Mattress Thickness Guide – How Much Thickness Mattress Should Be?

Can’t you decide the perfect thickness of the mattress that you should get for yourself? 

Are you worried about whether the mattress height choice is right or not?

If yes, then we think you are in the right place because we will be introducing you to the mattress thickness guide in detail in the forthcoming article. Believe it or not, it is very important to consider which thickness will be the ideal choice for you or any other sleeper who will be there with you.

However, most people are still unaware of the importance of mattress height, let alone understand the correct way to measure it or choose the product’s correct height. So, to take you out of this mayhem, we have discussed some of the most basic details that you need to know to choose the perfect mattress thickness without any problem. 

Hot to measure the thickness of the mattress?

First of all, we will talk about how you can measure the thickness of the mattress. You must understand this particular fact because once you open the box, and the height is not the one you need, you need to ask for the replacement with the correct product. However, you cannot do so unless you know the ways to measure the thickness. 

  1. Firstly, check whether the edges of the mattress are seamless or there is a borderline along both surfaces. 
  2. If the edges are seamless with no border, take a measuring tape and keep the lowest mark at the top end. 
  3. Pull down the tape straight while keeping it attached to the edge till you reach the other end. 
  4. This will give you the measurement of the mattress thickness. Do not forget to use the inch scale because most manufacturers provide the thickness details in inches. 
  5. Now, in case there is a borderline along the edges of the mattress, measuring the height gets a little tricky. 
  6. You must place the measuring tape’s start point right below the border or over the stitch, you can see. 
  7. Pull it down till you reach the other end, just above the border. This difference between the two points on the measuring scale will give you the thickness of the mattress. 

Why is it important to consider the mattress thickness?

Often people ignore the importance of considering the thickness of the mattress. That’s why here we have discussed a few main reasons for which you need to know more about the product’s height. 

  1. Based on the thickness of the mattress., you will be able to decide whether the product is firm or soft. A thicker mattress is generally firmer in comparison with a thinner mattress. 
  2. The total height of the product will depend on the number of layers included in the mattress. If the inner layers are thick, the overall thickness will increase and vice versa.
  3. A thicker mattress will always sag at a lower rate than a thinner mattress because the internal layers won’t be thick enough to resist the compressive forces. 
  4. Furthermore, it would help if you considered the thickness of the mattress by your body weight as a thicker mattress will be able to withstand greater weight from above. 
  5. Lastly, thicker mattresses have higher durability, while thin mattresses can easily lose their strength and performance after months. 

How to decide the most appropriate mattress thickness?

To choose the right thickness of the mattress, you need to consider some of the major factors on which the height depends. 

  • The mattress’s thickness will depend on the total body weight of the sleeper using the product. You need to choose a product with a thickness that will withstand the total weight from the above without being compressed too much. 
  • Check the number of layers present inside the mattress, along with the thickness of the individual layers. Based on these two factors, you need to decide which height option will be ideal for you. 
  • Next, you have to ensure that the chosen height of the mattress will put less pressure on the delicate internal layers, especially the PU foam and the memory foam layers. 
  • Lastly, always remember that the thickness you choose for a particular mattress is ideal and compatible with your bed’s design. If you choose a 10” mattress but your bed can handle the weight up to 6” mattresses, you will have to strengthen the bed’s frame first. 


We can understand that finding the right mattress with an appropriate thickness is a challenging task. But we have discussed everything you need to know about the mattress thickness/height, which is why you can now choose the perfect product without any uneasiness or hesitation. All you need to do is pay close attention to whatever we have said so that you can choose the best product without any room for errors. 


For an orthopaedic foam mattress, the ideal thickness will be 6” to 8”. However, since for orthopaedic patients, the firmness needs to be higher than 5.5, the thickness must be greater so that the internal layers can provide proper support to the body while sleeping, regardless of the sleep position.

After using a mattress for one year or two, you will often see that the thickness is decreasing by small amounts. You can reduce the thickness by using a mattress topper which will absorb the impact force and reduce the depression of the main mattress. Furthermore, the toppers come with different materials, starting from foam to latex, which will help you choose a material.

Yes, indeed, the mattress thickness depends on the bed’s frame. For example, if ply rods are placed on the base, it will be better to buy a thin mattress because the rods won’t hold the thicker mattresses. But, on the other hand, suppose you have bought the thicker mattress product. In that case, you need to place a flat and levelled plywood underneath it to reduce localized sagging and improve stability.


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