it best for the sportsperson.

Peps ltd has been known as one of the leading brands in sleep solutions. It has more than 109 stores.

Peps has expanded its online and offline stores to provide a better sleep experience to all consumers. However, their store has no. of well trained and qualified experts who help consumers choose the best mattress as per their need.

The brand is planning to add 41 more stores by the end of this year. The new innovative mattress has exotic and eye-catching prints to give luxury vibes to your bedroom. They said that this mattress is an investment, not a purchase.

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